Occupy Equitalia


Equitalia is a state-owned tax collection agency. Created in 2007, it was meant to replace all the private companies previously in charge of the task.

Rest in peace Dimitris Christoulas

A pensioner kills himself outside the Greek parliament due to austerity measures that has left him in poverty.

Making a killing: suicide under capitalism

An article on the relation between capitalism and suicide from the June 2011 issue of The Commune.

The fatal pressure of competition - Robert Kurz

2002 analysis of the phenomenon of school shootings, which the author claims reflect the totalitarian mass psychology of capitalism in crisis, whose perpetrators are described as "robots of capitalist competition gone haywire" in a "culture of self-destruction and self-forgetting".

Two Suicide Attempts this Month at Polish Telecom and Open Letter from Workers

Workers ask to help spread information about their plight.

24th suicide in 18 months at France Telecom

A 51-year-old father of two threw himself off a viaduct after leaving a note for his wife blaming his work situation for his decision.

France: first suicide in new youth prison

A sixteen year old boy hung himself in his cell on Saturday.

Two Local Chapters in the Spectacle of Decomposition - Chris Shutes

Jonestown dead

Situationist-influenced reflections and critique on; the Jonestown cult massacre, conspiracy theory, black leftist ideology, San Francisco in the late 1970s, disco, the Harvey Milk murder and gay culture etc...

France: another suicide by Renault worker

This death was the fourth suicide in a year by a worker at the Guyancourt technocentre site.

France: suicides amongst auto-workers

A spate of suicides amongst workers at French car plants reflects the fact that large numbers of workers are being driven to take their own lives by workplace stresses.