Visteon occupation

Video interviews with Visteon occupiers in Enfield

Interviews conducted by Jesse Oldershaw with sacked Visteon workers occupying their Enfield plant 4 April 2009.

Appeal for support for the Visteon occupation video

Appeal for support delivered by Kevin Nolan, Unite convenor of the Enfield site.

Support the Ford Visteon workers' occupation - leaflet

Leaflet of workers occupying the Ford Visteon factory in Enfield, north London. A ready-to-print copy is attached at the bottom.

Audio interview with Visteon occupier

Audio interview with Unite convenor at the occupied Visteon plant in Belfast, John McGuire.

Visteon occupation photo gallery, Enfield, 2009

Rally in support of Visteon occupation, 4th April 2009.

Photo gallery of the occupation of a Visteon car parts factory in Enfield, north London, after 200 workers were sacked without redundancy pay.

Car factory occupations spread across the UK

Sacked workers from the car parts firm Visteon have been occupying three factories across the UK since Wednesday.