Building Japan's Corporate Society - Totsuka Hideo

Building Japan's Corporate Society - Totsuka Hideo

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Kanri Shakai - The Managed Society - C Douglas Lewis & Kogawa Tetsuo

Kanri Shaki - The Managed Society - C Douglas Lewis & Kogawa Tetsuo

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Italy : The Repression is Reinforced! - Communism #10

In this article, we want to highlight the new step taken by the State in Italy in its repression of groups of proletarian militants. We denounce the action of the State and want to show solidarity with comrades hit by this repression. We also call for struggle and solidarity against this recent warlike aggression by worldwide State terrorism.

Some Current Examples of the PROGRESS of the Capitalist State - Communism #10

The positivist ideology of progress, inherent to social-democracy and more generally to the whole of bourgeois leftism, always leads to support for capitalist progress. In opposition to this vision, we have always demonstrated the total antagonism between our interests and the progress of capitalism and of the State.

Let's not leave the choice of arms to the bourgeoisie ... Direct action and Internationalism! - Communism #8

Concerning an international poster

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On the 7th of March 1993, it will be two years since a proletarian insurrection took place in Iraq.

Against terrorism of all existing states - Communism #5

The media are extremely effective tools for moulding world public opinion, and are basic instruments of cretinisation used at all levels of society in the interests of world capitalism. What they call "terrorism" are acts of violence against persons or things, the responsibility for which are not claimed by states they consider legitimate.

They do not describe as terrorism:

Leaflet: Some considerations on the state of our forces and the forces of the state - Communism #4

Faced with new threats to their living conditions, the railway workers - with some other groups alongside - have again taken up the wildcat strike. Without asking anyone else's opinion. These 'irresponsible people' haven't even waited for the unions to start negotiating the exact terms of the new measures taken against them before moving into action.


By Monsieur Dupont

Every time an anarchist says, "I believe in democracy," there is a little fairy somewhere that falls down dead.
JM Barrie (Peter Pan 1928)