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Top 10 libcom blog posts, library, and news articles of 2013

it really will

A round up of our most popular articles of the year. turned 10 years old this year, and it's been another brilliant year of articles and blog posts. Thanks again to everyone who has written, edited, posted, shared, and continued to support the site this year!

Top 10 blog posts

My Favourite Libcom posts / articles of 2013

A run-down of the ten Libcom blog posts / articles that I found the most informative, interesting, or thought provoking in 2013.

10 Steven
Why Blackadder Goes Forth could have been a lot funnier

9 Joseph Kay
Dawkins and liberal racism

8 Juan Conatz

10 reasons communism will win

Ke$ha: communism will win.

The top ten reasons to be optimistic, politically, no matter how bad the situation seems at present.

As those of you who know me will know, I am a very pessimistic person, politically speaking. For the time being I think that we, meaning both the working class and those of us who are the minority of the class who want to create a free, communist society, are pretty much fucked.

Top ten libcom blog posts of 2012

One of our libcom bloggers hard at work

The 10 most popular articles which have been posted to our blog section in 2012.

10. Safer spaces, false allegations, and the NYC Anarchist Bookfair - Ramona
9. Europe-wide general strike November 14: How real? How relevant? - rooieravotr

Top ten most read libcom articles of 2012

My favourite libcom posts / articles of 2012

A run-down of the ten Libcom blog posts / articles that I found the most informative, interesting, or thought provoking in 2012

10 (Red Marriott)
The policeman's new clothes - new styles of repression in the Bangladeshi garment industry

9 (Steven)

Top ten music/videos of 2011

Belated blog of my favourite tracks and music videos of 2011.

I wrote this at the beginning of January but forgot to post it up, so thought I might as well do it now even though it's a bit late.

I didn't bother having a separate top 10 tracks list this year as a bunch of my favourite tracks also had my favourite videos. Starting with this one:

M83 - Midnight city
Not only one of the best videos, but also my favourite song of 2011.

Working class self organisation's top ten most read blog posts of 2011

As it says in the title. Forgive me for my moment of self indulgence.

1 Tommy Robinson to leave the EDL for the British Freedom Party

2 Thatcher’s funeral plans are finalised

3 Jeremy Clarkson is a cunt

4 US warplane sabotaged at Shannon Airport

Top ten most read libcom articles of 2011

A captivated libcom reader

Countdown of the most popular articles on you nerds have been reading this year.

Most popular articles posted in 2011
10. Half a million take to the streets of London against cuts - Steven Johns
9. 1619-1741: Slavery and slave rebellion in the US -Howard Zinn

Top ten libcom blog posts of 2011

A libcom blogger at work

The top ten most popular blog posts on throughout 2011, alongside blog statistics.

2011 has been a good year for libcom user blogs. We have expanded our pool of user bloggers, and plan to prioritise blogs further in our redesign which is ongoing behind-the-scenes.

As a result traffic to blog pages has increased massively, from 5900 views per month in the last quarter of 2010 to over 17,700 per month in the last quarter of 2011 - a 200% increase.