Tube workers vote for further strikes

Following a vote 6-1 in favour of industrial action on Thursday, the RMT union has announced two 24 hour strikes, on the 21st February and 2nd March.

Belfast postal workers wildcat strike - news archive, 2006

Archive of the day-by-day reports and updates, as well as background information on the victorious wildcat strike action of Belfast postal workers from 31 January to 17 February 2006.

Postal workers rally crosses Belfast peaceline

Postal workers and supporters held a march and rally at lunch time today. Over 400 posties and supporters marched from the Shankill Road across the peace line at Lanark Way on to the Falls Road.

Bosses' hypocrisy on public sector pensions

As 1.5 million workers gear up to strike over pensions, Iain MacKay reports on the hypocrisy of blaming public workers for company pension-gouging

Nepal shut down by general strike against bogus election

A nationwide strike has been declared across Nepal in protest against dictator King Gyanendra's "elections" to be held on Wednesday.

India Toyota workers to launch hunger strike

The Toyota Kirloskar Motor Workers' union yesterday announced that its members will begin hunger strikes today (Monday) to win its demands in the dispute which has escalated over the past three weeks with wildcat strikes and large scale arrests.

Belfast postal wildcat escalates

Irish anarchist group Organise! report that the Postal workers wildcat action that started at the Tomb Street depot in Belfast is escalating.

'No Contract, No Work' - The 2005 New York City transit strike

Harry Harrington, a New York city MTA Train Operator writes his account and analysis of the strike that shut down New York.

BBC strike this month?

500 BBC production staff are likely to strike on the 15th and 23rd of February over job cuts. Mergers of production jobs, likely to cause over 100 job losses according to the union BECTU, have provoked the decision to strike by workers in Bristol, London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Belfast postal workers on wildcat strike

Two hundred postal workers in Belfast walked out earlier today apparently over the sacking of some of their colleagues. The unofficial action shut down deliveries for most of the city.