Flying squad pickets and the need for independent workplace groups

A brief piece about flying pickets and independent worker's groups and how these play out in the development of working class self-activity.

The general strike that didn't happen: a report on the activity of the IWW in Wisconsin

This is a report written by two IWW organizers from out of state on the activities of the union during the height of the protests in Madison and Wisconsin. The version is slightly modified from a text sent to the 2011 Delegate Convention and reflects the opinion of the authors.

Premonitions - Q. Libet

times square

Reflections on the occupations past and future.

Occupy philosophy blog

Came across an OccupyPhilosophy blog run by a bunch of philosophers.

The Oakland general strike, the days before, the days after

Gayge Operaista's account of the 2011 Oakland general strike, the fallout within the occupy movement and what direction things may go from here.

Oakland General Strike: An Initial Review

An account of the events of the November 2nd 'general strike' in Oakland.

Notes on Oakland 2011

A first-hand account and reflection on the events of November 2, where there was an attempted wildcat general strike.

All eyes on Oakland as the struggle continues

Donagh Davis reports from Occupy Oakland on how things have developed, from the shooting of Scott Olsen, the strike, the shutting down of the port, up to the violence surrounding the occupation of a building this morning.

99 Problems...


A short breakdown of the "99% v. 1%" anaylsis, initially written for internal distribution at Occupy Bloomington (IN, US) in response to a larger conversation.

Oakland general strike 2011 photo gallery

Photographs and images from the attempted wildcat general strike called by Occupy Oakland on November 2, 2011.