The General Strike - Bill Haywood

Summary of a speech made in New York City on March 16, 1911 by IWW organizer 'Big' Bill Haywood.

NYC budget demonstration flyer - Insurgent Notes

Insurgent Notes flyer for the NYC demonstration against the budget cuts, June 14-15, 2011.

Of budget cuts and union officials

John Jacobsen on budget cuts in the US and the unsuccessful tactics to combat them used so far by the unions.

California dreaming

Subversion on the class elements of the LA riots of 1992.

Outline of US Labor History with a Focus on the Role of the Left

A rough outline for an introduction to US labor history that was created as part of a presentation. The outline attempts to periodize important organizations and broad trends by decade. A particular focus is to also look at the changing relationship of the left within the labor movement.

Building radical unionism: Providing services without creating service unionism

A critique of 'service unionism' while advocating that some types of service are desirable in a radical union.

Questions about Leadership

What is leadership? What makes someone a leader? Why should we care who is a leader? Who should be a leader? What should leaders do? What is good leadership?

An orientation toward mass work

Brief exploration of how anarchists should operate in mass movements.

A New Workers Movement in the US: A proposal for a refoundation through the intermediate level

An assessment of how the situation of the U.S. working class has changed and how to adapt to these conditions.

Direct Action? Who Cares!

An article that appeared in the April 2011 issue of the Industrial Worker that explains that direct action isn't solely used for its effect on 'bread and butter' issues. Also takes up the question of contracts.