Introduction to debate on the new 'under classes' - Wildcat Germany

Workers protest against welfare reform

Having a historical look at labour migration and welfare policies in Germany, Wildcat criticises the current attempt of those in power in Germany to create an image of the dangerous under-classes as opposed to the class of decent working people.

Update on Hartz IV/welfare reform, 2005

Protests against welfare-reform in Germany, 2004

Dealing with accusations of benefit fraud guide

Never let them scare you into signing or admitting to anything

Some tips and advice for any claimants who are facing accusations of benefit fraud.

1932: Belfast Outdoor Relief Strike

Strikers prepare to meet the police

The Falls and the Shankhill united, Catholics and Protestants fighting together. That is the story of the Outdoor Relief Strike launched by the unemployed of Belfast in 1932.

Ontario housing tribunal occupied

Early on Friday, members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, and many people facing cuts to their welfare and ODSP cheques due to the slashed "Special Diet Allowance" occupied and shut down the Ontario Rental Housing Tribunal at 47 Sheppard Ave. E. in Toronto.

Mining communities, unemployment and incapacity benefits

As the government prepares to slash incapacity benefits, Rob Ray looks at a report brought out last year which is amongst the starkest examples of how incapacity has been used in recent years to hide much of the country's unemployment problems.

Labour's cruellest cut - Incapacity benefits in detail

Iain Mackay explores the government's proposals to cut benefits for the disabled - claimed by nearly 3 million - and discovers damned lies in the statistics.

From state provision to charity sector - the friendly face of privatisation

From the Bulgarian education system to the Bolivian water supply, capitalists love nothing more than turning an area of life previously financed by universal taxation into a source of profit.

Incapacity benefit cuts

New Labour cut back on benefits to the disabled.