Teach for America: the hidden curriculum of liberal do-gooders

Teach for America, suitably representative of the liberal education reform more generally, underwrites, intentionally or not, the conservative assumptions of the education reform movement: that teacher’s unions serve as barriers to quality education; that testing is the best way to assess quality education; that educating poor children is best done by institutionalizing them; that meritocracy is an end-in-itself; that social class is an unimportant variable in education reform; that education policy is best made by evading politics proper; and that faith in public school teachers is misplaced.

Life during war time

Slightly fictionalized autobiographical short story, with the U.S. invasion of Iraq in the early 1990s as background.

Support is urged for CeCe McDonald, victim of a hate crime who defended herself

An important case demands our support. Crishaun “CeCe” McDonald, a young Black transgender woman faces two counts of second degree murder for defending her friends and herself from physical attacks by a group shouting ugly racist and homophobic insults.

Holding the line: informal pace setting in the workplace

Juan Conatz recalls an experience working in a warehouse which was trying to increase productivity and the resistance that some of his co-workers responded with.

Stupid regulators and greedy financiers or business as usual? - Chris Wright

Occupation of Zuccotti Park - New York, 2011

As the occupy movement in the US this week shifts its attention from the shiny crystallisations of high finance to the hubs of material circulation, Chris Wright reviews Paul Mattick Jr.'s book, Business as Usual, and asks: what is missed by shouting down only one aspect of capitalism?

Solidarity against sexism on the shop floor

IWW member Angel Gardner goes over some ways of fighting sexism in the workplace through direct action.

These numbers are not from heaven

When the People occupy the square, walk in the park. When the People occupy the park, walk in the square. An event is not an Event if one can choose to participate or not participate. The only ethical choice is refusing to go to war, a refusal that takes on ethical significance only when one no longer has a choice and is faced, for the first time, with the question of honor. There is guilt in choice. There is regret in taking the wrong path. But there is no not taking a path.

No-strike clauses hold back unions

A short article arguing against the US labor movement's reliance on contracts and acceptance of the 'no strike' clause.

Caring: a labor of stolen time

Our friend Jennifer Ng wrote this about her job and her organizing at a nursing home. It deals with a lot of issues about the commodification of life and of death under capitalism as well as issues of race on the job, and the specifics of caring work.

Workers, the state, and struggle

Article about the state and ways that struggles by workers sometimes reinforce capitalism.