Werqin’ 9 to 5: cursory notes on antiwork politics from Dolly Parton to Shangela Laquifa - Spitzenprodukte

Spitzenprodukte considers autonomist anti-work politics through the lenses of songs by Dolly Parton, Le Tigre and Shangela Laquifa.

Technology vs. civilization - Bertrand Louart

An essay in which the author claims that “technology is the most highly perfected Materialized Ideology”; “it was not by chance that the Stalinists supported the French nuclear power program that required, for its security and operation, a powerful and centralized power, the political form of power that they have always admired”.

Life within and against work: affective labor, feminist critique, and post-Fordist politics - Kathi Weeks

Kathi Weeks examines immaterial and affective labour from a feminist perspective, drawing on the work of both Arlie Hochschild and C.W. Mills.

Work and non-work - Owen Hatherley

Chungking Express

A short history of the refusal of work as a revolutionary strategy.

Imagining non-work - Kathi Weeks

Imagining non-work - Kathi Weeks

Kathi Weeks discusses how even our concepts of leisure are defined in relation to work, and how we might escape work's domination of life.

How to be idle - Tom Hodgkinson

Sleep in, drink in the day and have sex at 1 in the morning, How to be Idle argues that we reject work ethic for a life of leisure.

Negative solidarity and post-Fordist plasticity

Short piece on the hostility towards strikes and possibilities of a response away from traditional trade unions.

Work: reading guide's guide to reading around the subject of work and wage labour in capitalist society, and struggles against them.

Work: an introduction's brief introduction to work, what we think is wrong with it and what we, as workers, can do about it.

The abolition of work - Bob Black

Bob Black argues for the abolition of forced labour and instead its replacement by playful forms of production and activity. We have disagreements with this author, which we go into in our footnotes, but think the text makes important points.