works councils

The heyday of corruption and the end of corporatism - Robert Kurz

A short article by Robert Kurz on corporate corruption in the context of the decline of “corporatism”, with particular reference to Germany and the trade unions, the Works Committees and the Siemens scandal.

What is anarcho-syndicalism?: libertarian reformism, vanguardism or revolutionary unionism?

A 1997 article from Black Flag, critical of (then) recent events in the International Workers Association.

Introducing the CNT-f

In France, as a result of 1993 split, there are 2 unions who use the CNT name. The CNT-AIT and the CNT-F. This is the CNT-F's intro to their organization. We do not agree with its perspective but reproduce it for reference.

Why do anarcho syndicalists oppose professional elections?

Explanation by CNT-AIT (France) of why they oppose participation in works councils.

Out of the frying pan - a critical look at works councils

Works Councils, far from empowering people, act as a tool by which management can control and pacify people at work. The truth behind Works Councils is exposed here through the views of workers in France, who have witnessed their failure at first hand. The message is clear; there is nothing to be gained and much to lose from the introduction of a Works Council system in Britain.

Out of the Frying Pan is a critical analysis of Works Councils and a look ahead at a real future for organising and fighting back in your workplace.