A Message to the Partisans, in Advance of the General Strike

A communique to the participants of the attempted general strike in Oakland on November 2, 2011.

From Passive to Active Spectacle: Afterimages of the LA Riots

Oakland based Researcg & Destroy write about the Los Angeles riots and spectacle.

Joe Burns: What the labor movement needs

Industrial Worker interview with Joe Burns, author of Reviving the Strike

The “capitalism” we protest – response to Seattle Times author Jon Talton

For the full, original article, feel free to visit the Trial by Fire.

Author Jon Talton wrote two interesting pieces for the Seattle Times yesterday, one in anticipation of the May Day anti-capitalist march, and the other reflecting on it afterwards.

May 1st: After the blooms of spring, a hot summer

An analysis of May Day and discussion of the next steps amidst this crisis.

20 Years Later: the Los Angeles riots, hip-hop, rage and Trayvon Martin

A post about the Los Angeles riots, hip-hop and race in America.

Detroit high school students walkout protesting charterization and school shut downs

Detroit students walk out against school budget cuts and in solidarity with a nearby school threatened with closure.

Neoliberalizing the military

"Globalization" has finally come to the military. This means massive downsizing, even more privatization, the slashing of health benefits for soldiers, and a major push in the direction of drone based warfare.

Oil! - Upton Sinclair

The loose source for the film There Will Be Blood, Oil! pits oil tycoon father against socialist sympathetic son in the midst of the Teapot Dome Scandal and unionising trouble on the fields.