Scottish dock workers ballot for strike action

Rosyth dockyard

After a wildcat strike last month, 1200 workers at Rosyth Royal Dockyard have announced they are to ballot on industrial action in their dispute over pensions.

South Africa: 260,000 workers on strike

South African workers take to the streets in May 2007

Striking workers in the metal and engineering industries said yesterday it was time they got a slice of the profits that they worked so hard to create.

Chris Moyles - scab radio

Chris Moyles - scab

Spectacularly tedious radio 'personality' Chris Moyles crossed the picket lines of his colleagues during the 2011 BBC strike against compulsory redundancies. 2005 BBC strike against 4,000 job cuts.

France: strikes at financial paper Les Echos

Staff at the Daily paper voted to strike for a third time in three weeks after management reneged on promises.

Peru: Teachers strike against exams

President Garcia sits an exam (photoshopped)

Teachers in Peru launched a one-day strike to protest against legislation currently being debated in Parliament.

Miners' strikes in North and South America

Striking miners in Lima

Miners in Canada, Mexico and Peru are either currently striking or planning strike action.

Chile: miners and support workers strike

Seeing record prices for raw materials and record profits for mining companies, workers in Chile are demanding better wages and conditions.

Bolivia: roads blocked by strikers and protesters

Thousands of striking miners from the Huanani mine have been forming road blocks since Tuesday to protest against government inaction.

Belgium: Strike action at Opel car factory

Workers at Opel

There have been a series of stoppages recently at the Opel factory, due to management restructuring.

Belgium: Wildcat strike at Volvo Europa factory

Volvo Europa workers on Thursday

Workers at the truck factory in Oostakker, walked out during negotiations over pay.