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The long shelf life of democratic and Stalinist mythology

Robert Capa - Death of a loyalist soldier

Review; The Real Band of Brothers - first-hand accounts from the last British survivors of the Spanish Civil War; Max Arthur - Collins, UK, 2009.

Though Max Arthur is listed as the book's author, the real authors are the eight veterans whose accounts of their experiences as International Brigaders make up most of the book. (The book's subtitle is also inaccurate, as two of the accounts are from Dublin volunteers.) Arthur conducted and edited the interviews and supplies four pages of Preface and a 'Timeline of the Spanish Civil War'.

The Good and Bad Old Days - The Whinger

The following notes look at various developments in employment, unemployment, and industrial struggles, mainly in the UK, through the period of the sixties, and up to the mid-seventies.

These notes are not revolutionary, they don't even claim to be radical,... I_just nicked them and adapted them from an old seventies cyclopedia I found in a charity shop!. But they do tell a story, and they illustrate a big process of change at a critical turning point.

From; The Whinger - Irregular journal of hysterical madterialism; No. 6, Oct 2007.

Housing Benefit

A short article from 'the Whinger' p. petard on proposed Housing Benefit reform.

Housing Benefit

Five Pounds and Five Pennies

A short article from 'the Whinger' P. Petard on the minimum wage.

Five pounds and five pennies