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Beneficiary bashing targets the sick

Beneficiary bashing targets the sick

The new National government is set to attack beneficiaries with a complete overhaul of how the social welfare system operates in New Zealand.

While most beneficiaries will be worse off under the new rules, two types of benefit are likely to be hit especially hard – those on what is currently known as the Sickness Benefit, and those on the Domestic Purposes Benefit.

Battle of Trafalgar: The UK Poll Tax Riot (Documentary)

A chronological account of the anti-poll tax demonstration on 31st March 1990, one that contrasts disturbingly with the version presented by television news. Eyewitnesses tell their stories against a backdrop of the day's events as they unfold. Demonstrators' testimonies raise some questions about public order policing, the independence and accountability of the media and the right to demonstrate. Evidence clearly shows elements within the police provoking the riot.

"The only Nelsons in this battle were of the half variety. Last March's anti-poll tax demonstration in London, which degenerated into a violent shambles, is recalled and analysed, with many participants describing their anger at the police tactics ( or lack of them).

Man in coma loses benefits as he's classified "fit for work"

The government's decision to crack down on the disabled took a bizarre turn this week after a man in a coma was stripped of his benefits - because he'd not handed his fitness-for-work questionnaire in.

In a thread on on Thursday Reading Community Welfare Rights Unit deputy manager Sam Harney noted:

National Unemployed Workers Movement image gallery

Unemployed Unite

A selection of pamphlet covers, leaflets and photos from the NUWM movement of the 1920s and 1930s in the Britain.

Organizing the lumpenproletariat: Cliques and communists in Berlin during the Weimar Republic - Eve Rosenhaft

1982 historical article by Eve Rosenhaft on the relationship between the German Communist Party and youth gangs and the "underclass" in 1920s and 30s Germany.

During the Weimar Republic, popular anxieties about the state of society became focused on a field of problems in which youth, political radicalism and a general brutalisation of social and political relations were assumed to be directly linked with one another in peculiarly threatening ways.

Degrading, de-humanising, and discredited: The UK prison pressure cooker on the boil

The UK prison population has reached yet another record high, and many of the issues that led to the Strangeway's riot of 1990 are back on the rise. The prison system is a thoroughly discredited institution that brutalises people, and makes them career criminals, and social outcasts. If you are under 25, an ethnic minority, and poor, you had better watch out, or you may find yourself in the 'big house'.

The UK prison population has hit yet another all-time high this month. On Christmas day, 88,000 people will be languishing in jail.

Wages go negative: graduate pays for internship

The news that graduates are now paying to work for free just adds to the feeling that something has to give.

The Atlanta Solidarity Network Continues Winning Streak

ASOL keeps up it's perfect record with another victory!

A few weeks ago, ASOL received a phone call from “N.” - a part-time employee of Key Lime Pie Hair Salon. She expressed, over the voicemail, that she had heard of ASOL from a friend and really needed support:

A radical social worker's appeal to colleagues ahead of #N30

This was written by a radical social work student for her fellow students, to make the case for striking on N30. Workers with vulnerable client groups need to strike now more than ever, not only for their own jobs but for their clients' rights and care in years to come.

Today in Chaos and Complexity, we thought about the boundary between the two, the point at which clients realise how close to the edge they are. It's the point at which our interventions as social workers may be most successful.

As a sector, we've collectively reached that point and that realisation.

The renewed imposition of work in the era of austerity: prospects for resistance

Aufheben analyse the continuing shift from welfare to workfare in the UK.

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