Queens, hookers, and hustlers: Organizing for survival and revolt amongst gender-variant sex workers, 1950-1970

A selection from Mack Friedman’s Strapped for Cash: A History of American Hustler Culture.

Silencing America’s Radical History: Where Do We Go From Here?

Grace Lee-Boggs

James Frey and Jocelyn Cohn critique a panel held at the progressive New School University where Grace Lee-Boggs was giving a lecture.

IWW non-profit workers in Minneapolis go on strike after negotiations fail

Information on a just begun strike at a non-profit mobile food shelf and soup kitchen in Minneapolis.

Grand Jury refusers Katherine Olejnik and Matthew Duran are free

After refusing to cooperate with an investigation against anarchists in the Pacific Northwest, Katherine Olejnik and Matthew Duran, who have spent the last 5 months in prison - much of which was in solitary confinement - are finally being released.

Consuming lattes and labour, or working at Starbucks - Bryant Simon

An in depth portrait of what it is like to work at one of the most conspicuous components of the neoliberal order: the upscale looking, fast-food acting coffee chain, Starbucks. Simon discusses the emotional labors of being a happy and chatty “partner” (employee), the difficulties of the uneven scheduling, the unexpected physical aspects of the job, and the culture of conformity at the nation’s largest seller of coffee and affordable luxury.

“The Ku Klux Government”: Vigilantism, lynching, and the repression of the IWW

Cartoon published in the 'Industrial Worker' and the 'Messenger,' August 1923.

Michael Cohen's journal article on the extra-parliamentary repression of the IWW that ran parallel to that of the state at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Zerowork journal

Comprehensive online archive of the Zerowork journal, an autonomist Marxist-influenced magazine based in the US which published two issues between 1975 and 1977.

Rent - an injustice (1984)

I. R. Ybarra's fierce and unapologetic tirade against rent and landlordism. This pamphlet was first published by the anarchist quarterly The Match! in August, 1984 in Tucson, Arizona.

The tenant movement in New York City, 1904-1984

Ronald Lawson's history of New York City's rich tradition of tenant mobilization during the 20th century.

Credit, wages and Occupy: what system are we fighting?

John O'Reilly on the Occupy movement in the United States and the direction it took.