Meetings with James Baldwin

Stan Weir writes about his relationship with writer James Baldwin.

Against crusade and jihad! For class struggle! - Mouvement Communiste

A leaflet which Mouvement Communiste produced immediately after the “9/11” attacks in 2001. Posted just in time for the tenth anniversary!

Stop Snitching - Curtis Price

An article from The Baltimore Indypendent Reader in 2007, which while it has a lot of local focus, has wider points on the fragmentation and breakdown in inner-city communities stemming from the drug trade.

Rank and file networks: a way to fight concessions - Stan Weir

A piece suggesting rank and file networks to fight workplace closings and to circumvent the official unions. Appeared in Labor Notes 48 (January 27, 1983)

Unions with Leaders Who Stay on the Job (a.k.a. Class War Lessons) - Stan Weir

Stain Weir writes about direct action and on-the-job union leadership as a merchant marine in the 1940s.

The informal work group - Stan Weir

Stan Weir on some of his life experiences at work and what he saw as the "the only organizational form opposed to formal bureaucracies which cannot be captured by them", the informal work group. From Rank and File: Personal Histories of Working-Class Organizers (1973)

Militant as hell on the waterfront: The political thought of Stan Weir

New Beginnings looks at the life of workplace militant and writer, Stan Weir.

“The bottom line isn't the whole thing”: Detroit, anti-racism and labour history

New Beginnings interviews a Detroit militant with decades of organizing experience in the area.

Jeff Monson documentary

Anarchist mixed martial arts fighter Jeff Monson discusses his life, politics and fight career in a recent documentary.

Nuclear Power

Fukushima explosion

A report released this week by the Associated Press detailed extensive Tritium leaks at Nuclear Power facilities across the U.S., bolstering some critic’s arguments that Nuclear power is not a viable means of providing safe, sustainable energy.