1934 Minneapolis Teamsters strike photo gallery

Images from the 1934 Teamsters strike in Minneapolis, one of the most iconic strikes in American history. The strikers shut down transport of goods in the city and battled police and employer vigilante groups.

Convergence to block the return to class in Quebec!

Police officers facing piquet lines in Quebec

Since February, students across Quebec have been on strike against a 75% tuition hikes. These students have maintained picket lines, disrupted classes, blocked bridges, and continually taken the streets in fierce resistance to the neoliberal agenda of the Charest Liberal government.

Union maids

Three women union activists tell their fascinating stories of organising in 1930s America, recounting their conflicts with bosses, police as well as their struggles against racism and sexism.

One day in July: Remembering the 1934 Minneapolis Teamster strike

An article written on the 1934 strike in Minneapolis for the 'One Day in July' festival.

Mussolini, Sacco-Vanzetti and the Anarchists

An examination of Benito Mussolini's attitude towards Sacco and Vanzetti by Philip Cannistraro.

The Working Class, World Capitalism and Crisis: A General Perspective

Republic Windows & Doors factory occupation

The following remarks by Will Barnes constitute a more or less coherent reflection the larger part of which has been developed by the author over three years [when written in 2009]. Some aspects of what follows are eminently warranted, and easily justified; others would be far more difficult to convincingly defend. None of it is unassailable.1

  • 1. I have drawn heavily on two discussion I have recently penned, “Imperialism, Recreation of the Conditions for and the Drift toward World War” as it appears in Nature, Capital, Communism and “Could Antarctica Melt? Revolution Imagined. Three Scenarios.” [at these texts available at:]

Small time unionism

Kevin S on the contradictions between being a union with more experience with smaller employers and growing to be able to exert power on bigger targets.

How to intervene in the class struggle?

An article from the ICC/Internationalism USA about their participation in the 2011 Verizon strike. It investigates how to present a message critical of the unions role within capitalism, while not coming off as the right wing bourgeoisie.

No compensation for victims of eugenics programme

Politicians in North Carolina have knocked back a proposal that would have seen all living survivors of the state’s eugenics and forced sterilisation programme receive compensation. The reason for the knock back has been cited as ‘budgetary’ concerns.

Major rent strike against millionaire slumlord catches fire in Brooklyn

As foreclosures continue to put historic pressure on the nation’s rental market, slumlords now have more opportunity than ever to prey on the most vulnerable of tenants.