Wage Slave X

Interventions by the KAPD at the 3rd Congress of the Communist International, 1921

Interventions by delegates of the left communist KAPD (Communist Workers Party of Germany) at the Congress of the Third International.

What is Council Communism?

Wage Slave X outlines the history and theory of Council communism.

Notes on Capitalist Globalization

Wage Slave X on capitalist globalisation.

Notes on the Real Domination of Capital and State Capitalism

Wage slave X. on capitalism and state capitalism.

Capitalism, technology and the environment

A (non-orthodox) Marxist critique of technology under capitalism as inherently antagonistic towards the environment as well as labor.

Lessons Of the Black Sunday Sellout - Wage Slave X

Article by Wage Slave X, examining the lessons that can be drawn by the unions sellout on "Black Monday" in 2004.

Unions Narrowly Avert General Strike In B.C., Canada - Wage Slave X

Article looking at the near-General Strike in 2004 in Canada. The strike was stopped at the last minute by the unions.