Israeli bosses demand legal action against general strike

Israeli public sector workers' picket line in 2003

An almost total shutdown of Israeli industry following a general strike has been threatened with legal action after The Manufacturers Association and the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce have asked the National Labour Court to end the strike.

General strike in Israel

A general strike has broken out in the Israeli public sector following the collapse of negotiations.

Dock strike shuts down Calais

A strike at Calais has almost completely closed the ferry port and brought freight movement to a standstill between the UK and France.

1934: Minneapolis Teamsters strike


A history of the 1934 strike of Teamsters in Minneapolis and the organising of workers of trucking companies across the city prior to it.

Wildcat strike at Alstom factory

Sixty workers at the Alstom plant in Belfort have been on strike indefinitely since the 13th of November, demanding and end of year bonus of 1000e and a pay rise of 150e per month.

Mass sick-in by Canadian hospital staff

On Friday, around 125 hospital tech staff in the Cape Breton district called in sick.

More strikes in Israel

Following our report of teachers' and baggage handlers' strikes in Israel at the end of last month, there have been further strikes involving civil servants, bank, university and airport workers this month.

Manchester Fujitsu workers on strike

Workers at a Fujitsu site in Manchester were on strike Monday, and have a further two-day strike planned to begin on Wednesday.

Strikes in Poland, early 2005

Information about various workers' struggles in and around Poland, including strikes by seamen, railworkers, car and telecoms workers in 2005.

Strike at Michelin in Zalau, Romania, 2005

Romanian Michelin HQ

Summary of an article about a strike for a 30% wage hike at Michelin in the Romanian newspaper Evenimentul Zilei, February 2005. The English is a little ropey but it is interesting nonetheless.