Egypt: New crackdown on Mahalla workers

A report posted from a libcom user in Egypt concerning repression following the recent wave of strikes there.

Tahiti: Strikes underway with more to come

Employees at Tikiphone, the polynesian mobile phone provider went on indefinite strike last Tuesday.

France: One-day strike at Nice-Matin


Staff at the newspaper group Nice-Matin went on strike on Saturday, demanding assurances about the future of the newspaper and of their jobs.

France: Postal counter staff strike in Le Havre

Counter services in Le Havre and the surrounding regions were severely affected by a one-day walkout last Tuesday by postal counter staff.

Gaza: public sector strike spreads

Palestinian workers

Since last week, 15,000 public sector workers across the Gaza Strip's five biggest towns have walked out in protest at unpaid wages.

Canada: CN Rail lock out strikers

CN Rail strikers

After increasing strike activity to five locations across Canada, CN Rail have locked out all participating employees.

Australia: three-day lockout at Bridgestone ends

Bridgestone logo

Union members at the tyre maker, Bridgestone, in Salisbury, South Australia have returned to work after a three-day lockout without pay.

Vietnam: 700 garment workers wildcat

A Vietnamese garment worker

Over 700 workers staged a wildcat strike Wednesday at a Taiwanese-owned garment company in central Vietnam demanding better payments and welfare.

Egypt: Strikes continue despite clampdown

Striking Egyptian workers

Workers centres have been shut down by police as the Egyptian government tries to quell the wildcat strikes sweeping the country.

The French pensions strikes, 1995 - Sam Lowry

Strikers in France

A short history of the massive strike movement against welfare reform in France in 1995.