Union considers new offer in Deutsche Telekom strike

Deutsche Telekom workers' march

German union Ver.di are considering a revised offer from the company in the ongoing dispute with Deutsche Telekom.

Deutsche Telekom determined to go ahead with job cuts

Deutsche Telekom AG, whose plan to move 50,000 service workers in Germany to jobs with lower pay sparked the company's biggest strike in a decade, will stick to its schedule to complete the transfer by July 1.

Deutsche Telekom strike continues despite government intervention

Deutsche Telekom AG employees who will enter the second week of a full-blown strike Monday are still highly motivated to continue their industrial action to protest the company's plans to outsource 50,000 jobs.

Disruption in first week of Deutsche Telekom strike

Striking Deutsche Telekom workers

Labor union ver.di says that operations at Deutschen Telekom have been severely hampered after one week of strike.

Over 10,000 Deutsche Telekom workers walk off the job

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More than 10,000 Deutsche Telekom employees refused to turn up for work last Friday to protest the company's plans to outsource 50,000 jobs.

Tahiti: Strikes underway with more to come

Employees at Tikiphone, the polynesian mobile phone provider went on indefinite strike last Tuesday.

Strikes in Poland, early 2005

Information about various workers' struggles in and around Poland, including strikes by seamen, railworkers, car and telecoms workers in 2005.

5,000 jobs to go at NTL

Cable company NTL will tomorrow announce a jobs cull, axing almost a third of its British workforce as it pushes for £250m in annual cost savings from its £3.4bn merger with rival Telewest.

"It’s the little grains of sand which jam the machine"

A tract distributed in front of France Telecom in Bercy, Paris agitating for a wildcat general strike against the CPE.

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