1926: The social general strike - why 1926 failed - Tom Brown

Tyldesley miners outside the Miners Hall during the 1926 General Strike.

Written in the early 1940s, British syndicalist Tom Brown's article The Social General Strike - Why 1926 Failed examines the failure of the 1926 General Strike. It makes suggestions for future action, and argues for worker's control.

Unholy alliance - The seamen's strike: an analysis - George Foulser

A stranded ship at Southampton

An article by George Fulser of the Syndicalist Workers Federation on the 1966 seaman's strike

First starbucks strike in the world!

It was bound to happen eventually -- and it happened today in New Zealand. Low-paid Starbucks workers walked off the job and formed a picket line.

1946: The Oakland general strike - Stan Weir

Public meeting at the fountain in Latham Square

An account by Stan Weir of the gen strike in Oakland, California, in 1946.

A view from inside the Gate Gourmet dispute

Corporate Watch presents an interview with Mrs Kaur, one of the striking workers at airline catering company Gate Gourmet. Mrs Kaur has worked at Gate Gourmet for over six and a half years.

Gate Gourmet dispute costs BA £35-£45m

British Airways has estimated that this summer's Gate Gourmet staff dispute cost it between £35m and £45m.

West Midland firefighters vote to strike

Fire crews vote for strike action West Midlands firefighters have voted in favour of strike action over changes to their shift system.

NHS workers strike in Newcastle

Over 600 staff at hospitals in Newcastle were out on a 24 hour strike this week with more potential action coming up.

First Bus drivers' sixth strike

First Bus drivers in north Staffordshire and south Cheshire are on their sixth one-day strike, part of an ongoing pay dispute.

House of Commons cleaners to strike again

Cleaners at the House of Commons plan to strike for a second time in a bitter dispute over low pay and poor working conditions