Between the Leninists and the Clowns: Avoiding recklessness and professionalism in revolutionary struggle

A piece by a member of Black Orchid Collective looking at recent movements in Seattle and advocating their conception of cadre organization.

A Wobbly Strategy for Fundamental Change

Excerpts from Staughton Lynd's speech to the 2002 IWW General Assembly, published in the October 2002 Issue of the Industrial Worker.

Building branch culture: Mesaba and Red November, Black November

Mesaba Co-Op Park

An article I wrote about two Twin Cities IWW branch events in 2011. Was originally intended for The Organizer, but was never used, so I'm posting it here.

Solidarity Unionism, Occupy, and the moral right of the working class to control the workplace

An article on the west coast Occupy port shutdowns and the IWW's model of 'solidarity unionism'.

The Second Amendment and Closed Horizons

Steven Fake on gun violence and inequality in the United States.

Staughton Lynd’s remarks on Solidarity Unionism

Staughton Lynd's speech at the 2005 IWW Centenary in Chicago, Illinois.

Corporate school reformers on "ethics in education" at the University of Hawaii

Neoliberals Kevin Johnson and Michelle Rhee

On August 7th, 2012, the University of Hawaii hosted a wildly misnomered "Ethics in Education" event with Michelle Rhee and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson who both push charter schools, privatization, and attacks on teacher tenure and unions.

A Teamsters strike over disgraceful attacks on pay and conditions enters a third week

Over sixty workers at the Grand Rapids Gravel Company in Wyoming are now in the third week of a strike over proposed pay cuts and vicious attacks on conditions. The bosses have brought in scabs and private security.

Before the fall: possible futures for anti-austerity movements

Amanda Armstrong looks at the potential for future struggle during the current lull in anti-austerity organizing.

League of Revolutionary Black Workers study guide

This is a packet of readings put together by some IWW members in 2011.