Occupy Wall Street protests: discussion and updates

Occupy Wall Street demonstrators march

Thread for discussion and updates on the occupation of Wall Street and the related occupations in other towns and cities across the US.

Here's why Washington longshore workers are so angry

A longshore worker faces off against police, 7 September

Violence erupted 7 September in a major labor dispute that has simmered for months at the Port of Longview, leading to work shutdowns at ports up and down the Washington coast. Why are members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) — and their supporters in Washington and Oregon — so upset about a grain terminal that employs just 50 workers?

Longshore workers attack grain terminal

Longshore workers block train

In a dispute over the new EGT Grain Terminal in Longview, Washington and management's refusal to recognize the International Longshore and Warehouse Union as the workers' representative, union militants attacked the facility to sabotage the facility's first shipment of grain, protesting in defiance of a court injunction.

Solidarity for the win - victory against Chase Bank

Seattle Solidarity Network gets a Chase Bank customer $1000 he was owed by a swift direct action campaign.

Industrial Unionism

A speech advocating industrial unionism by frequent Socialist Party of America candidate and one of the IWW founders, Eugene Debs.

Socialist Reconstruction of Society

An address delivered in Union Temple, Minneapolis, Minn., July 10, 1905 Originally titled The Preamble of the IWW

Refusing the syndicalist v. primitivist debate

Ex-Black Panther and ex-political prisoner Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin on being a Black Autonomist, and uninterested in the syndicalist v. primitivist debate.

The need for a black labour federation

Protest against unemployment in black communities.

Ex-Black Panther and ex-political prisoner Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin writes in his Anarchism and the Black Revolution about the need for a Black Labor Federation.

America in decline - Noam Chomsky

Noam Chomsky analyses the whithering of the American super-power and its causes.

Verizon strike highlights need for new workers' movement

45,000 workers at US communications giant Verizon have been on strike for nearly two weeks. Adam Ford, of Infantile Disorder, examines the lengths the company and the state have gone to to undermine the strike.