Bank of Greece hit by car bomb

A large car bomb exploded outside a Bank of Greece branch this morning in central Athens. Whilst damage was caused to the building there were no injuries. No claim of responsibility has yet been made.

As the Greek government prepares to re-enter the financial markets on Thursday a bomb exploded in central Athens in the early morning. Security forces have closed off the area but photos show significant damage to the exterior of the building with the façade and windows broken.

The social war in memory - Miguel Amorós

The Preface to the 1999 Spanish edition of Los Incontrolados: Manuscrito encontrado en Vitoria (“Los Incontrolados: Manuscript Found in Vitoria”), emphasizing, against the background of the tragic events of the Spanish “Transition” of the 1970s and their distortion and concealment by the mainstream media, the importance of historical memory for emancipatory change.

The Social War in Memory1 – Miguel Amorós

  • 1. This text was first published as the Preface to Los Incontrolados: Manuscrito encontrado en Vitoria, radikales livres, Madrid, 1999.

Bolshevik matters - Karl Kautsky

5 fragments of Kautsky on Bolshevik related matters published here for the first time.

[First fragment. Anecdote used in Von der Demokratie zur Staatssklaverei (1921), reply to Trotsky's Terrorism and Communism (Anti-Kautsky). This story is corroborated in "Dear Comrades: Menshevik Reports on the Bolshevik Revolution and the Civil War" (186-191 p.).]

Mensheviks and Denikin

Direct action: memoirs of an urban guerrilla - Ann Hansen

The Vancouver 5, or Squamish 5, were five Canadians convicted in the early 80s of (successfully) bombing a hydro-electric power sub-station, the Litton Systems plant in Toronto, where components for Cruise Missiles were being made, and several Red Hot Video stores, accused of selling violent pornography. Now, finally, twenty years later, Ann Hansen, who served seven years for her involvement, tells the true gripping saga of an anarchist guerilla group. We do not agree with the politics or the actions of the author, but reproduce this text for reference.

From its origins in the Canadian anarchist and counter-cultural milieu of the late 70s/early 80s; to going underground into a clandestine life of arms drills, explosive practice, stealing cars, and (failed) armored car heists; to the massive reaction and surveillance of a State that felt (understandably) very much under attack; to the subsequent "trial by media" of those involved—this is very real

In Chile, two kinds of terrorism - John Severino

An article examining how Chile's Anti-terrorism laws are being used to undermine dissent and resistance from student activists to indigenous communities in an attempt to reinforce the official National Identity.


The anarchist movement in Japan: the martyrs of Tokyo - Ba Jin

A short article originally written in 1930 for the French press by the Chinese anarchist Li Pei-Kan (more commonly known as Ba Jin in the English-speaking countries) passionately recounting the right wing terrorist campaign against anarchists, communists, socialists and Koreans in Japan in the wake of the great earthquake of 1923 and the subsequent response of some anarchists who sought to avenge the murders of their comrades.

On February 20, 1928, the Japanese comrade Wada Kyutaro died in the Akita prison, in the coldest part of northern Japan. The news of his death was a hard blow for me. For a long time now I have been writing articles for the Chinese press about the events that led to Wada’s conviction and the martyrdom of Furuta Daijiro.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Japan: 1911 to 1934 - Philippe Pelletier

An essay on the rise and fall of organized anarchism in Japan in the early 20th century, with special emphasis on its anarcho-syndicalist dimension, with interesting details concerning the disputes, splits and controversies that plagued the Japanese movement and which were surprisingly similar in their basic contours to those that affected the anarchist movement in the West during the same period.

Anarcho-syndicalism in Japan: 1911 to 1934 – Philippe Pelletier

The veritable report on the last chance to save capitalism in Italy - Censor

Piazza Fontana bombing, 1969

A brilliant hoax report by former Situationist International member Gianfranco Sanguinetti purporting to be by a cultured Italian aristocrat calling himself "Censor". It was sent to 520 of the most powerful people in Italy in 1975 and sounding like a conservative from another era Censor counselled his peers in response to the mass strikes sweeping the country, causing a scandal and laying bare the state manipulation of terrorist groups in the Strategy of Tension.

Below is the text version of the report with appendices, translated and compiled by Not Bored!. Attached in PDF format is the version of the report translated by Len Bracken.

Freedom bookshop torched

London based anarchist bookshop Freedom was damaged in an arson attack in the early hours of Friday morning. Nobody was hurt in the fire which partially gutted the ground floor and damaged the building's electrics.

Freedom Press is Britain's longest running anarchist publisher and traces its history back to the original Freedom paper started by Charlotte Wilson and Peter Kropotkin in 1886.

PM's office fired upon in Athens

Early this morning the main office of governmental party New Democracy was fired upon with an AK47. This is the latest in a series of attacks on political and media targets in the last few days.

In the early hours of this morning shots were fired at the main office of the government party New Democracy in central Athens. Media reports claim that around 9 shots were fired at the building which was empty at the time. At least one of the shots hit the Prime Minster's office itself.