Occupy Oakland and general strike call - updates and discussion

General strike?

Following the violent eviction of Occupy Oakland by police in which Iraq war veteran Scott Olsen was left critically injured, and assembly voted to build for a wildcat general strike on 2 November. Updates and discussion in the comments below.

Oakland on Strike!

Mike King and George Ciccariello-Maher's account of the two days spanning the forced removal of Occupy Oakland protesters and the general assembly which saw the passing of a proposal for a citywide general strike.

Letter from an anonymous friend: the morning after the attack on the Oakland Commune

An anonymous statement promising that regardless whether the police contest Occupy Oakland's physical space, the conversations, actions and potentials will grow.

Troy Davis Park Seized (Occupy ATL Evicted)

"Hey Hey! Ho Ho! These fascists fucks have got to go!"

To the Occupy movement – the occupiers of Tahrir Square are with you

A letter of solidarity to the #Occupy movement, from activists in Cairo, which also attempts to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding the Egyptian Revolution in regards to nonviolence.

Reflections for the US occupy movement - Peter Gelderloos

Gelderloos analyses the "indignant" and "occupy" movements which have spread across the world in recent weeks.

Communique on the recent #occupations

A communique outlining a number of issues with Occupy Baltimore and the wider movement, including a resistance to address race and gender, as well as the avoidance of anti-capitalism in favor of dominant liberal reformism.

Generation of debt: the university in default & the undoing of campus life

A pamphlet by Reclamations Journal on skyrocketing student debt in the context of budget cuts and economic crisis.

The occupation movement: on greed, unity & violence

A letter to the #Occupy movement, from participants in Oakland, attempting to clarify and explain some of the questions around corporatism VS capitalism, pacifism and what the so-called 99% actually is.

'Wobblies Down Under': Joe Hill, the New Zealand IWW and censorship during World War One

MP3 download of a radio documentary on Joe Hill and the IWW in New Zealand, produced for Radio New Zealand (October 2011).