Between the competition and the capitalists: Guangzhou’s taxi driver strike

Many of Guangzhou's 40,000 taxi drivers have been on strike over squeezed pay and excessive competition. The impacts of their strike remain unclear.

Phoenix cab drivers: “We’re 21st century slaves”

An article by a member of the Phoenix IWW about the conditions of taxi drivers in that city.

La Révolution Espagnole: The collectivized CNT taxis (1936)

A contemporary article in the POUM's journal La Révolution Espagnole on the CNT's collectivised taxis during the Spanish Revolution.

Anti-Putin protestors cause 16k tailback on Moscow ring road

Anti-Putin protesters covered their cars in white ribbons and balloons and blocked the Moscow ring road for several hours causing massive traffic jams. The action was organised on social networking sites by opposition group, the 'voters league'. The protest is precursor to a massive demonstration in Moscow this coming weekend.

Italian taxi drivers and truckers strike against fuel prices and economic reform

Taxi drivers and truckers across Italy set up road blocks in a protests against record fuel prices, and government reforms to 'free up' their work sectors. More strikes are planned for the coming weeks and months across a variety of sectors.

UK Workplace News Roundup - October 2010

Recent industrial news from the UK, including the Firefighters Strike, The ongoing Astrazeneca dispute in Macclesfield, and more.

New week of strikes in Greece

Customs officers, petrol carrying lorries, taxi drivers and Ministry of Economics workers go on strike this week against the austerity measures.

Wave of strikes sweeps Greece

Rubbish piles up in Athens' streets

A wave of strikes culminating on Thursdays pan-worker mobilisation has been the response to the scaremongering of the government amidst the worsening economic crisis that threatens Greece with bankruptcy.

Taxi strikes in North and South East China

Taxis in Wenzhou that broke the strike were attacked

Taxi drivers in the northeast city of Mudanjiang, Heilongjiang Province, struck and staged sit-ins outside Communist Party and government offices, whilst in the southeast city of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, a militant strike by cabbies got immediate results.

Taxi drivers strike in China

More than 5 000 taxi drivers Xining, a city in the western province of Qinghai, went on strike during the night of Saturday the 13th of June over new licensing regulations.