Agrarian class structure and economic development in pre-industrial Europe - Robert Brenner

Robert Kett, yeoman farmer who sided with the peasantry against enclosures

Robert Brenner's influential essay on the origins of capitalism, arguing that the balance of class forces in the countryside was crucial to the rise and dominance of capitalist wage labour relations.

Don’t you f*****g threaten me Francis Maude

I am getting a bit sick of Francis Maude continually making not so 'thinly veiled' threats against the working class.

A marriage made in the gutter

Rumours of Tommy Robinson leaving the EDL for the British Freedom Party have been premature. In a meeting this evening Robinson officially 'endorsed' the BFP. The details of what this means are not yet clear, but it appears to point to a merger between the two groups. One will be the political arm, whilst the other will be the 'street' organisation.

Where has all my money gone you vile insidious woman?

The great privatisation swindle has meant that we are indirectly paying twice for some services. Successive governments has trousered trillions from the legalised thievery that was made popular by 'that woman'. Where has my money gone, and can I have it back please?

Spanish anarchists in the Welsh valleys

Abercrave Miners' banner

A short account of the Spanish miners in South Wales and their relationship - sometimes positive, sometimes strained - with the local mining population.

Dole bondage? Up yours! An account of Wales against the JSA

Originally a pamphlet written by a comrade who resigned from Wales Against the JSA. It chronicles the rise of the left in WAJSA and the consequent decline of that campaign. From Subversion #22 (1997)

Letters of Emma Goldman and James Colton

Husband of Emma Goldman

Letters 1 – 4 and 6, by Emma Goldman. Letter 5, by Jim Colton.

Emma Goldman – The Queen of Anarchy: The Carmarthenshire Connection

Marriage certificate of Emma Goldman and James Colton

In June 1925 Emma Goldman married a coal miner from Carmarthenshire called James Colton in order to obtain British citizenship .

Syndicalism in south Wales: The origins of The Miners’ Next Step

Members of the South Wales Miners Federation

This article was written in 1987 to mark the 75th anniversary of the publication of The Miners’ Next Step.

Armed But Not In The Old Way

Tonypandy after the riot

Arguments for Welsh Syndicalism - Past and Future. an introduction from 1999