JJB staff stage first ever strike

Staff at the Greater Manchester-based JJB Sports have gone on strike in a row over pay and conditions.

The GMB union said 266 of its members were on the picket line outside the warehouse in Martland Park, Wigan, in the early hours of the morning.

There will also be a ban on overtime from Tuesday morning as workers protest against a 3% pay rise.

Union negotiators are seeking a higher basic rate for staff and are calling for equal access to a bonus scheme.

1,700 janitors on strike in Houston

The janitors are demanding higher wages

Janitors from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) went on strike last week asking for a pay rise to $8.50 an hour and health insurance.

The janitors work for several companies, and have been calling for janitors across the city to join their strike. The janitors are targetting ABM Janitorial Services, GCA Services, OneSource, Sanitors Services of Texas and Pritchard Industries Southwest.

Armed police move in on Oaxaca protests

At least eight people have died in the clashes.

At least eight people have died as police shot at protestors and broke down barricades, after five months of protests in the city.

Protests began in May, with teachers striking to demand the resignation of Ulises Ruiz, the state govenor. The teachers have been backed by an umbrella organisation, the Popular Assembly of Oaxaca Villages (APPO). The teachers won the support of students and local people who barricaded much of the city including public buildings.

1919: Winnipeg general strike

Crowd gathers outside City Hall during Winnipeg General Strike, June 21, 1919.

A short history of Canada's Winnipeg General Strike of 1919.

Throughout the spring of 1919, Winnipeg had been buzzing with the fervour of militant unionism among the working class. The city had witnessed a general strike the year previously, which had ended with partial gains for workers. Unemployment was high, wages were low and conditions poor.

Bus strike in Paris after night of violence

Buses have been a target for the frustration of banlieue youth for a long time, they are frequently stoned and drivers are often threatened and insulted. On Wednesday night there were a series of incidents of violence.

In Nanterre 5 or 6 youths got onto a bus at around 10pm and began to pour petrol onto the seats. The driver and passengers got off before it was set alight. Another bus was set alight in Montreuil. In Grande-Borne, (near to Grigny where a bus was burnt on Sunday afternoon) up to 80 youths began attacking passing vehicles with projectiles and attempted to set a bus alight.

Greek school children occupy in support of teachers' strike

Rallies have been held by teachers, civil servants and pupils.

Schools students and civil servants have joined the nationwide teachers' strike during it's sixth week.

Rallies have been held in Athens and Salonika, whilst over 900 schools are occupied by pupils as part of an on-going battle over pay. There have been clashes between the protestors and parents, but the strike remains strong regardless. Students burned desks in the yard of one Athens school, after using furniture to blockade the gates.

Swaziland workers due to strike today

Workers are threatening to down tools today.

Strike action has been planned by employees of the Swaziland National Trust Commission if a demand for a 3.8% pay rise is not met.

The workers, represented by the Union of Swaziland Conservation Workers, have warned management of a strike if talks on wednesday and thursday failed. The pay rise was recommended by a government watchdog, however management have said there is not enough money to honour the recommendation.

Telegraph journalists vote for strike action

76% voted in favour of industrial action.

NUJ members at the Telegraph newspaper have voted 76% in favour of strike action. Staff are unhappy with work pattern changes following a move to Victoria from Canary Wharf.

Since the move, working practices for NUJ members have included 24/7 working rotas, and 54 compulsory redundancies. The NUJ claims these changes form part of a long running growth of anger and dissatisfaction among staff at the national paper, where management have ignored or overidden complaints and grievances by the staff.

Massachusetts nurses win strike after only five hours

The strike came after months of discontent

The nurses at Umass Memorial Medical Centre have won the demands of their strike after five hours' picketing.

The nurses walked out on Thursday after negotiations throughout Wednesday night failed to deliver. During the five-hour picket, an agreement was made and the nurses have managed to fight off a series of contract concessions.

Rapsons bus drivers vote in favour of strike action

The workers voted four to one in favour of a strike

Bus drivers have announced the result of Wednesday's ballot.

Worker's from the T&G voted four to one in favour of strike action over a pay dispute. Drivers at rival company Stagecoach are paid more by £1 an hour. An immediate pay offer has been made, which the workers have now rejected. Further details of any strike action are expected soon.

Meanwhile, Stagecoach drivers in North East England are due to wage a 24hr strike today over pay disputes.