What next? - Troploin

Gilles Dauvé and Karl Nesic look back over 12 years of their Troploin project and where to go from here amidst austerity and working class defeat.

troploin stands at a turning point. We owe it as much to us as to our friends and readers to assess what we have been trying to do for the past twelve years. While troploin remains a common project of Karl Nesic and Gilles Dauvé, they have preferred to assess the situation separately.  

In this world, but not of this world - Gilles Dauvé

Gilles Dauvé discusses his 1972 essay Capitalism and Communism, Marxism and the state capitalist countries of the 20th century, the position of workers today.

In this world, but not of this world

Editor's note

Communisation - Troploin

An attempt to describe what Troploin means by "communisation."

What is meant and what do we mean by "communisation" ? Actually, we have often dealt with this theme, for instance in our answers to the German group Revolution Times' questionnaire, published in English as What's It All About ? (2007), and in other texts, including A Contribution to the Critique of Political Autonomy (2008).

In for a storm: a crisis on the way - Troploin

2007 article on the state of global capitalism and the possibility of rupture.

Historical forecasts are usually wrong, Marxism-inspired ones no exception.

The X-Filers - Troploin

Former members of La Banquise respond to allegations of Holocaust denial, and criticise their previous response to such allegations.

"(..) the SI should not be judged according to the superficially scandalous aspects of certain manifestations through which it makes its appearance, but according to its essentially scandalous central truth."
Situationist International

"Unfortunately for us, we were right."
Amadeo Bordiga

Alice in monsterland - Troploin

The Troploin collective discuss the relationship between adults, children and capital.

Alice is in trouble.1

  • 1. This is an abridged and modified version of Autre Temps, written in French by J.-P. Carasso, G.Dauve, D.Martineau, K.Nesic, published by troploin, May 2001, and available on the troploin website. See also For a World Without Moral Order.

What's it all about? Questions and answers - Troploin

The Troploin collective, interviewed by German communist group Revolution Times, outline their (anti-) political perspective.

What's it all about?
Anyone in doubt
I don't want to go until I've found it all out

N.S.U., Cream, 1966

A contribution to the critique of political autonomy - Gilles Dauvé

In a text written for a "Vår Makt" seminar - held in Malmö, Sweden on 1-2 November 2008 - Dauve surveys the various theories of democracy and their limits.

It’s very difficult to force into obedience whoever
has no wish to command.

J.-J. Rousseau


Whither the world - Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic


Gilles Dauvé & Karl Nesic of the Troploin journal discuss the changing nature of capitalism and class struggle in the globalised 'post-Fordist' era.


  • 1. This is a slightly modified version of G.Dauvé and K.Nesic's Il va falloir attendre I Bref rapport sur l'état du monde, troploin, 2002 (also available on our site). We've left out nearly all notes that refer to French language books and magazines.

Re-visiting the east ... and popping in at Marx's - Gilles Dauvé

Construction of the Berlin Wall

Apart from North Korea and Cuba, no country calls itself socialist any more. So why bother about old debates on the nature of the USSR? Since capitalism rules the world, what else is there to know?! A great deal.

It’s crucial to understand why Russia was capitalist in 1980, or 1930, or 1920, if we wish to understand what capitalism really is, and what can and must be revolutionized in Russia as well as in Britain in the XXIst century.