The tortured dilemma - Haim Bresheeth

Dov Yermiya, Israeli war veteran and author of 'My War Diary'.

Review of two books summing up left-wing zionism's approach to Israeli war.

War of the rentier states - Eqbal Ahmad

Iranian soldiers.

Eqbal Ahmad sums up the discussion on the Iran-Iraq war.

International dimension of the war - R. Keivan

An Iranian soldier wearing a gas mask during the Iran-Iraq War.

Text of a talk on the international dimensions of the Iran-Iraq war and particularly the posture that the West and the United States took towards it

The war and the Islamic state apparatus in Iran - Ali Ashtiani

Article outlining the connection between the Iran-Iraq war and the internal tensions within Iran's Islamic state machine.

Oil, arms and the Gulf War - Joe Stork

Iranian oil refineries destroyed by Iraqi attacks, 1980.

Joe Stork examines the Iran-Iraq war from the viewpoint of its main material aspects - oil and arms.

The Gulf War as extinction of politics - Muhammad Ja'far

Text from a talk by Muhammad Ja'far about the Iran-Iraq war, which he calls "the Third World's first truly indigenous great war" and lasted from 1980 to 1988.

Beirut, Frontline Story - Daniel Machover (book review)

Critical book review by Daniel Machover of Selim Nassib and Caroline Tisdall's Beirut, Frontline Story.

Israel in Lebanon - Daniel Machover (book review)

Seán MacBride, 1984.

Book review by Daniel Machover of Seán MacBride et al.'s Israel in Lebanon.

Letter from the West Bank on the war in Lebanon - 'Adil Samara

After the massacres of Palestinians in Sabra and Shatila, 1982.

An independent leftist viewpoint on Israel's intervention in Lebanon and the consequences it poses the PLO.

The Lebanese communities and their little wars - Magida Salman

A Shiite Muslim militiaman fires in skirmishes with Druse in Beirut, 1987.

Analysis by Lebanese activist Magida Salman on the political psychology of the different warring sects within Lebanon, and how, even before the Israeli invasion, the country's body politic had disintegrated massively, with distinctions between left and right being drowned in the blood of sectarian killings.