She’s just not that into you - Nina Power

How best to describe the colonization of the body at this particular juncture of capitalist life? Much recent theorizing has focused on a kind of war of affects where depression, euphoria and other states of being are read not merely as signs or symptoms, but as directly produced by (and productive of) particular economic relations.

Papers and Tigers: Was Lenin Really an Anarchist?

Malcolm Harris' piece in a debate on the relevance of Lenin to current revolutionary anti-capitalist practice.

[i]“During the lifetime of great revolutionaries, the oppressing classes constantly hounded them, received their theories with the most savage malice, the most furious hatred and the most unscrupulous campaigns of lies and slander.

Reflections on The Call - Léon de Mattis

The need for communism traverses the entirety of the society of capital. The merit of Call lies in taking note of this, and of trying to design strategies which live up to this realization.1

  • 1.Call’ was published by The Invisible Committee in 2004, references in the text are given to the English translation available here: http://www.

The Great Game of Civil War

English translation of an ironic text sympathetic to the views of the Imaginary Party.

The Great Game of Civil War

Rule 1. Until the new order, all your rights are suspended. Naturally, it is good that you conserve the illusion that you still have them. Also, we will only violate them one by one, and case by case.

This is not a program

Translation of a text appearing in Tiqqun 2 in 2001. Available in the pdf below.

Raw materials for a theory of the young-girl -Tiqqun

Translation of a text appearing in Tiqqun 1 in 1999. Attached as pdf. Reproduced for reference, not as an endorsement of its politics.

The Theory of Bloom

Translation of a text appearing in Tiqqun 1 in 1999. Attached as pdf.

Brief excerpts. . .

Translations of the back jackets of the two newest Tiqqun reissues, as well as of The Coming Insurrection.

Everything has failed, Long live communism!

The Conquerors had Conquered Without Trouble. . .

A brief, untitled, but farsighted text from Tiqqun 2, published in 2001.

The conquerors had conquered without trouble: they had taken a city that had gotten rid of its gods.

No one recalls today, among the insurgents of times past, what exactly happened at the start. In place of a response, certain had a legend; but most only answered that “everyone is a start”.

What is Metaphysical Criticism?

Translation of a text appearing in Tiqqun 1 in 1999.

What is Metaphysical Criticism?

“There is no longer any reality, only its caricature”
-Gottfried Benn

“We talked of the universe, its creation and also its future destruction.”