Greece unrest: Merry Christmas!

A Christmas message from some Greek participants in the December 2008 uprising.

The ivory tower of theory: A critique of Theorie Communiste and "The glass floor" - TPTG

This is a critique of Theorie Communiste's erroneous idea that the December 2008 rebellion in Greece was born out of the "breaching of the social contract" on the part of the state and the "running out of future" for the proletariat as a whole. By criticizing their false notion of a generalized helotry we throw doubt upon their speculation that what is at stake today is the very survival of the proletariat and that because of this the proletariat will objectively be forced to treat its class belonging as something to do away with.

About Us - TPTG

ta paidia tis galarias

A brief introduction to the Greek communist group Ta Paidia Tis Galarias (TPTG) "The Children of the Gallery"

In critical and suffocating times - TPTG

The Ta Paida Tis Galarias (The Children of The Gallery) group report on the recent demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures, including the events leading to the tragic deaths of three bank workers and its implications for the movement of opposition.

There’s only one thing left to settle: our accounts with capital and its state - TPTG

A report on the working class struggles against austerity measures in Greece by Proles and Poor’s Credit Rating Agency aka TPTG, a Greek communist group.

Developments and workers' struggles in the Greek textile industry, 2005

Article on the status of the Greek textile industry in 2005, with analysis of workers' struggles over pay and against plant closures.

2005: Bank clerks and dockers on month-long strikes in Greece

A brief account of bank and dock workers strikes in Greece in 2005 by TPTG.

Mexico is not only Chiapas nor is the rebellion in Chiapas merely a Mexican affair

TPTG's detailed analysis and critical look at the Zapatista revolt, and the social and economic conditions of peasants and workers in Mexico which gave rise to it.

The rebellious passage of a proletarian minority through a brief period of time - TPTG

Greece - December 2008

An analysis of the Greek rebellion of December 2008 and the post-rebellion developments as aspects of the crisis of capitalist relations in Greece.

The War On Terror

The following text, written in English by some Greek friends (the TPTG), was published in July 2003 as a discussion document. Though it sometimes has some stodgy ultra-leftist phraseology and thinking, it's generally an extremely interesting summary and analysis of some important aspects of the present epoch such as the ideology of zero tolerance and the dissolution of Keynesianism.
The so-so joke on the left was produced at the end of June 2005