Steve Wright

There and back again: mapping the pathways within autonomist Marxism - Steve Wright

Steve Wright analysis different currents of autonomist Marxism, centred in Italy from the 1960s and 70s to today.

Classe Operaia - The birth of Italian Workerism

Italian factory council

A history of the origins of the radical Italian theoretical current known as 'Operaismo' (Workerism), which began with Mario Tronti's Journal Classe Operaia.

The Workerists and the unions in Italy's 'Hot Autumn'

Potere Operaio

A brief history of the Italian Workerists in the 'Hot Autumn' of 1969, when unions succeeded in recuperating radical working class demands - leaving the Workerists to pursue the doomed road of all-or-nothing armed struggle

In the Shell of the Old - Italy's Social Centres

Article from the 1990s containing information about Italy's movement of political squats called "social centres."

The limits of Negri's class analysis: Italian autonomist theory in the seventies - Steve Wright

Steve Wright's critical analysis of Negri's ideas.

From operaismo to autonomist Marxism

Aufheben review Steve Wright's book Storming heaven: class composition and struggle in Italian autonomist Marxism and Harry Cleaver's Reading "Capital" politically.

The historiography of the mass worker - Steve Wright

Steve Wright's historical study of the development of the mass worker across the world and the effect it had on working class struggle.

Confronting the crisis of 'fordism': Italian debates around social transition - Steve Wright

FIAT Strike in “Hot Autumn” of '69 Turin, Italy.

Steve Wright's in-depth look at views of the Italian workerists on the working class response to Fordism and its effects on class composition.

A party of autonomy? - Steve Wright

Steve Wright's analysis of the Leninist tendencies remaining in Italian Operaismo and "explore, in a critical manner, the debate over the party-form played out within and around the groups of Autonomia Operaia during the late seventies".