Tuesday March 21st: summary of day's events

A detailed summary of today's events, include a Cyril Ferez update including demonstration counts, rail blockades and school strikes.

Mozambique: Wildcat sugar strike ends

A two day wildcat strike at the Sena company, Mozambique's largest sugar producer, ended on Friday, with promises by the company of a new wage scale with fewer levels in April.

Strike called as demonstrator remains in coma

Trade unions and students' organisations have named Tuesday 28th March as a nationwide day of strikes and protests.

Ireland: Hospital security workers wildcat against job losses

One of the main hospitals in the south of the country was disrupted yesterday as security workers went on strike in protest at being replaced by lower-paid staff.

Unions set to announce next step Monday, 5pm

Unions are meeting Monday at 5pm local time to decide whether to call for a general strike.

Report from the Censier occupation

A student from Censier university reports on the occupation and strike there which has been going for two weeks.

General Strike in France next week?

We've had reports that a general strike against the CPE employment law is being organised for next week.

UK workers vote for mass strike over pensions crisis

Tuesday 28th March could see strike action by one and a half million workers across more than nine different unions. The strike has been provoked by an attack on the local government pension scheme, with the labour government planning to increase the age workers can retire at.

Wilckens, Kurt Gustav, 1886-1923

Kurt Gustav Wilckens

A short biography of German-born anarchist Kurt Gustav Wilckens, who assassinated the man responsible for the deaths of 1,500 workers, and whose murder provoked a general strike.

Reports on the mood of the Parisian universities

Reports and eyewitness accounts of different universities across Paris.