The beatings will continue - Research and Destroy

A short piece on the response of police to the wave of occupations at the University of California in Fall 2009.

Occupy California

Electro Communist dance party

A communique from the Fall 2009 occupation at UC Santa Cruz.

Anti-Capital Projects: questions & answers

A text explaining why the use of occupations to fight austerity at the University of California in 2009.

No capital projects but the end of capital

The opening statement from Anti-Capital Projects, a group involved in the California student movement, as well as the Occupy movement.

A call for disassembly

A critique of the general assembly in the 2010 California student movement, which the authors view as being used as a decision making body for the entire movement and its participants.

A plea from the undead

A 2009 text from the California student movement directed at fellow students who had not participated in the occupations and protests.

The battle to take back the New School

An article on the New School reoccupation of 2009 and the relation to student protests elsewhere.

FAQ: New School reoccupation

A set of frequently asked questions (and answers) on the New School reoccupation of 2009.

Reflections on the I-980/I-880 takeover

A statement on an unpermitted march on a Oakland freeway during the March 4, 2010 nationwide day of action in the U.S.

Pushed by the violence of our desires

A statement regarding a controversial event during the March 4th, 2010 day of action in NY.