Wildcat (UK)

Wildcat UK #10 1987

10th issue of Wildcat with articles on the Iran/Iraq war, miners strike, democracy, the Labour Party and class struggle for lesbian and gay people.

Taken from Splits and Fusions archive.

Wildcat UK #17 Spring 1994

Issue 17 of Wildcat (UK). We do not agree with all of its contents (for example the views on journalists in the article on Somalia and the anti-civilisation positions) but present it for reference.

Shorts: MI5 / Yugoslavia / Max Anger's song

Three short articles from Wildcat (UK) #16.

Letters: Wildcat UK #16

Letters from issue 16 of Wildcat (UK).

From The Gulf War To The Class War

Wildcat on the LA Riots, British judicial scandals and support for prisoners (including, controversially Albert Dryden who shot dead a local council employee).

We do not agree with all of this article but reproduce it for reference.

Earth First! - Which Planet Are They On?

A critical article by Wildcat (UK) on Earth First!

Hands Off Columbus!

A parody article by Wildcat (UK), satirising a mechanical Marxist materialist conception of history.

Bomber Harris Joins Anti-Fascist Action

Wildcat (UK) article on the limitations of anti-fascism. Whilst this is generally a good piece the comment about anti-fascists having "internalized the democratic/Zionist guilt trip" is especially concerning given the later trajectory of Wildcat in the 2000s.

Wildcat UK #16

16th issue of Wildcat.

Intercom: The Ultra-Left Review

Publication produced by members of a range of UK ultra-left/libertarian communist groups in the early 1980s, including Wildcat, Careless Talk, Workers Playtime, Black Star and Glasgow Anarchists.

Intercom was preceded by the New Ultra-Left Review.