Israeli general strike called off as negotiations begin

Chair of Histadrut Labour Federation

The public sector strike scheduled to begin Wednesday morning has been postponed indefinitely, Histadrut Chairman Ofer Eini decided Tuesday after meeting with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

Zimbabwean government to crush any union-led protests


The Zimbabwe government on Sunday said trade union leaders calling for a national work boycott in April are itching “to start a war” in the country and vowed to sternly deal with them.

Records of the strike in Egypt under Ramses III, c1155BC

 Judicial Papyrus of Turin, verso ii

A contemporary document recounting the first ever recorded labour strike, which occured in Deir el Medina, Ancient Egypt during the reign of Ramses III when workers did not receive their rations.

Lip and the self-managed counter-revolution, 1973 – Negation

Poster of the movie on the Lip factory

A critical article about workers' struggles at the Lip watch factory in France, where workers began self-managing the firm..

Belgium: Strikes across rail network

Last Thursday a wildcat strike by train drivers at the Belgian station of Termonde lead to the cancellation of many services, a spokesman for the railway claimed not to know what had triggered the unofficial action.

Guinean general strike continues as martial law relaxed


Life is slowly returning to relative normality in Guinea now that the government has eased a curfew imposed after nationwide unrest, but the general strike is ongoing.

Egypt's wildcat strike wave continues unabated

Striking textile workers in Kafr el-Dawwar - photo by Dan Morrison on

As reported previously on libcom, tens of thousands of workers in Egypt continue to defy their unions and the government in the nation's state-owned industries to strike and occupy their workplaces.

Kashmir: Public sector workers continue strike, French NGO MSF threatens strikers.

Striking public sector workers in Poonch, Kashmir

Public sector workers in Kashmir continue strike action to attempt to force the government not to renege on promises it made to workers after the 2005 earthquake. The French-based NGO Médecins Sans Frontières has threatened striking health workers at one of its district hospitals with dismissal if they continue the strike.

The Wapping printers' dispute, 1986-7 - Sam Lowry

Wapping printers' strike, 1986-87.

A short history of a strike and subsequent lockout by printers in the Wapping area of London, which began in the winter of 1986 and ended just over a year later. The strike marked one of the last major confrontations of the 1980s between workers and employers in the UK.

Strike at Russian Ford plant

Ford workers in St. Petersburg vote for strike action

A strike halted production on Wednesday at U.S. car maker Ford's plant near St Petersburg, one of the biggest in Russia owned by a foreign auto maker, after a months-long dispute over pay and conditions.