workers control

Anarchy #086:Fishermen & Workers Control

Issue of Anarchy magazine published in April 1968. This issue publishes an essay on the Hull fishing fleet, by Peter Howden.

Rick Turner, Participatory Democracy and Workers’ Control

This article considers the contribution of radical South African philosopher Rick Turner to theories of ‘workers’ control’. Turner’s philosophical work, especially his book, The Eye of the Needle (1972), posited the workplace as a fundamental site of ‘participatory democracy’ and a space for the potential radical transformation of South African society. The confluence of Turner’s ideas about workers’ control, the students’ activism, and the collective action of the black working class gave South Africa’s labour movement a radically democratic, shop-floor orientation that deserves a revival in the new South Africa.

The Working Class Holds the Key to a New World

Such a world will be organised according to the original motto of Karl Marx “from each according to their ability; to each according to their need.” This has nothing to do with the nightmare of state capitalism that emerged in the USSR.

Ours to master and to own: workers' control from the commune to the present

Workers control demonstration in Argentina

A detailed account and analysis of instances of the working class taking control of production from the late 19th century onwards, by Dario Azzellini and Immanuel Ness.

St Mary's Hospital (Harrow Road) work-in and occupation 1981

St Mary's Hospital occupation

Contemporary information about workers at a London hospital taking over their workplace in protest at bed cuts and closure.

Galeria: Rady Delegatów Robotniczych w Polsce


Rady Delegatów Robotniczych zaczęły powstawać w Polsce w 1918 r. Niektóre zostały szybko zneutralizowane przez nurty reformistyczne, inne utworzyły swoją własną milicję, Czerwoną Gwardię i otwarcie kwestionowały tworzące się państwo polskie. W ich strukturach działały przeróżne radykalne nurty polityczne, walczące o wpływy między sobą. Wśród nich była Socjaldemokracja Królestwa Polskiego i Litwy (SDKPiL), Polska Partia Socjalistyczna (PPS), PPS-Lewica, Komunistyczna Partia Robotnicza Polski (KPRP), czy Bund. Poniższa galeria to zbiór ulotek, odezw i zdjęć z tego okresu.

Interactive map of the 1905 revolution


A map of the 1905-07 revolution – a precursor to the 1917 revolutions, which gave the world the workers’ councils, a staple of many revolutionary upheavals ever since. Work in progress.

Interactive map of workers’ councils (1917-1927)


The 1917 revolution in Russia, and the comeback of workers’ councils, signalled the start of a revolutionary wave that spread across the world over the next ten years. The map below is an attempt at charting the spread of the council movement in the 1917-1927 period. Work in progress!

Occupational hazards

The South London Women's Hospital occupation

A compilation of writings put together by Past Tense on hospital occupations and work-ins in the UK from the 1970s to the 1990s.

The Republic of Labin, 1921

Mineworkers in the Republic of Labin

A short history of a short-lived uprising of coal miners in Croatia following an attack by Italian fascists, by Steven Johns.