1971: The Attica prison uprising

Prisoners take over

Against the background of the mass revolutionary, black power and prisoners' movements in the US, a four day revolt began on September 13, 1971 at the Attica Correctional Facility near Buffalo, NY in the United States. Its repression left 39 people killed.

1991: The South Iraq and Kurdistan uprisings

Kurdish fighters in 1991

The history of the uprisings in Southern Iraq and Kurdistan in 1990-91 which involved large numbers of mutinous troops who had deserted during the Kuwait Gulf War.

1968 : - a chronology of events in France and internationally

A short chronology of the events which swept France in May and June 1968. Starting as a student revolt, the events culminated in mass workplace occupations and a general strike of 10 million workers.

Followed by a short international chronology.

The East German uprising, 1953

A brief history of a rebellion against the Soviet government in the GDR.

1945: The Saigon commune

The Vietminh

A brief account of a workers' and peasants' uprising in Vietnam following the end of World War II by Ngo Van Xuyet, one of the participants.

1930-1931: The Nghe-Tinh Revolt

Phan Boi Chau

The history of the uprising in rural Vietnam, still a French colony, which caused the local government to flee. The workers and peasants in the area then began administrating their affairs themselves before being crushed by the French army.

1921: The Kronstadt rebellion

The Red Army attacking Kronstadt

The history of the rising of the naval town of Kronstadt in Russia by workers and sailors supporting the original aims of the 1917 Revolution against the new Bolshevik dictatorship. The rebellion was crushed by Red Army troops under Trotsky's command.

1920: An uprising in Munster

A hidden history of sympathy strikes, socialism, workers' councils and revolution in a corner of rural Ireland.

1917-1921: The Ukrainian Makhnovist movement

The Makhnovists

The history of the revolutionary movement in the Ukraine - the anarchist Makhnovists - at the time of the 1917 Russian Revolution.

1909: The Barcelona revolt

Barcelona in flames during the revolt

A brief history of a successful general strike and rebellion in Barcelona.