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Kirkby Rent Strike 1972 (Documentary)

The Kirkby Rent Strike was a 14-month long rent strike initiated by 3,000 tenants on October 9, 1972 in the town of Kirkby, outside Liverpool, against the Housing Finances Act

Women workers fight back against austerity in Poland

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In 2012, Poland and Ukraine are going to host Euro2012, the European Football Championship. For that reason hundreds of millions of euro from the national and local budgets have been spent on subsidizing infrastructural projects like football stadiums and highways. According to financial experts, these expenditures will never be reimbursed, and many city budgets are already on the verge of bankruptcy.

Report: Combating workfare in Liverpool (31/3/2012)

A brief report on an anti-workfare event in Liverpool

Abolish workfare - a guide to the government's unpaid work schemes

Abolish workfare

A 16-page guide to the government's unpaid labour schemes, the logic behind them, and resources for organising against them.

The greatest trick the DWP ever pulled was convincing the poor benefits don't exist

From precarious work to precarious benefits to precarious unpaid work...

A personal perspective on workfare and the benefits lottery - something which has caused me no end of stress of late.

The new social workhouse? Workfare, the labour market, prison

Human resources. Image by Arts Against Cuts.

Workfare isn’t just an austerity measure, it’s part of a longer term restructuring of the labour market. That makes it all the more important to kill it while we still can.

Constitution of the Union of the Physically Impaired Against Segregation

This constitution is is not just a record of the procedural form of a radical organisation but also a powerful political statement about both disability and the organisation of society more generally. British disability theory and activism has many of its roots in this organisation, and its constitution, written in 1974, contains insight and analysis that is useful to this day.

Forgotten men, what now? : New Deal "security" - Abe Bluestein

Abe Bluestein's post- New Deal pamphlet encouraging self organisation and mass direct action among the millions of unemployed Americans.

Beneficiary bashing targets the sick

Beneficiary bashing targets the sick

The new National government is set to attack beneficiaries with a complete overhaul of how the social welfare system operates in New Zealand.

Battle of Trafalgar: The UK Poll Tax Riot (Documentary)

A chronological account of the anti-poll tax demonstration on 31st March 1990, one that contrasts disturbingly with the version presented by television news. Eyewitnesses tell their stories against a backdrop of the day's events as they unfold. Demonstrators' testimonies raise some questions about public order policing, the independence and accountability of the media and the right to demonstrate. Evidence clearly shows elements within the police provoking the riot.