Vietnam: More wildcat strikes hit manufacturing

Strikers outside a plant

After 3,000 furniture workers struck on Monday, thousands more walked out over low wages.

India: Car plant workers wildcat strike

Hindustan motors Uttarpara plant

Car manufacturing workers at Hindustan Motors in India walked out on Monday.

Greece: Violent demonstrations against privatisation of universities

riot police blocking a street in athens

There have been violent clashes between police and protesters at demonstrations calling for an end to the planned reforms of Greek universities.

Iraqi hotel workers win unpaid wages

Sheraton hotel, Baghdad

The workers of Sheraton hotel, Baghdad, went on strike for two days last week demanding their overdue salaries and other unpaid benefits.

Wildcat strikes continue on Belgian railways

Belgian rail carrier SNCB

Train drivers in Belgium are due to be returning to work following a wildcat strike yesterday which prompted transport minister André Antoine to demand they be sacked.

Iran: Teachers strike joined by factory workers

Teachers picket in Iran

On Monday 5th March, about 100,000 teachers went on strike. On 8th March 10,000 teachers staged a picket outside the Parliament building in Tehran demanding justice and better wages.

Somalia: bus drivers on strike

Bus and truck drivers in central Somalia were on strike yesterday following a hike in local taxes

Vietnam: 3,000 factory workers wildcat

A Vietnamese furniture factory

3,000 workers at a furniture factory in southern Vietnam have downed tools and walked out over low pay, state media and company officials report.

Canada: Paper mill workers end wildcat strike

St. Anne Nackawic mill

Staff at the Nackawic paper mill returned to work on Tuesday following an unofficial walkout over hiring practices.

Super Size My Pay - Fast food workers in New Zealand organise for better pay and conditions, 2005-6

Super-size my pay!

In New Zealand, hundreds of fast food workers waged an innovative campaign called Super-Size My Pay during 2005-06. This is one worker's overview and analysis of the campaign.