"The enemy is the system that sends us to war" - Speech by Iraq war veteran

Mike Prysner being arrested at an anti-war rally

A speech given by former US soldier and Iraq war veteran Mike Prysner in 2009.

When I first joined the army, we were told that racism no longer existed in the military. A legacy of inequality and discrimination was suddenly washed away by something called "Equal Opportunity." We would sit through mandatory classes, assuring us that racism had been eliminated from the ranks, and every unit had its own EO representative to ensure no elements of racism could resurface.

Been there, done that - a look at the US banking "reform"

Your pay, sir.

There’s a reason American workers aren’t paying much attention to the new financial regulations. And no, it isn’t out of “apathy.”

Despite making a combined $18 billion in profits last quarter alone, major banks are still doing all that they can avoid new consumer protection legislation – and, we might add, new legislation hasn’t made it too difficult for them.

A very great year? - Eve Smith

Eve Smith discusses the aims and effectiveness of Nixon's economic policies on the working class in the America.

Each year, the Economic Report of the President allows America's economic managers to reflect upon the glories of the past year and the triumphs of the year to come. This document provides us, too, an admirable opportunity to evaluate what is going on in the American economy.

Vietnam - Root & Branch

Article by Root and Branch on the cease-fire called in the Vietnam war.

On Tuesday evening, January 23, it was announced simultaneously in Washington, Hanoi, and Saigon that a cease-fire agreement had been reached and that peace was at hand in Indochina. Of course, there would be a week of fierce fighting throughout South Vietnam before the settlement would go into effect, each side struggling as in a football game to gain more ground before the whistle blew.

Keep on truckin' - Mac Brockway

Mac Brockway analyes the machinations of unions in maintaining order in the workplace, with particular focus on a small dispute in the truck driving industry in New York.

Faced with the reality of making a living most people tend to establish a certain rhythm to their lives. This often means dividing one's life into compartments; for most people there is working and there is living.

Old left, new left, what's left? - Root and Branch

The Weathermen.

Paul Mattick Jr. takes a look at the 'New Left' and student movement at the end of the 1960s.

The last six months of the sixties presented American radicals with an apparently incongrous pair of events: a massive revival of the anti-war movement and the disintegration of the organization which has for some time been justifiably identified with the "new left" itself, SDS.

Notes on the postal strike, 1970

Root and Branch on the wildcat strike of US postal workers in 1970 and its implications.


We demand nothing

Essay by Johann Kaspar that appeared in the insurrectionary anarchist journal Fire to the Prisons. Highly influential within the California student movement of 2009-2010.

“I do not demand any right, therefore I need not recognize any either.”
– M. Stirner

On the night of August 8th, 2009, hundreds of inmates at the California Institution for Men in Chino rioted for 11 hours, causing “significant and extensive” damage to the medium-security prison. Two hundred and fifty prisoners were injured, with fifty-five admitted to the hospital.

Five years after hurricane Katrina, community still trying to find justice for residents

Last friday, three officers were finally indicted by a federal grand jury for the post-katrina murder of Henry Glover, and the ensuing five year cover up.

The Murder of Henry Glover:

Henry Glover and his fiance Rolanda Short were residents of New Orleans 4th District when hurricane Katrina struck.

Like many African-Americans in New Orleans, Henry and his family were stranded without any supplies, and with no sign of help.

Israeli ship blockaded in San Francisco, dockworkers refuse to cross picket

To oppose the Israeli state's recent attack on a ship carrying humanitarian aid to Palestine, community and labor activists have successfully prevented the unloading of an Israel ship at the Port of San Francisco. The city's dockworkers--long known for their militancy--refused to cross the picket lines.

20th June 2010

In a historic action and unprecedented action today, over 800 labor and community activists blocked the gates of the Oakland docks in the early morning hours, prompting longshore workers to refuse to cross the picketlines where they were scheduled to unload an Israeli ship.