On the Black Bloc - Salar Mohandesi

A critique of the black bloc, which the author sees as coming from a specific context, time and struggle. Now, stripped of these things, it has become both a tactic and identity with an implicit strategy of grabbing attention or creating autonomous space through street fighting and property destruction.

Raising the flag right

John O'Reilly goes over his thoughts on how rallies and protests could be made more effective.

Compositional power

Turbulence chats with 2 members of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) about solidarity unionism, and gets their perspective on winning, losing and workplace struggle.

Non-unionised Seattle truckers organise against the bosses

Over 600 non-unionised workers at dock in Seattle walk out in protest against horrendous working conditions. What started at one company has now spread to over a dozen. The workers are not going back to work until the bosses give into their demands.

The surgeons of Occupy

Author Peter Gelderloos responds to Chris Hedges' anti-black bloc article.

Interview with Chris Hedges about Black Bloc

J.A. Myerson talks to Chris Hedges about his controversial piece “The Cancer in Occupy”.

Anti-Capitalist Bloc at the RNC: an IWW report

An account of the 2008 Republican National Convention protests in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Oakland’s Dirty War

An article on Oakland police tactics in trying to repress and disband Occupy Oakland.

No conclusions when another world is unpopular

An assessment of sorts on the wave of occupations and protests in the University of California system during the fall of 2009.