Dying from the inside: The decline of the League of Revolutionary Black Workers

A key account of the organizational issues of the LRBW, by Ernie Allen. From the book, They Should Have Served That Cup of Coffee: Seven Radicals Remember the 60s

Factory Occupation Brings Quick Results

An account of the December 2008 occupation of Republic Windows & Doors in Chicago.

The Demise of Andy Stern and the Question of Unions in Contemporary Capitalism - Loren Goldner

Andy Stern at an SEIU rally

With the resignation of SEIU leader Andy Stern, Loren Goldner looks at his legacy and analyses the development and function of trade unions over his career.

Justice For Oscar Grant: A Lost Opportunity?

Bay Area Marxist group's analysis of the anti-police brutality movement that emerged after the killing of Oscar Grant. In this essay, they are severely critical of the role of the non-profit organizations and the Revolutionary Communist Party. This was released in July 2009.

Advance the Struggle: Who Are We?

Description of the Bay Area Marxist group, Advance the Struggle.

Declaration of the Anarchist Communist Federation of North America, 1980

A declaration from the Anarchist Communist Federation of North America, and a few other assorted documents from 1980.

Libertarian Workers Group resigns from ACF

A letter of disaffiliation by the Libertarian Workers Group from the Anarchist Communist Federation of North America in 1981.

Two approaches to wage theft in the U.S.

A study conducted in 2008 by the UCLA in conjunction with the National Employment Law Project found that, amongst non-managerial and non-technical workers in the United States, wage theft is a virtual epidemic.

Above and Below: Them, Them, and Us - BRICK anarchist collective

This is one of three tasks and perspectives discussion documents drafted to help stimulate debate with the Federation of Revolutionary Anarchist Collectives.

The 1978 Postal Wildcat

Article on the 1978 postal wildcat strike, in which Dave Cline was a key leader, based on a far more extensive paper, scholar Michael Braun has written in preparation for doing a doctoral dissertation and publishing a book on this important working class battle.