UK: Cottam power station wildcat strike

Fifteen men have been sacked due to a wildcat strike last week at Cottam power station near Lincoln.

Ireland: Wildcat strike by DART drivers

Drivers on Dublin's DART rail network were on wildcat strike yesterday over the imposition of new rosters.

Interview with German public sector strikers

Public sector workers striking across Germany talk about their experiences and the strike.

Guinea: Five day general strike begins

The capital of Guinea was brought to a standstill today on the first of a five-day general strike over wages and pensions.

India: 1,057 workers arrested for picketing

A total of 1,057 members, including 399 women, of All India Kisan Sabha and All India Agriculture Workers Association were arrested on Saturday for picketing.

265 day Boeing strike takes its toll

Workers at Boeing in Australia have spent 265 days on the picket line over a collective wage bargaining agreement.

Basra oil workers strike

Workers at the Oil Transportation Company in Basra were on strike this week.

Greece: Sailors' 8 day strike called off

Greek seamen ended an eight day strike over employment rights and retirement benefits yesterday.

Asda distribution depots set to strike

Workers at Asda distribution depots across the UK are set to strike.

Belfast postal workers consider official strike

In the wake of the 18 day wildcat strike action that crippled Belfast's postal service, union members consider launching an official strike.