Wayne Price

The value of radical theory: An anarchist introduction to Marx's critique of political economy - Wayne Price

The Value of Radical Theory achieves two main goals. It explains Marxs economic theory, providing readers with a solid foundation in his critique of capitalism. Prices political insights also offer a framework through which anarchists can understand and use Marx, while remaining anarchists.

The result is an insightful primer that sidesteps the typical anarchist vs. Marxist debates. Price presents Marxs theory as an as-yet-unsurpassed explanation of contemporary capitalism, one that will aid in the task of overcoming the market and ushering in an era of collective, participatory control of the economy, inspired by anarchist political and ethical traditions.

Review of Debt: The First 5,000 Years by David Graeber

Wayne Price reviews David Graeber's book on the history of debt.

In “An Anarchist FAQ,” Iain McKay writes, “…anarchists have, traditionally, been weak on…economics (which is ironic, as Proudhon made his name by his economic critiques)” (2008; p. 13). This is why David Graeber, the anarchist anthropologist, deserves praise for writing a major work on political economy.

Left Communism: an anarchist perspective

Wayne Price compares his conception of anarchism with tendencies in left communism. We do not necessarily agree with this article, but reproduce for reference and discussion.

Anarchists are often interested in a minority trend in Marxism (or set of trends) which was neither social-democratic (reformist) nor Marxist-Leninist. These views have been called “libertarian Marxist,” “autonomist Marxist,” “ultra-leftist,” “libertarian communist,” and “left communist.” Lenin wrote a famous pamphlet against these views, “Left-wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder.”

Book review: A New World In Our Hearts: Love & Rage

A review of a short book containing a collection of writings from the Love & Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation.

A New World in Our Hearts:
Eight Years of Writings from the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation

- edited by Roy San Filippo (AK Press, 2003); 139pp. $11.95

Marx’s economics for anarchists: an anarchist’s introduction to Marx’s critique of political economy

Wayne Price's pamphlet on Marxism from an anarchist perspective.

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The Labour Theory of Value
Chapter 3: Cycles, Recessions, and the Falling Rate of Profit
Chapter 4: Primitive Accumulation at the Origins of Capitalism
Chapter 5: The Epoch of Capitalist Decline
Chapter 6: The Post-War Boom and Fictitious Capital
Chapter 7: State Capitalism
Chapter 8: Socialism or Barbarism?

Malcolm X and Anarchism

An article by Wayne Price for Black History Month 2010 on the relevance of Malcolm X's life and philosophy to anarchism.

“There will Ultimately be a Clash between the Oppressed and Those Who do the Oppressing”

Libertarian Marxism's Relation to Anarchism - Wayne Price

The current world-wide revival of anarchism is premised on the decline of Marxism. Yet there remains a strand of Marxism (libertarian or autonomist Marxism) to which anarchists often feel close and whose followers often express a closeness to anarchism.

Its libertarian-democratic, humanist, and anti-statist qualities permit anarchists to use valuable aspects of Marxism (such as the economic analysis or the theory of class struggle). Yet it still contains the main weaknesses of Marxism. And in certain ways it has the same weaknesses of much of anarchism, rather than being an alternative.

Nine Years of the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation, 1989-1998 - Wayne Price

NEFAC's Wayne Price's interesting account and analysis of the development and decline of the North American continental anarchist federation the Love and Rage Revolutionary Anarchist Federation.