Solidarity hunger strikes expand in California's Gulag

Solidarity demo at the Ronald Reagan State Building in Los Angeles

Since yesterday, prisoners in at least 11 of California's 33 prisons are refusing meals in solidarity with a hunger strike staged by prisoners in one of the system's special maximum-security units: the Security Housing Unit at Pelican Bay State Prison.

Weakening the dam - Twin Cities IWW

A pamphlet put out by the Twin Cities IWW branch for the purpose of promoting the development of workplace organisers, based on their experiences of organising at work. It offers the sort of practical advice we could all be implementing in our own workplaces.

The work and the job - Wild Rose Collective

A piece about the alienation of work and how even work that is directed towards helping people is structured in a way to be about profits over everything else.

What happens if the USA defaults on its debts??????????

Given the US debt, and the global crisis unfolding, the question above should be seriously considered. My knowledge of economics is pretty poor, but I refuse to accept that experts are the only ones who have something to say, so....

(btw, this is something carried over from the Greek thread: out of the labyrinth.)

Schwab, Justus (1847-1900)

Sketch by V. Gribayedoff  of Schwab's saloon

A short biography of Justus Schwab, German-American anarchist saloon-keeper

The demand for order and the birth of modern policing - Kristian Williams

19th-century police fight with drunks in New York City

Kristian Williams analyses the founding of the American police force, and argues that instead of fighting crime, they were established as an instrument of social control over the working class.

Strikeforce - Monson outpunched by Cormier

Anarchist MMA fighter Jeff 'The Snowman' Monson faced off against wrestler Daniel Comier in last night's Strikeforce event.

Wisconsin: What now?

An update on what's happened in Wisconsin since early April.

2011 Wisconsin protests

The occupied capitol building in Madison

Pictures from the protests in response response to the Wisconsin Governor's proposed bill that would eliminate collective bargaining for public sector employees, among other things.

Everyone plays a part in fighting wage theft

Seattle recently joined San Francisco, Austin, Kansas City and Denver in making wage theft — bosses cheating workers out of their earned pay — a criminal offense, and rightfully so.