University as factory

What role do colleges and universities play in the global capitalist order? How does escalating student debt fit within broader political-economic trends and tendencies? What does the Edu-factory Collective mean when it claims that "what was once the factory is now the university"? C.S. Soong of Pacifica Radio's "Against the Grain" plays Max Haiven navigating through these issues in a recent talk.

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The Edu-factory Collective, Toward a Global Autonomous University Autonomedia, 2009.

It's not just the tuition fees....

A brief look at privatisation and outsourcing in higher education.

Recently, London Metropolitan University announced that it would be hawking off services such as IT and libraries to the private sector. A bidding war will now take place between various companies that are salivating at the prospect of getting their grubby hands on such a lucrative cash cow.

Toward a student syndicalist movement

Position paper by Carl Davidson delivered at the August 1966 Students For A Democratic Society (SDS) Convention in Clear Lake, Iowa.

In the past few years, we have seen a variety of campus movements developing around the issue of' 'university reform.' A few of these movements sustained a mass base for brief periods. Some brought about minor changes in campus rules and regulations. But almost all have failed to alter the university community radically or even to maintain their own existence.

Quebec student strike - important victory, however partial it may be

In Quebec, Canada, an impressive student struggle, connected to protests against attacks on civil liberties has ended in a partial, but nevertheless important, victory. There is reason to learn lessons, but also to celebrate and to be inspired. Let's shout it from the rooftops, as a sign of more to come.

For months, students in Quebec fought against a Draconian college fee rise that the Chares government tried to impose. They struck in great numbers, organized themselves through a system of assemblies where they decided about the strike, what forms the actions woud take and so on. And they demonstrated, in actions that led to militant confrontations with the police.

End the repression! IWW union supports Chile's students fight for education!

Industrial Workers of the World (European Regional Administration) statement of solidarity with the Student Movement and student/university strikes in Chile (cf. attached PDF).

Since last year, Chilean students have been marching to demand -- among other things -- free, public, and good quality education at all levels.

How can we emulate the Montréal students?

After a trip to Montréal I have some recommendations as to how we can get on their level.

I returned from Montréal exhausted and amazed by what I had just seen. I know that we have all heard recently about the defeats that the student movement there has suffered, but in America we are so far behind what has been created in Montréal that we need to be taking notes on all the things that the Montréal activists did right.

South African University closes after students clash with police

Three campuses of the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in South Africa have been closed down due to violent clashed between students and the police.

The students have been protesting for over week over the slashing of funding for poorer students.

On Thursday the University attempted to gain a court order to prevent further protests from taking place.

They claimed that students were:

“Threatening to burn down buildings, followed by the management if their demands were not met”

Police in Chile violently evict children from occupied schools

School children across Santiago have occupied schools and blocked roads as part of a protest movement for education reform. The Chilean police refer to the children as 'hooded vandals' , and have violently removed them from the occupied schools.

Police in Chile have arrested 139 school children who had been occupying secondary schools and blocking roads in the capital, Santiago. Police in full riot gear violently evicted the school children, but some still remain occupied.

According to a police inspector, they were met with:

An American in Montréal

An American student gives his impressions of the student struggles in Montreal

I arrived at Cegep Marie-Victorin on Monday at 8AM to find a group of 20 or so red clad college students standing outside the main building cheerfully killing time.

Bloated corpses and institutional limits - An interview with Mark Paschal

To inspire an exodus from universities, we must struggle within existing institutions—such as through strikes and occupations—while we create autonomous universities that force the dominant ones to confront their own limits.