Bleeding Wisconsin - S. Artesian

S Artesian on the Wisconsin protests and the governor's attack on workers.

1. In 1854, the US Congress passed the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The act, advertised as a compromise, was in fact a capitulation. The law proclaimed not equality, but the power of slave labor over free labor, and the power of slaveholders over the old order of the republic.

From Cairo to Madison, The Old Mole Comes Up For An Early Spring - Loren Goldner

Loren Goldner examines the Wisconsin protests against the background of the capitalist assault against workers since the 1970s.

(Editor’s Note: The following article generated sharp debate in the IN editorial board because of its discussion of the race/class dynamic in the Wisconsin movement. We welcome responses from readers on this and any other controversial points.)

Brief report from a brief visit to Madison - Loren Goldner

A piece by Loren Goldner about his trip to Madison, Wisconsin to join the protests around collective bargaining law.

Loren Goldner
March 16, 2011

Wisconsin IWW international solidarity letter

Appeal for solidarity from the Madison, Wisconsin Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) branch.

Fellow Workers – Students – Supporters

International Capital is confronting International Labor on the world stage. Our neighbors in Egypt, Libya, and Tunisia have recently shown the world how to bring governments and rulers to their knees. As the struggle unfolds, we are learning from each other minute-to-minute.

Despotic rule and repression take many forms

On the Occupation at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Warts & All

Text examining significant problems and contradictions of university occupations. With occupations, of universities and other places, spreading as the global movements hot up with the coming of spring, it will become increasingly necessary to reflect on and supercede the weaknesses and limitations of such movements.

Warts and All: On the occupation at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

The occupation is a feast at which we may satisfy our hunger for beautiful and intense moments.
- Graffiti from the occupied UWM theatre building

CNT Solidarity With Madison

Statement of solidarity with Wisconsin workers from the CNT-AIT, a Spanish anarcho-syndicalist union.

The National Committee of Confederación Nacional de Trabajo CNT, Spain would like to take this opportunity to greet the American workers who have taken a stand against aggressions to their rights as laborers and especially to their right to organize.

WSA statement of solidarity with Wisconsin Workers

Solidarity statement from the North American based Workers Solidarity Alliance.

WSA extends solidarity and our most sincere wishes for victory to the workers of Wisconsin in their current fight. And to all public sector workers now struggling against attacks on their pensions and their rights.

Looking Toward Wisconsin: An Interview With A Participant From Milwaukee

What follows is an interview with a comrade from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on the recent events in the state's Capitol, Madison, over a few hours away. For more information on what is happening in Wisconsin, check out the Burnt Bookmobile blog. Class war, don't cha know? Let's get to it.

MA: What is the situation in Madison right now?

Kill the Bill: The Power of a General Strike

Pamphlet produced by the Madison IWW advocating a general strike to fight the Governor of Wisconsin's proposed bill that would end collective bargaining rights to public sector workers.

What Do We Face?

Wisconsin – Next Stop, the General Strike!

John E Jacobson gives a summary of the movement against Gov Walker's attack on pay, conditions and collective bargaining for state workers in Wisconsin and argues support for a general strike.

“This has been a life experience we will never forget. I feel like all of these people are family.”

Union Supporter and protester, Neporsha Hamlin, of Madison, WI.