Images from revolutionary workplace group Uprise!

Living wage

Images of buttons, stickers and one sheet publications by the revolutionary workplace group Uprise!, which was active in 2002-2003.

Capitalism and productivism in Lyn Marcus' dialectical economics

Lyn Marcus NCLC leader

The following remarks will examine the analysis of capitalism in Lyn Marcus' Dialectical Economics. The basic categories of Marcus' analysis (“negentropy,” “expanded reproduction”) permit him to identify economically irrational features of capitalist development that are amendable to radical reform. This reform involves markedly increased efficiency and productivity. For Marcus, this reform would greatly lessen the instability of capitalism, ameliorating crises. The reform leads to a capitalism without capitalists based on central planning.

Occupy Atlanta: Privilege politics or popular self-management for the post-civil rights city

Theo Tegemea and Z.A. Mrefu on Occupy Atlanta, race, reformism and white privilege.

Occupy the class war

A member of Wild Rose Collective writes about how Occupy's '99% vs 1%' rhetoric is problematic and who in reality in includes and excludes.

Protest in support of 'locked out' Ontario workers

Over 10,000 people come out to support 'locked out' engineers in Canada. Their employers (Caterpillar) are reporting record profits yet are aiming to impose a 50% pay cut with immediate effect. If workers refuse the offer, Caterpillar are planning to shift all production to the United States.

Punching out: one year in a closing auto plant - Paul Clemens

In the aftermath of one of the oldest car factories in Detroit closing, Paul Clemens speaks to those dismantling it, those who lost their jobs and examines how it could happen.

McLibel (Documentary)

Filmed over ten years by no-budget Director Franny Armstrong, McLibel is the David and Goliath story of two people who refused to say sorry. And in doing so, changed the world.

Remarks on Contradiction and its failure

Ken Knabb's notes on the US pro-situ group Contradiction of which he was a member, it's work, dissolution and 'failure'.

The underground history of occupation

Julie McIntyre argues that the Occupy movement, in order to sustain and increase its momentum, should put issues such as housing and the cost of utilities at the forefront and look towards the long history of ephemeral occupations by dancing collectivities for inspiration.

Critique of the New Left Movement

Contradiction's examination of the US New Left, a broad movement which encompassed Bookchinism, the Weathermen, Yippies, Women Liberation and Communalism.