Revolutionary Autonomous Communities / Comunidades Autonomas Revolucionarias Zine #1

A publication of Revolutionary Autonomous Communities, an anarchist influenced "revolutionary federation of community councils and liberated spaces based in occupied communities made up of oppressed people of color" in Los Angeles.

Two FSAO Members share their experience as war resistors on active military duty

A brief account of soldiers affiliated to Chicago's Four Star Anarchist Organization attempts to organize within the military and avoid being shipped off to Iraq and Afghanistan.

What I would do with $55,000: Our need for accountability and our failure to realize opportunities and build movements

Instead of bail money for what the author sees as unwise actions, a look at what the North American anarchist movement could use $55,000 for.

Four Star Digest #1

The first issue of a freesheet by Four Star Anarchist Organization, an anarchist political organization based in Chicago.

Four Star Digest #2

The Chicago platformist group, Four Star Anarchist Organization's freesheet.

An Interview with the Comité Organizador de la 3ra Conferencia Anual de la NAASN, Puerto Rico

An interview with some organizers of the 3rd North American Anarchist Studies Network conference. The interview touches upon why the conference was held in Puerto Rico and the existence of anarchism on the island.

After the next storm passes


Article speculating on possible outcomes in Occupy, current anti-austerity struggles, and radical involvement.

Arizona set to abolish public unions

Arizona state employees’ unions were caught off guard this week with news that the state’s republican controlled senate was passing a series of bills which, amongst other provisions, would completely ban unions from engaging in any negotiation which effects the terms of a persons employment with state, county or city government.

Forgotten men, what now? : New Deal "security" - Abe Bluestein

Abe Bluestein's post- New Deal pamphlet encouraging self organisation and mass direct action among the millions of unemployed Americans.