Albania: Laboratory of Subversion, 1997

US citizens evacuated, 1997

A collection of articles on the Albanian insurrection of 1997, by Elephant Editions.

In Albania, just two years ago, a sudden explosion of popular rage eloquently demonstrated that the state only persists thanks to the gracious complicity of its subjects. When this complicity ends,structures that appeared invincible disintegrate overnight...


1991: The Kurdish uprising

Kurdish rebels, 1991

The following is an account of the uprising in Kurdistan in 1991, which buries the lies of the western media which presented this proletarian uprising as the work of nationalist parties in the north or Shi'ite religious fanatics in the south.





(Plus an account of the Workers Councils)

(Note: text is as in original pamphlet; a few pictures and accompanying captions have been removed)

1953: The Working Class Uprising In East-Germany, Cajo Brendel

East German uprising

Cajo Brendel's pamphlet on the East German Uprising 1953.

Class struggle Against Bolshevism

Cajo Brendel

(From original Echanges et Mouvement- london pamphlet) Editor's note :

1953: The gulag uprising at Vorkuta

An article, edited from News and Letters, outlining the uprising at the Gulag in Vorkuta in 1953.

Don't Forget Vorkuta: A Soviet Holocaust

June 2003


1962: The Novocherkassk tragedy

Electric train VL60PK, main product of the Novocherkassk NEVZ works

An account of the workers uprising in Novocherkassk, USSR, which lasted from June 1-3 and ended in a massacre and mass arrests.

by Piotr Suda

1932: The Vichuga uprising

In April 1932 at Vichuga, Ivanovo Industrial Region (IPO), USSR, 16,000 textile workers struck at several factories and temporarily took control of the town until the uprising was crushed by both heavy repression and promises of reform from central Soviet command.

Part of a wave of unrest which hit the USSR in the IPO, Lower Volga region, the Urals, Western Siberia, Ukraine and Belorussia, the strike was one of the most significant of the 1930s, winning reforms nationally as a result of the threat it posed to the Soviet authority.

The Hungarian Revolution: 1956

This is an anonymous account of the events of the near revolution of 1956, containing interesting information from interviews with participants.

Details are included from Columbia University Research Project interviews with participants which are a nice complement to the information in our other Hungary '56 articles.

[11,000 words]

For a short history, we recommend our article The Hungarian Uprising, 1956 on libcom.org/history.

The Zanj slaves rebellion, AD 869-883

A history of the Zanj slave rebellion - East African slaves in Mesopotamia during the 9th century. These events took place around Basra, in modern day Iraq.

Zapping the Zanj: Towards a History of the Zanj Slaves' Rebellion
Revised on: 16 October 2002. This is an ongoing investigation. Credible sources regarding the Zanj are hard to come by. Melancholic Troglodytes would appreciate any assistance from readers.

"Ulach smah" ("No forgiveness") - the Algeria insurrection, 2001

A leaflet distributed in France about the Algerian struggles of 2001. Originating in the Kabylie region, east of Algiers - home to some 5 million Berbers - the revolt spread across the country. Over 120 people are reported to have died in clashes which continued for much of 2001.

From the http://www.endangeredphoenix.com/ website

Translated by: B.M.Combustion; (translating this doesn’t imply agreement with the illusions in the article about democratic rights)

Algeria 2001

The following text was translated in July 2001:

Oaxaca: Federal Police Retreat

After seven hours of pitched battle, Popular Assembly (APPO) activists and supporters beat back the police from the Benito Juarez Autonomous University.

Radio Universidad, 1400 am, remains a strong voice at 1:30 pm, but how much longer it will continue is unclear. As the only station still broadcasting for the Popular Assembly movement of Oaxaca, it is a critically important link as well as a source of the most current information on the struggle.