BA strike: on a wing and a prayer?

An analysis of the 12-day Xmas strike at British Airways called by the Unite union. By Gregor Gall, professor of industrial relations at the University of Hertfordshire.

Striking transport workers in Lyon occupy head office

After six days of strike action 20 workers have occupied parts of the head office of Keolis, the company responsible for the city's public transport.

Victorious Belfast traffic warden speaks

From issue 2 of The Leveller, this is an expanded version of the story of the four-month battle against bosses by Belfast traffic wardens. This article contains extracts from an interview with an NCP worker involved in the dispute elaborated on the deal they had won, and how they fought their bosses.

Victory to Belfast Traffic Wardens!

After a 4 month battle against bosses over their sacking for wildcat action, 28 traffic wardens in Belfast have won their fight.

Thomas Cook Dublin: Workers Released

The 28 workers arrested this morning for occupying the Grafton Street outlet of Thomas Cook were released this afternoon after agreeing not to resume their occupation or damage the property of Thomas Cook.

Thomas Cook outlets in Dublin occupied against closure

Thomas Cook workers demonstrate against closure in Dublin in July

On Friday 31 July Thomas Cook managers and security went to close down shops in Dublin at 10 a.m. Staff in two of the outlets then occupied their workplaces in response.

On burning and building bridges: contradictions in the movement around the Liverpool dock strike

Leaflet handed out at a demonstration of striking Liverpool dockers, in April 1997.

The underground is going down the tube - Anarchist Communist Federation

Leaflet distributed to commuters during a 1989 strike of tube drivers.

Victory to the rail workers

Leaflet for a 1989 strike of tube drivers.

Strike! - Thames Valley Class Struggle Group

Leaflet produced for the 1989 Tillbury strike of dockers in defence of conditions codified in the Dock Labour Scheme. This struggle was ultimately defeated.