General strike brings Argentina to a standstill

Argentinian workers protest killing of Carlos Fuentealba

Argentina was brought to a near standstill on Monday amid protests over the killing of a teacher in the south-west of the country last week.

Argentina: Striking teacher killed by police

Carlos Fuentealba

Fellow strikers blocked roads across the province on Friday and a national general strike has been called for Monday by the teaching unions after a protester was killed by a tear gas grenade.

Union calls off truck plant wildcat strike

Cleveland Freightliner plant

With layoffs imminent, truck manufacturing workers in North Carolina walked out until union officials called off the action.

The Skylab 4 mutiny, 1973

Skylab 4

A brief account of the 24-hour mutiny during the Skylab 4 mission in 1973/4 triggered by the astronauts' complaints of excessive workloads.

France: Binmen strike over pay

Sita logo

An indefinite strike was called called yesterday by bin men in the Ile de France region.

Canada: Wildcat strike in solidarity with sacked auto workers

Photo of strikers from CANADIAN PRESS

Workers at a plant in Guelph, Ontario struck on Saturday in support of sacked Toronto car employees occupying their plant for severance pay.

Gurgaon workers news #02 - April 2007

Articles on strikes, a commuter riot, Special Economic Zones and more from the boom region of Gurgaon, India.

France: Peugeot strikers picket offices

PSA Peugeot Citroën, Paris

On Friday over 300 striking workers demonstrated outside the head offices of PSA Peugeot Citroën in Paris.

France: Marseille dockers win strike

Marseille Port

Marseille dockers agreed to go back to work on Saturday after the Port of Marseille agreed that workers hired for the new gas terminal would be employed directly by the docks rather than allow GDF (Gaz de France) to use its own staff.

Canada: Indefinite strike at Laval University

A total of 2000 university teachers have been on strike since the 14th of March after management refused to make concessions to their demands.