Visteon occupation

Belfast Visteon workers to vote on new redundancy deal

Visteon car workers in west Belfast are to vote today on whether to accept a deal and end a bitter dispute over the collapse of the factory.

The Unite union said it had agreed improved redundancy terms with the company. The deal includes enhanced payments for redundancy, as well as compensation in lieu of notice and holiday pay.

Picket of Visteon administrators KPMG - this Friday Mayday

There will be a picket of KPMG UK headquarters - the Visteon administrators overseeing the withholding of workers' pensions and redundancies - this Friday from 3pm-5pm. Please try and make it if you can and let other people know too. It is going to be at that time so people can go from the Mayday march (1pm from Clerkenwell Green to Trafalgar Sq.) to it afterwards, as it is quite nearby.

The KPMG address is:
8 Salisbury Square

Nearest station; Blackfriars

Swansea union convenor sacked for supporting Ford/Visteon workers

A union convenor at the Linamar Plant in Swansea, formerly owned by Ford Visteon has locked himself in his office after being sacked.

Rob William, a Unite union convenor and vice-chair of National Shop Stewards Network, has been sacked at the Swansea Linamar plant today for supporting the sacked Ford/Visteon workers in Belfast, Basildon and Enfield. The convenor has locked himself in his office at the plant and is refusing to leave.

Model trade union motion in support of Visteon occupation

Model trade union motion for supporters of the Visteon occupation to take to branch meetings.

Leaflet of Visteon National Day of Action 25th April 2009

Visteon occupation

Leaflet of upcoming National Day of Action to support sacked Visteon workers

also here as a Word doc for printing
Visteon Day of Action 25th April leaflet here

Support the
Ford Visteon Workers
Come to the factory anytime!
Following our 8-day occupation, now join our picket outside

Morson Road EN3 4NQ

Hundreds rally in support of Belfast Visteon workers

Belfast rally

Hundreds marched to a rally at Belfast City Hall in solidarity with the workers occupying the Visteon factory in west Belfast.

On Friday, members of Organise!, the WSM, trade unions and several hundred others marched from Transport House in central Belfast, to City Hall to attend a rally in support of the sacked Visteon workers at their Finaghy plant in west Belfast.

Support Ford Visteon workers – visit Visteon Enfield

And information and advice sheet about visiting and how to support the picket of Enfield Ford Visteon workers.

Visteon workers in Enfield are picketing their factory around the clock to prevent the removal of machinery from the plant. They need support – donations, messages, solidarity actions, and your physical presence on occasions!

Visteon workers reject "insulting" offer

Sacked workers of car parts firm Visteon taking part in pickets and occupations against job cuts have rejected an "insulting" cash offer from bosses.

The workers have vowed to fight on until they get their contractual entitlements. Supporters are urged to donate to help the ex-employees continue their struggle, visit the occupied Belfast plant and assist with picketing the Enfield plant, which had its blockades strengthened following the announcement.

Video of Visteon workers eviction in Enfield

Visteon workers in Enfield, having been threatened with mass arrest by a court order, agree to leave peacefully under the recommendation of the union on April 9, 2009. Some workers feel that ending the occupation is a mistake, despite an agreement by the Visteon management to enter into negotiations.

Support the Ford Visteon Workers Struggle

Visteon workers have issued this leaflet to encourage supporters to join their 24hr picket of the factory.

Come to the factory anytime!
Following our 8-day occupation, now join our picket outside

Morson Road EN3 4NQ
near Ponders End train station, Enfield

The plant is 5min walk, cross the foot-bridge, walk down main road towards Central London, the next street to the left is Morson Road, the factory situated at the end