F*ck you judge! Sabotaging King county council cash orgy

The King County Council, the same group of geniuses that liquidated the Free Ride Area downtown, decided to have a public meeting at Seattle University in order to discuss their plans for the King County Youth Detention Centre. It is no surprise that Seattle University was chosen to host this meeting, given that the school is one of the primary nodes of gentrification in the Central District. The developed area of 12th Avenue near the school has grown considerably over the years and now the council is helping developers extend that area to the edge of the Central District. They got more than they bargained for.

Commentary on "Toward a Pro-Revolutionary Strategy Targeting Patriarchy"

Some additional commentary and explanations of 'Toward A Pro-Revolutionary Strategy Targeting Patriarchy'.

Toward a Pro-Revolutionary Strategy Targeting Patriarchy

Gayge Operaista lays out a conception of gender as a vital weak link of capital worth attacking.

Informal work groups and resistance on the sunrise shift

An account of an informal work group at UPS taking on a grievance with management.

After the First of Many Last Resorts: on ports and activists

A brief piece critiquing activists' attempted management of the #Occupy "West Coast Port Shut Down" in Portland, Oregon.

Blockading the Port is Only The First of Many Last Resorts

A brief piece examining the relationship between #Occupy encampments and unions, and calling for a re-imagining of what a strike looks like in a largely post-industrial context.

Police attack protesting students in Santa Monica

Students in Santa Monica protesting against a tripling of tuition fees are attacked and pepper sprayed by police as they attempt to force entry into a public meeting of the board of trustees. Two students are hospitalised and a further thirty require treatment.

The quiet mutiny (documentary)

John Pilger’s controversial first documentary film created a sensation when it broke the story of a rebellion emerging within the American army fighting the War in Vietnam. Changing public and media perception of the war, The Quiet Mutiny contributed to the withdrawal of US troops from the region.

Interview with a Jimmy John’s Worker

A 2011 interview with an organizer at Jimmy John's in Minneapolis.

Interviews with organizers: Canada’s postal struggles & the New School occupation

Two interviews with organizers in recent struggles.