Maximov, Grigori Petrovitch, 1893-1950

Grigori Maximov

A short biography of leading Russian anarcho-syndicalist Grigori Maximov who was active in the 1917 Revolution.

Houston janitors take strike across the country

Houston janitors are seeking national support.

The strikers have travelled to Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento and Washington to rally support from other janitors, in what the union organisers have called a "national escalation plan".

The Disney cartoonists strike, 1941 - Sam Lowry

A short history of a strike by Disney animators in 1941 and the organisation in the years building up to it.

1,700 janitors on strike in Houston

The janitors are demanding higher wages

Janitors from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) went on strike last week asking for a pay rise to $8.50 an hour and health insurance.

Protests continue at Gallaudet University

Students have blockaded the University.

Deaf students continue to occupy Gallaudet University in Washington DC in protest against the incoming President.

Massachusetts nurses win strike after only five hours

The strike came after months of discontent

The nurses at Umass Memorial Medical Centre have won the demands of their strike after five hours' picketing.

Bay Area refuse collectors threaten solidarity strikes

The strike may involve workers from across the industry.

Refuse collection teams threaten secondary strikes in solidarity with landfill site workers.

Deaf students occupy in Washington DC

Deaf students are demonstrating across North America in solidarity with students occupying Gallaudet University, Washington DC (the world's only deaf university).

Walmart workers walk out on wildcat

Workers at a Wal-Mart in Florida went out on wildcat earlier this week over scheduling arrangements. According to both workers and the company, this is the first such action against the company ever to occur in the US.

US: Rail bosses sue over "sick-out" wildcat strike

Between September 22 and 24, 80% of the Salt Lake City area's train engineers called in sick in a row over working hours. Now Union Pacific are suing their union.