Wisconsin: Why a general strike hasn't happened yet...

An attempt to identify some factors that have prevented a general strike from breaking out in Wisconsin.

Schoolkids walkout and march in Ithaca NY

LACS walkout

Students from the Lehman Alternative Community School walked out in solidarity with Wisconsin and democracy.

“Speak out now when others grow silent”: The Messenger, the IWW and debates over new negro radicalism - George Robertson

An essay on the relationship between the IWW and A. Philip Randolph's The Messenger, a black political and literary magazine from the early 20th Century.

Rethinking Educational Failure and Reimagining an Educational Future - John Garvey

John Garvey critically examines the contemporary American education system.

From Cairo to Madison, The Old Mole Comes Up For An Early Spring - Loren Goldner

Loren Goldner examines the Wisconsin protests against the background of the capitalist assault against workers since the 1970s.

Let's make the rich richer and the poor poorer – that's the American dream!

A response to the call by left group MoveOn for "investment, to create decent jobs…" in the US.

Brief report from a brief visit to Madison - Loren Goldner

A piece by Loren Goldner about his trip to Madison, Wisconsin to join the protests around collective bargaining law.

Wisconsin IWW international solidarity letter

Appeal for solidarity from the Madison, Wisconsin Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch.

On the Occupation at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Warts & All

Text examining significant problems and contradictions of university occupations. With occupations, of universities and other places, spreading as the global movements hot up with the coming of spring, it will become increasingly necessary to reflect on and supercede the weaknesses and limitations of such movements.

CNT Solidarity With Madison

Statement of solidarity with Wisconsin workers from the CNT-AIT, a Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union.