May 1st in the Twin Cities


From the Twin Cities IWW's blog, The Organizer, an account of the May Day protests and marches in the Twin Cities.

Duluth IWW editorial from 1913

Men outside IWW headquarters in Duluth

An 1913 editorial from the Industrial Worker on a dockworkers strike on Duluth, Minnesota.

Towards a union of organizers

From the Twin Cities IWW's blog, The Organizer, db contests the sentiment that anyone's workplace is impossible to organize and gives some examples of some preliminary steps one could take.

Working in America III: their time and ours - David Schanoes

A 1971 account and analysis of working in the main post office in Chicago. Foreshadows the workplace violence the USPS would later become infamous for.

The IWW at one hundred: the return of the haunted hall?

Melvyn Dubofsky suggests many histories of the IWW are clouded by myth, including the figures most deserving of our respect and attention.

The battle of the overpass - Jenny Nolan

An article from The Detroit News describing a 1937 incident in which UAW organizers, in their attempts to leaflet at a factory in the Detroit area, were beat by Ford guards.

The Memorial Day massacre

Daniel J. Leab looks at the different accounts of The Memorial Day Massacre, an incident in 1937 in which Chicago police killed 10 strikers.

Some notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism

From Killing King Abacus #2 (Summer 2001), an explanation of insurrectionary anarchism.

And Now They Are Coming For You

An article on the state's entrapment cases against anarchists recently, and how this has happened in the recent past with Muslims and environmental activists.

Hypotheses on reform and repression in the United States

Speculative remarks on political trends in the present U.S.