On Bangladesh today and tomorrow

After six months of effective martial law and widespread political purges imposed by military anti-corruption squads under the caretaker government, we now begin to hear reports of class struggle reappearing.

France: Strike over at Gare d'Austerlitz

Gare d'Austerlitz

Night-train cleaners at the Gare d'Austerlitz rail station in Paris have ended their strike after negotiations with management.

France: Post Office strikes

The flagship branch of the french post office and the only one to open 24 hours a day has been hit by strike actions.

France: Posties win big victory

La Poste

Postal workers in Paris' 17th arrondissement (district) have won a major victory against management cutbacks.

Strikers occupy First Ontario credit union

Police attempt to open doors at the First Ontario offices but striking workers resist successfully

Striking First Ontario Credit Union workers have no regrets after they occupied the company’s east Mountain branch and padlocked the doors to try to get the financial institution back to the bargaining table.

Spain: General strike in Cadiz region

Workers at the General Motors subcontractor, Delphi, in Puerto Real have gone on strike in protest at the planned closure of the factory.

Congo: Hospital workers strike

Hospital workers in Goma have begun striking after their request for better conditions was rejected.

Ireland: Energy workers plan strikes

Poolbeg Thermal Station

Workers at the Electricity Supply Board are currently threatening strike action against potential privatisation.

Ireland: Nurses' rolling strikes continue

Striking nurses in Dublin on strike last week

Nurses across Ireland are taking strike action to support their claim for a 10% pay rise and a 35 hour week.

US: Truck plant strike leaders sacked

Two weeks after a wildcat strike against layoffs, eleven Freightliner LLC workers in North Carolina have been fired.