A New Workers Movement in the US: A proposal for a refoundation through the intermediate level

An assessment of how the situation of the U.S. working class has changed and how to adapt to these conditions.

Direct Action? Who Cares!

An article that appeared in the April 2011 issue of the Industrial Worker that explains that direct action isn't solely used for its effect on 'bread and butter' issues. Also takes up the question of contracts.

For A Union Of 10,000 Wobblies

An article from the June 2011 Industrial Worker, suggesting solutions to build the IWW.

On the Line: Volume 1, Number 3 (1978)


Third issue of the Libertarian Workers Group's agitational newsletter.

The Cold War as a System - Michael Cox

Many leftists saw the Cold War as a genuine clash between Soviet 'Socialism' and Western capitalism. Michael Cox, however, shows how Soviet Stalinism and the Cold War helped stabilise global capitalism for 40 years.

Early Spring for the Badger

Early Spring for the Badger is a collection of anonymously written notes on the Wisconsin February – March 2011 Struggle against Austerity Measures. Contained is a collection of communiques and actions, reflections on the struggle, critique concerning the themes of democracy, race, policing, madness, and violence, and propositions for a revolutionary strategy within the global anti-austerity struggle.

On, Wisconsin - Paul Mattick Jr.

In the aftermath of the recent struggle in Wisconsin, Paul Mattick Jr. analyses the historical background to the rise and the current curtailing of the unions in the US and the attacks on the working and living conditions that are happening alongside this.

Palante! A Brief History of the Young Lords

A short history by Carolyn of the Love and Rage Anarchist Federation about the Young Lords, a Puerto Rican gang that developed into a Marxist political organisation.

On the Line: Volume 1, Number 2 (1978)

Second issue of the Libertarian Workers Group's agitational newsletter.

On the line - Libertarian Workers Group

'On the Line' was a agitational newsletter put out by the New York based Libertarian Workers Group, which was affliated with the Anarchist Communist Federation of North American and one of the founders of Workers Solidarity Alliance.