IWW report from the 30th SAC Congress

A reportback of the 30th Congress of the Swedish syndicalist union, SAC.

The IWW Norway General Membership Branch (GMB) was invited to send a delegation to the 30th congress of the Sveriges Arbetares Centralorganisation (SAC, or the Central Organization of the Workers of Sweden), in Gävle, Sweden, on Sept. 27-30. International guests were invited to attend the first two days.

Fascist knife attack in Malmö, Sweden on the night of International Women's Day

Demonstration against fascist knife attack in Malmö, Sweden

Late last night several people were attacked in central Malmö by members of the fascist Svenskarnas Parti (Swedes Party). They were on their way home after having taken part in celebrations for International Women's Day.

The incident occurred just after a nighttime demonstration against violence against women finished up at around midnight on Möllenvångstorget (a square in the heart of a multicultural and left wing district of Malmö).

Swedish nazi attack on anti-racist rally fails

Sweden, December 15, 30 or so nazis from the Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR) attempted to disrupt a rally against racism comprised of local Karrtorp residents and anti-fascist organisations.

After recent SMR activities in and around the area of Karrtorp, a suburb of Stockholm, local residents, Line 17 Network, and various other organizations held a rally against racism. Reports claim anywhere from 200 to 500 people in attendance. Sometime during the rally thirty or so SMR members showed up and were prepared for street combat.

AFA Sweden celebrates 20 years of anti-fascist activities

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the joining of a number of different Swedish anti-fascist groups into the national anti-fascist network Antifascistisk Aktion.

The name was first used already in 1991, when activists decided to put an end to the nazi marches in commemoration of the death of Swedish monarch Charles XII on 30th November; however it was not until 1993 that the network saw its formal constitution.

Auto-reduction as social cartography - Vincent Moystad

Inspired by William Bunge’s attempts at reimagining cartography as a radical political practice, I will here attempt to outline a cartographic approach to a specific political practice.

Planka.nu is a fare-dodgers union organized by the Swedish organization SUF, a syndicalist youth league associated with the syndicalist union SAC, in 2001.

Invitation to 20th anniversary of the Swedish Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation, 2013-10-12

The Swedish Anarcho-syndicalist Youth Federation is celebrating its 20 years of its existance, and you are invited!

Riots on Swedish suburbs - Třídní válka

A bulletin by the Czech communist group Třídní válka/Class war on the Swedish riots.

Riots on Swedish suburbs:
We are all hooligans, we are the mob!
Let’s destroy this capitalist society of misery!

Police attack queers during the Stockholm Pride parade

During this years' Stockholm Pride, Swedish police attacked and manhandled queers protesting against the fact that cops get to have their own bloc in the Pride parade despite their continous involvement in violent deportations of queer refugees, hunting down of irregular migrants, as well as the fact that their presence make queer people feel unsafe at their own event.

During this years’ Stockholm Pride, the cops, the Armed Forces, the Prison and Probation Service yet again marched together other (similarly queer-phobic) parties and corporations under the slogan “We are family”. We are sick of their pinkwashing and them trying to score cheap political points with the general public. Cops aren’t family and they never will be.

Syndicalists go on tour through Sweden, sparking of interest as new locals join the federation

One expression of the recent revitalization of Sweden's venerable 100 year old libertarian union, the SAC, is the organization's 2013 summer tour, a recruitment campaign which has helped SAC come grips with criticisms of being all too focused on the country's three largest cities and in addition led to the formation of new locals who are now joining the federation.

Skaraborgs LS and Sundsvalls LS. These are the names of the new general membership branches founded in the wake of the SAC summer tour travelling across Sweden. Interrim treasurer Philip Nehlin of Skaraborgs LS says "we've had a local section for four years, and we have always had in mind to form local co-organization [LS].

From Sweden to Turkey: The uneven dynamics of the era of riots

Short text about the current dynamics of what we have called "the era of riots". It was written before the events in Brazil. These events include the 4th of the dynamics in the "era of riots" and ask the question of the stage of the crisis we are in (Brazil and Turkey were the IMF miracles). But of course the analysis of this correlation is not elaborated in this text.

From Sweden to Turkey: The uneven dynamics of the era of riots