Reports on struggle railway cleaners in Italy, 2002

Nokia occupation, Milan, 2002

Paris airport workers may strike

Workers at Charles de Gaulle-Roissy airport in Paris may strike after over 70 Muslim workers were stripped of security badges.

Barbados teachers wildcat strike against pay docking

Photo by Gregory Waldron from

Teachers at the Alexandra School in Barbados launched a wildcat strike after bosses attempted to deduct a day's pay for their attendance at a union event.

Documents on cleaners' strikes in Paris and Milan, 2002

Fire fighters in Britain on strike interview summary, 2002

Tram drivers' strike in Prague, 2003

Casual workers strike in the schools of Marseilles, 2003

Sabotage in the workplace

Sabotage is the generic term for a whole host of tricks, deviltry, and assorted nastiness that can remind the boss how much he needs his workers (and how little the workers need them). Here are some examples

Dual power at work

Ignore the boss - and do it yourself!

The best way to get something done is simply organise and do it ourselves. At work this can take the form of dual power strategies - workers making changes to their work environment without seeking management approval.