state socialism

What was the USSR? Part I: Trotsky and state capitalism

Trotsky, 1938

Aufheben begin their four-part analysis of the economic system of the Soviet Union by examining the most common theories about its nature - Trotsky's degenerated workers state, and Tony Cliff's state capitalism.

Marxism, freedom and the state - Mikhail Bakunin

This collection of extracts from the works of Mikhail Bakunin are taken from his writings touching on his controversy with Marx over the nature of the state and its role in the liberation of the international working class.

Top ten Trot chat-up lines

Trotsky presents the top ten best Trotskyist pick-up lines to use on the cute Marxist-Leninist at your local paper-sale.

Hungary '56 - Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson's pamphlet, written in 1964 and published by Solidarity is invaluable as a guide to the events of the Hungarian uprising of 1956.