Anarchism and American labor

An essay by Paul Buhle on anarchists in the labor movement of late 19th/early 20th century United States.

Ben Fletcher, IWW organizer

An essay on Ben Fletcher's efforts as an IWW organizer.

Manhattan bakery workers fight-back against union busting bosses

The largely immigrant workforce at the Hot and Crusty bakery on 63rd and 2nd avenue in Manhattan, sick of working for abusive bosses, and for less than the minimum wage, voted to form an independent association and register with the National Labour Relations Board.

Justice for the negro: How he can get it

A 1919 pamphlet put out by the Industrial Workers of the World in response to the widespread race rioting of that year.

What will it take to organize fast food?

A short article by db on the possibilities for organizing in the fast food industry.

Reviving an old tradition of educating IWW agitators: Work Peoples College

A reportback of the IWW's Work Peoples College, a week long workshop and training event meant to spread skills and share experiences within the union.

War against the Panthers: A study of repression in America - Huey P Newton

Ph.D. dissertation by Huey P Newton, analysing certain features of the Black Panther Party and incidents that are significant in its development. Some central events in the growth of the Party, from adoption of an ideology and platform to implementation of community programs, are first described. This is followed by a presentation of the federal government's response to the Party.

Abolition Now! Ten years of strategy and struggle against the prison industrial complex

Today, over seven million people live under the control of U.S. jail, prison, probation, or parole systems—the vast majority of them people of color and young people. Between 2000 and 2007, Congress added 454 new offences to the Federal criminal code. Policing at all levels is increasingly militarized and demands more and more resources.

Seize the time: The story of the Black Panther Party and Huey P. Newton

Black Panther Bobby Seale's book on the organisation and most well-known activist, Huey Newton. We do not agree with all the politics but reproduce it here for reference.

The way the wind blew: A history of the Weather Underground

A detailed history of the US left-wing urban guerrilla group the Weather Underground, or Weathermen.