Mehalev: workfare in Israel, 2007

Prol-Position on the two-year trial of the Mehalev welfare reform scheme, and resistance to it in Israel.

State control and proletarian reproduction in the UK - Wildcat

Control has always been part of the function of the welfare state. After the second world war in particular, it was not only a matter of keeping dissatisfied and rebellious workers quiet through concessions, but also of integrating them into the state and better controlling them through a centralised organisation of their reproduction; thus the state gained a clearer view of the living conditions of workers and was able to regulate certain aspects more pointedly. The impoverishment of the population after the war posed another threat as it endangered the workers' ability to work!

Reflections on work, legal aid and the welfare state

A legal aid worker's analysis of legal aid, and its role in preserving social peace in capitalist society.

Benefits could be suspended for jobless

Jobless people should "spend nine to five" looking for work or doing community service, or face losing their benefits according to a new government-commissioned report.

Workfare comes to Britain

The Green Paper, No-One is Written Off: Reforming Welfare to Reward Responsibility was published in July. Its aim is to ensure everyone has to “fulfil their responsibilities to prepare for, look for, and take up work.”

Introduction to debate on the new 'under classes' - Wildcat Germany

Workers protest against welfare reform

Having a historical look at labour migration and welfare policies in Germany, Wildcat criticises the current attempt of those in power in Germany to create an image of the dangerous under-classes as opposed to the class of decent working people.

Update on Hartz IV/welfare reform, 2005

Protests against welfare-reform in Germany, 2004

Dealing with accusations of benefit fraud guide

Never let them scare you into signing or admitting to anything

Some tips and advice for any claimants who are facing accusations of benefit fraud.