urban planning

The Social Ideology of the Motorcar - André Gorz

Piece by André Gorz critiquing the "radical dependency" created by automobiles as a primary means of transportation under capitalism, as well as other harmful effects of cars.

Anarchy #097:Architects and People

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in March 1969. Features articles on urban planning, housing and architecture.

Fire and Ice: Space Wars in Zurich

Midnight Notes interview with a member of the Zurich anti-work movement.

Anarchy #044

Issue of Anarchy magazine from October 1964, the articles in this issue are mostly about transportation and urban planning.

Direct Action and the Urban Environment

ROBERT SW ANN lives in New England, where he and his wife are regional co-ordinators of CNVA and have been involved in the Polaris Action project from the beginning. (His article was written while he was spending three months in a Federal jail. He is a builder who learned his trade building houses for Frank Lloyd Wright.)

Planning for Man and Motor IN NOTTINGHAM

PAUL RITTER was born in 1925 and now lives in Nottingham where he practices as a planning consultant and lectures at the School of Architecture. He and his wife Jean wrote The Free Family, and his children wrote Everybody Silly Sometimes. He organised the“Child’s eye View” exhibition and the much-travelled “Man and Motor” exhibition. His newly published book Man and Motor is an essential companion volume to the Buchanan report.