The Empire’s New Clothes: Reports from Textile Workers

Reports from textile workers in India in February 2011.

Strikes continue in Egypt despite military threats

Despite threats from Egypt's new military government that the wave of strikes which has swept the country will no longer be tolerated, 15,000 workers at Misr Spinning and Weaving in Al-Mahalla al-Kubra are continuing a strike and sit in.

Paterson's Italian anarchist silk workers and the politics of race - Salvatore Salerno

This article traces the Paterson Italian anarchist groups and the repression they faced, as well as looking into their views on race in America.

Cloth dyed in blood

Chittagong protests December 2010

Recent worker deaths in the Bangladeshi garment industry from police repression and from a factory fire.

Tailoring to needs - garment worker struggles in Bangladesh

Garment workers protest - May 2010

A general overview and analysis of developments in the garment worker struggles we have been covering for the past few years.

Topy Top mass sacking sparks Zara protests call

The mass sacking of 35 trade union organisers at Topy Top, Peru's most profitable textiles exporter, has prompted a callout for worldwide protests against near slave-labour conditions at the firm's factories.

Garment and construction workers strikes in Cambodia

Striking employees of the Sun Lu Fong garment factory in Meanchey district.

In the past few days, a garment workers' strike has found itself in conflict with bosses, local authorities and union officials while last week, construction workers struck in solidarity with sacked workmates.

The rage over the wage

Dhaka minimum wage protest - August 2010

The past four days have seen widespread protests and rioting against the announcement of the new minimum wage structure for Bangladeshi garment workers.

Cambodian union calls off garment strike

Union leader Chea Mony addresses a meeting in Kandal province, July 12 2010.

Labour leader Chea Mony announced yesterday that he was abandoning plans for a three-day strike against a newly approved garment sector minimum wage increase, which he had previously opposed.

Cambodian government and unions agree wage increase; strikes could still be on

Garment workers in Cambodia.

Cambodia's government and several unions agreed on Thursday to a 9-percent minimum wage rise for garment workers but the industry's biggest unions said demands were not met and a strike was still possible.