Death, industrial action and firings at LG Electronics in Poland

Life's not so good for LG workers

At least one worker fired after industrial action. Workers demand an end to forced overtime.

Up to 200,000 civil and public servants in mayday strike

UK civil and public servants across 200 government departments, agencies and non-departmental bodies will be taking part in a second one day national strike today (1 May) in an escalation in a dispute over job cuts, pay and privatisation.

Israel: teachers strike over pay and conditions

Teachers in Haifa and Tel Aviv have voted to take strike action after the collapse of negotiations over pay and conditions.

Dublin: Wildcat strike in Musgrave warehouse

On 27th of April a spontaneous wildcat strike broke out in Musgrave warehouses in Dublin.

Ricky Tomlinson - imprisoned building union organiser

Born into a working class family in Liverpool in 1939, Ricky Tomlinson was an active building union member and served time in prison for his part in the 1972 strike.

Lebanon: electricity workers threaten strike

Staff at EDL (Lebanese Electricity) have given notice of strike action to begin on May 4.

Mayotte: Police arrest striking teachers


Local authorities are trying to break the long-running strike by arresting strikers, rather than by honouring promises made to staff.

Denmark: wildcat strike by cabin crew

Cancelled SAS flights

Wildcat action by 1600 air hostesses and stewards working for the airline SAS has led to the cancellation of 104 flights in and out of the Danish capital, Copenhagen.

Jamaican labour minister intervenes to try and avert hotel strike

William Alexander Bustamante - founder of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union

Labour Minister Derrick Kellier has scheduled a meeting for tomorrow with contractors, as well as the two major trade unions representing the more than 2,000 workers at the Fiesta Hotel site in Hanover, in light of a threat by disgruntled workers to lock down the project.

NHS workers threaten summer strike

Manchester mental health workers strike, January 2007

A summer of discontent across the NHS in England and Wales was threatened yesterday by Unison, the public service union, in protest at a below-inflation pay increase.