Political Situation in Venezuela: Crisis, Trends, and the Challenge of Class Independence

Chavez speaks to workers at the Central Hidroeléctrica de Tocoma.

An examination of Venezuela’s process of social transformation, popular struggles and resulting contradictions under Chavismo, PSUV and now Maduro.

The 'Madurization' of Chavismo: anarchist statement on Venezuela

Statement from the Anarchist Federation of Central America and the Caribbean on the ongoing crisis in Venezuela, its origins, and the need to resist both the Bolivarian government and its right-wing opposition.

Elena Quinteros, 1945-1976

Elena Quinteros

A short biography of Uruguayan anarchist teacher Elena Quinteros, who was disappeared by the US-backed military dictatorship, written by Edgar Rodrigues.

Venezuela: The dead-end of the "Bolivarian Road to Socialism"

There was no revolution in Venezuela. Being against neo-liberalism is not the same as opposing capitalism but only one form of it. However, it does feed into the social democratic narrative of Corbynism. Today, in the middle of an election campaign, the assertion that “Venezuela is socialist” is happily repeated by right wing papers and politicians to gloat over the social disaster which Venezuela has become.

Venezuela: Capitalism and Class Struggle

The three following statements were published between 2013 and 2015 by different comrades. Although two years have passed since then, we are convinced that their content is not without relevance, and on the contrary, the balance that they carry out quite corresponds to what is happening in the region of the Caribbean Sea.

At the Turning Point: An Open Letter to my Chavista Friends

More than two months of protests continue in Venezuela

The principle of enantiadromia says that culminating processes revert into their opposite like a yin-yang. This is a force that's certainly at work in Venezuela today as the Bolivarian Revolution, which promised deepening democracy becomes a dictatorship.

Venezuela : Capitalisme et Lutte de Classes

Les trois prises de position qui suivent ont été publiées entre 2013 et 2015 par divers camarades de lutte. Bien que deux années se soient écoulées depuis, nous sommes convaincus de ce que leur contenu ne manque pas d’actualité, et tout au contraire, le bilan qui y est fait correspond assez à ce qui se passe dernièrement dans la région des Caraïbes.

Venezuela: Capitalismo y Lucha de Clases

Los tres posicionamientos que aparecen a continuación, fueron publicados desde el año 2013 al 2015 por parte de diversos compañeros de lucha. Pese a que han transcurrido dos años desde entonces, estamos convencidos de que su contenido no carece de actualidad, y por el contrario, el balance que realizan corresponde bastante a lo que últimamente acontece en aquellas tierras del mar Caribe.

A call from Venezuela to the anarchists of Latin America and the world: solidarity is much more than a written word

El Libertario call on all "real anarchists" to wake-up about the situation in Venezuela. Events in Venezuela are genuine expressions of working-class frustration, against a corrupt and dysfunctional state-capitalism, no longer able to sustain itself given the sharp fall in global oil prices.

Saint Chavez - Léon de Mattis

'Saint Chavez', translated from the website of Léon de Mattis. Published vendredi 10 mai 2013, 05:42.