This just read off the roof: anti-capitalism at the New School

A speech critiquing capitalist society and how it relates to university life.

Preoccupied: the logic of occupation

A January 2009 pamphlet on student occupations in New York.

The New School occupation: perspectives on the takeover of a building

A pamphlet on the December 2008 New School occupation.

Blood Sport: a brief look at the sometimes violent resistance to public funding of sports stadiums in Arizona

An article about violence around public funding of sports stadiums in Arizona, and how this is a reflection of an isloated white working class.

Testimony of a black worker - Charles Denby

Charles Denby

Extracts from Charles Denby's excellent autobiographical work, Indignant Heart - Testimony of a Black Worker. The extracts describe his experiences as a black auto worker, factory struggles against both the bosses and the union bureaucracy and the dynamics of race within the workforce and wider society. He also describes his disillusioning experiences with Stalinist and Trotskyist parties and their hypocritical attitudes to black workers.

Revolutionary Communist Party at Burning Man

PCWC analyze the Revolutionary Community Party's intervention at Burning Man.

The "Revolution" we really, really DON'T need...

Phoenix Class War Council's article taking on the Revolutionary Communist Party's cultish authoritarianism.

The suns of anarchy

An article about how the Phoenix Suns basketball team came out against anti-immigration laws in Arizona.

Phoenix: where anarchists pack heat and send nazis packing

Crudo, of Modesto Anarcho, writes an account of a 2009 anti-fascist rally in Phoenix, Arizona.

The NSM offers nothing for the white working class but more exploitation and misery

An article about and against the National Socialist Movement, a fascist group who have tried to recruit in Arizona over the immigration issue.