More strikes in Israel

Following our report of teachers' and baggage handlers' strikes in Israel at the end of last month, there have been further strikes involving civil servants, bank, university and airport workers this month.

Manchester Fujitsu workers on strike

Workers at a Fujitsu site in Manchester were on strike Monday, and have a further two-day strike planned to begin on Wednesday.

Strikes in Poland, early 2005

Information about various workers' struggles in and around Poland, including strikes by seamen, railworkers, car and telecoms workers in 2005.

Strike at Michelin in Zalau, Romania, 2005

Romanian Michelin HQ

Summary of an article about a strike for a 30% wage hike at Michelin in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei, February 2005. The English is a little ropey but it is interesting nonetheless.

Strike at ThyssenKrupp in Terni, Italy, 2004-5

Detailed article about a strike in Italy from 2004 to 2005 against closure of a steel plant.

Striking olive harvest workers in Spain, 2005

A new kind of strike in France (Citroën etc.), 2005

Strike at Citroën Aulnay, 2005

Clashes between striking firefighters and Paris police

There have been serious clashes betwen striking firefighters and police in Paris today during demonstrations.

Poland postal strike: new developments

An update on the postal workers strike in Poland. As it has spread bosses have offered a pay increase, but way below workers' demands.