Oxford mail centre wildcat strike

Postal workers at Royal Mail's Oxford Cowley mail centre are on unofficial strike today over the suspension of a union rep.

The Winter of Discontent: an introduction

An overview of the UK's 1979 "Winter of Discontent" strike wave, from the Revolt Against an Age of Plenty site. Subtitled History and class consciousness in the UK, this article was written around 2002.

[A considerably revised 2012 version of this text is here;]

Ivory Coast: primary school teachers continue strike

The strike, which originally began in November and was suspended in January, came back into effect on the 14th of June.

Ivory Coast: hospital workers win strike over benefits and bonuses

Workers at the University hospital in Treichville have ended a three-week strike after management agreed a series of concessions.

The Vichuga uprising, 1932

Soviet poster exhorting factory workers to join the Bolsheviks, 1932

In April 1932 at Vichuga, Ivanovo Industrial Region (IPO), USSR, 16,000 textile workers struck at several factories and temporarily took control of the town until the uprising was crushed by both heavy repression and promises of reform from central Soviet command.

Greece: Acropolis closed due to strike

Attendants at Greek archaeological sites have decided to focus their strike on the symbolic target of the Acropolis in Athens.

Ivory Coast: customs and tax officers strike

Tax officers and customs officers launched strikes this week to demand payment of bonuses.

France: new wildcat strike at Bordeaux airport

After a 6 hour wildcat earlier this week security staff have again walked out over pay claims.

Zambia: Mine workers wildcat strike

First Quantum’s Kansanshi mine, Zambia

Workers at the First Quantum Kansanshi copper mine have been refusing to work since Wednesday when they noticed that an agreed pay rise had not been properly implemented.

Cameroon: wildcat strikes win improvements for hospital staff

Douala hospital

Nurses and other hospital workers have won important concessions after launching a country-wide wildcat strike on Monday