Initial notes on the first-ever strike at Volkswagen Bratislava, Slovakia

On June 20th, 2017, a strike began at the Volkswagen factory near Bratislava, Slovakia. This is the largest and most modern car factory in a country whose annual production of cars per capita is the highest in the world. There had never been a strike at Volkswagen Bratislava before.

Update on the car industry, 2005

Short update on strike of lorry drivers which stopped production at FIAT plant in Melfi/Italy, a strike note from VW in Navarra/Spain and news on ‘revolutionary’ production relations between assembly plant and suppliers at DC in Toledo/USA.

The end of the automobile

An analysis focusing on Germany of developments in the global car industry between its inception and the financial crisis of 2008-9.

Wave of strikes and agreements in Brazilian car industry

Workers at major car industry plants in Brazil went on strike during September in support of their demands for improved pay.

Brazil: Autoworkers vote to continue strike

9,000 workers striking at car plants in the south of the country have voted to extend their strike.

Leaflet: Gaining as much as possible from Škoda´s profit!

The leaflet spread in Skoda/Volkswagen factories in three towns in February 2007 by KPK.

VW workers approve longer hours despite wildcat strikes


Workers at Volkswagen AG's Belgian plant on Tuesday approved a restructuring plan to work longer hours without extra pay in order to keep their jobs.

Brussels: Volkswagen strike enters third week

Workers at the Volkswagen plant in Brussels are on strike for a third week after the company announced upto 4,000 job losses there.

4,000 Job losses at VW plant in Forest

Forest VW plant

The VW factory in Forest, near Brussels, is facing 4,000 job losses after the company decided to transfer the assembly line to German plants.

First strike for thirteen years at Skoda, Czech Republic, 2005