Moving to action: Workplace organizing beyond recipes - Scott Nappalos

Scott Nappalos talks about some ineffective ways of workplace organizing and how we can address these habits.

From the square to the block to the shop: spread the occupation amid the whirlwind of crisis

Statement aimed at the #Occupy movement from Miami Autonomy & Solidarity

Baby, We’re All Anarchists Now - Malcolm Harris

Malcolm Harris writes about some of the emerging conflicts between anti-authoritarians and self-appointed leaders of the #Occupy Movement.

Swept under the rug and left for dead; How, according to the boss, swearing is worse than harassment

An account of an incident of sexual harassment in the workplace, the inadequate response from management and possible retaliation after reporting.

A New Workerism: Capitalist Crisis, Proletarianization, and the Future of the Left

Republic Windows and Doors occupation, Chicago, 2008.

Originally written for and circulated at the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit, Alex advocates an emphasis on workplace organizing and an orientation toward some historical experiences that he believes contain resources for us in the present.

Politics averted: thoughts on the 'Occupy X' movement

An analysis on the protests in Ireland and the US from an Irish anarchist.

Occupy X

Smalltown America: clinging to our guns and religion since 1776

This is a brief report from a small northern town in the USA, emailed to me last Thursday 6th October. The author doesn't want the town to be identified as, since it's so small, it could lead to her being identified. Don't agree totally with the pessimism, or about Spain or Greece - but we'll see. An update will hopefully follow soonish.

An American Fall

Steve Fake sums up the political context that gave birth to Occupy Wall Street and other occupations across USA.

Counterpoint: Response To Juan Conatz’s Take On “Direct Unionism”

An IWW member argues against some of the perspectives laid out in 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper' and 'A response to 'Direct Unionism: A Discussion Paper': Parts 1 and 2.

Are We An Occupation or Just a Gathering?

Text from a leaflet handed out at #OccupySTL by anarchists in St. Louis.