Studs Terkel

Working: people talk about what they do all day and how they feel about what they do - Studs Terkel

Landmark work by Studs Terkel speaking to people working in a multitude of jobs and their feelings on them.

Jose Yglesias remembers the solidarity of the cigar makers and their lectors - Studs Terkel

Postcard of lector reading in Havana cigar factory - 1900s.

A personal account, as told to the late Studs Terkel, of the cigar workers community in early 20th century Tampa, Florida - its strong traditions of solidarity and self-education; and the role of the 'lectors' or workplace readers.

Wobbly Fred Thompson on the 30s depression - Studs Terkel

The late Wobbly veteran, in conversation with the late Studs Terkel, looks back on his experience in the class struggle.