The Soviet wage system

Soviet rouble in 1961

Information about wage differentials in the supposedly "socialist" Soviet Union in the 1930s.

Work is Bollocks

Why the working-class should control how work is done.

Work is a crime - Herman J. Schuurman

Text by Herman Schuurman, 'Werken is misdaad', published in 1924 by the Dutch group 'De Moker', when Schuurman was a young anarchist participant in that group. This text is remarkable for its time; it expresses disgust towards work without laying claim to leisure time. It is against schooling, long strikes, against the transition period [for communism] and advocates stealing and sabotage.

Free time and the pressures of employability

Emmett from the Lego movie, in his leisure time

How does work structure our so-called “free-time”, even outside the office? And how can we break free of those bonds? In this extract from The Refusal of Work David Frayne talks about the philosophical basis behind anti-work politics

Let’s not abolish sex work. Let’s abolish all work - Laurie Penny

Sex workers demonstrate in India, 2012

To describe sex work as “a job like any other job” is only a positive reframing if you consider a “job” to be a good thing by definition.

Pushing Dust: Work Report from Greenford Street Cleansing Gangs

We look at the company structure, the work-mates, the re-structuring and how the trade union engages with it.

Shift work disorder and the normalisation of exhaustion

Pharmaceutical capitalism brings us a new stimulant, and an increasingly mechanized body.

Messing with the drivers! Situation at Wincanton/Sainsbury's Transport Office in Greenford, West London

Report about working in the transport office of a Sainsbury's distribution centre and general information about conditions and struggles of truck drivers in the UK and Europe.

Lines of Work: Stories of Jobs and Resistance (review)

By Scott Nikolas Nappalos, ed. (Alberta, Canada: Black Cat Press, 2013). Review by Jared Davidson, first published in LHP Bulletin 64.