Report on London bus strike

Pickets have been out at the Metroline garages and depots since 4.00am this morning with early reports saying the strike has had solid support (TGWU press release).

Under new management? The Fisher-Bendix occupation - Solidarity

Solidarity's excellent eyewitness account, with background information, of the Fisher-Bendix factory and offices against closure in 1972. The workers also implemented certain new aspects of work policy.

Wildcat or official strike action?

Violence - the standard way workers' organisation was dealt with until recently

A discussion of the relative merits of official strike action or unsanctioned wildcat action. Wildcat action has the benefits of being outside the pro-employer union laws.

London faces first bus strike for seven years

Metroline bus

Frustration with a pay offer from London bus operator Metroline which is below the norm for the capital will mean the first bus strike in London for seven years when 2,500 drivers and engineers walk out tomorrow (Tuesday 14th November).

Reports on struggle railway cleaners in Italy, 2002

Nokia occupation, Milan, 2002

Paris airport workers may strike

Workers at Charles de Gaulle-Roissy airport in Paris may strike after over 70 Muslim workers were stripped of security badges.

Barbados teachers wildcat strike against pay docking

Photo by Gregory Waldron from

Teachers at the Alexandra School in Barbados launched a wildcat strike after bosses attempted to deduct a day's pay for their attendance at a union event.

Documents on cleaners' strikes in Paris and Milan, 2002

Fire fighters in Britain on strike interview summary, 2002