Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan police open fire on protesting workers

Around 60,000 fishermen from across Sri Lanka have refused to take their boats out in protest against rising fuel prices. Police have opened fire on a protest in Colombo, killing one worker and seriously injuring several others. Protests are breaking out across the country in response to rising fuel costs, and new austerity measures that have been demanded by the IMF.

Today in Colombo, Sri Lanka, thousands of local fishermen organised a protest against the latest increases in fuel prices. There have been many protests around the country following the price increases that came into force last weekend.

Ceylon: the JVP uprising of April 1971

Ceylon, 1971

Excellent pamphlet by Solidarity London about the uprising launched by the socialist youth organisation the JVP in Sri Lanka in April 1971.

In PDF format. Published as Solidarity London pamphlet 42.

Third worldism or socialism

Rohana Wijeweera - leader of the JVP

Originally published by Solidarity in their pamphlet "Ceylon: the JVP Uprising".

online version by

Third Worldism or Socialism

Various theories have been put forward as to why the left, in advanced capitalist countries, should support national liberation struggles.