Occupy's anarchist roots


Bloomberg's nightmare: libertarian communism on his doorstep

The Atlanta Solidarity Network Continues Winning Streak

ASOL keeps up it's perfect record with another victory!

A review of “Weakening the dam”

A review of 'Weakening the Dam', a pamphlet put out by the Twin Cities IWW branch for the purpose of promoting the development of workplace organizers.

Goldner on Methodology & Organization

Loren Goldner's self-introduction for the one-issue 1977 journal Strategy, detailing his positions on methodology and organization from a "Trotskyo-Luxemburgist" perspective. Also detailing his experience in Lyndon LaRouche's National Caucus of Labor Committees.

"What are the drums saying, Booker?" - Adolph L. Reed Jr.

Adolph Reed's hilarious and biting criticism of Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Henry Louis Gates and the concept of the "black intellectual."

Atlanta Anti-Police March Nov. 21

Atlanta's Cop Problem

The ongoing and escalating campaign against the police, in Atlanta, continues.

Khymer Rouge leaders stand trial for genocide, but where is Henry Kissinger?

After 30 years, the leading members of the Khymer Rouge go on trial for genocide. However, where are the other idividuals who are responsible for the mass murder in Cambodia?

Ten Immodest Commandments

Mike Davis gives 10 pointers to Occupy activists based on his experience in the New Left.

St. Louis march against austerity – A joyful and unruly crowd takes a building, a report from one participant

It should be clear that before the Occupy movement, there has always been a struggle against the rich, against the 1%, against capitalism, against whatever you want to call it. #Occupy does not occupy new terrain when it comes to struggle. It takes much of its steam from the past and we should recognize, but also, critically learn from it. There have always been those who have suffered from the onslaught of a society based on class struggle. And there have always been those who have resisted and they have a story that we can draw from.

Insurgent Notes - N17 Flyer

A flyer by Insurgent Notes regarding N17 and how to expand the OWS movement.