Guide to taking strike action

Direct action gets the goods! No workers? No profits

Tips and advice on how to effectively organise and carry out strike action at your workplace.

Major rail strike affects France

Job losses, worksened working conditions and fear of privatisation led to strikes across France on Wednesday.

1927: Colorado miners strike and Columbine mine massacre

Short history of a strike by miners in Colorado in 1927 and the massacre of strikers at the Columbine mine by the state militia. The strike lead to an almost complete shut down of the mining industry in the state.

Update on Iranian workers' struggles

Scenes from recent glass workers demonstration in Iran

A round-up of recent struggles going on in Iran, including textile and petrochemical workers' strikes and opposition to new changes in labour law.

A history of the 2003 UK postal workers' wildcat strike

A short history of the largely successful wildcat stoppage of thousands of postal workers in the UK, and the developments which led to the strike.

Wildcats return with a roar - postal wildcat strike, 2003

Cowley strikers, 2003

Article about the Royal Mail wildcat strike and other wildcat actions in the UK in 2003.