York postal workers wildcat strike to support colleague

The workers on strike - from

Royal Mail workers walked out of the firm's York depot on Friday 15 December in support of a van driver who had been suspended.

German airline hit by wildcat strike

Workers at Condor Berlin last week walked out for four hours in an unofficial strike against a new work schedule.

Poland: Deal between post bosses and unions condemned

An analysis of the deal struck between Polish postal service bosses and unions following the strikes of last month, which saw workers drop many demands.

Cambrian Combine miners strike and Tonypandy riot, 1910 - Sam Lowry

Tonypandy miners.

A short history of a strike by miners in South Wales in 1910 which led to a series of confrontations between workers and police, culminating in what became popularly known as the Tonypandy Riot.

India: general strike in Kerala and West Bengal

A mass 24-hour walkout has brought economic life to a halt across two states in India, protesting privatisation, discriminatory labour legislation, rising prices and low wages.

Ireland: Domino's drivers on strike

Workers at the Tallaght branch of Domino's Pizza went on strike Friday night over wages.

China: Safari park workers on strike

400 workers at a safari park in China have gone on strike over wages, job cuts and management corruption.

Brussels: Volkswagen strike enters third week

Workers at the Volkswagen plant in Brussels are on strike for a third week after the company announced upto 4,000 job losses there.

Occupational therapy: the incomplete story of the University College Hospital strikes and occupations of 1992-4

The story of the (ultimately unsuccessful) struggle to keep a hospital open despite the efforts of the government, the Area Health Authority, management, University College London and the Wellcome Foundation and Trust.

Calverton teachers to strike today

Teachers at a school in Calverton in Nottinghamshire will strike today over a new salary structure.