Workers, the state, and struggle

Article about the state and ways that struggles by workers sometimes reinforce capitalism.

Blockade – Strike – Communize?

Flyer from the "Occupy" movement's December 12 blockade of West Coast ports in the US, analyzing the blockade, plans for a general strike, and lessons from US labor history and May '68, from a perspective of "communization."

Tenants union: Fight your landlord and win

A pamphlet on tenant union organizing by Buffalo Class Action, an anarchist political organization based in Buffalo, New York.

Less Talk, More Regroupment

A piece aimed at North American anarchist political organizations about getting organized.

Class conflict and workers' self activity on the railroads: 1874-1895

The years 1874 through 1895 saw intense class struggle, much of it centering on the railroad industry. This struggle often took the form of working class self-activity, action organized by workers from the bottom up and carried out independently. Railroad workers did not wait for instructions or guidance from labor leaders, who often advised caution and conciliation with capitalists, but took action themselves.

Occupy and Class Struggle on the Waterfront

December 12th West Coast Port Shutdown

Vermont secession: Democracy and the extreme right

An article about the problems with the Second Vermont Republic, a prominent organization which advocates for Vermont secession from the US. In 2007 it was revealed that the 2nd Vermont Republic had very close ties with extreme right-wing, racist, and fascist organization nationally and internationally. The case is also made that secession in and of itself cannot be the goal but instead a international libertarian communist revolution is needed.

My body, my rules: a case for rape and domestic violence survivors becoming workplace organizers

Liberté Locke, a Starbucks Workers Union organizer, writes about how violence at work and in our personal lives are similar, how domestic abusers and bosses use the same techniques of control and that we need to fight both.

Debate on 'direct unionism'

Collection of letters, articles and responses mostly from the IWW's Industrial Worker around the 'Direct Unionism' discussion paper.

Occupy's anarchist roots


Bloomberg's nightmare: libertarian communism on his doorstep