Marut, Ret: The Early B. Traven - James Goldwasser

A 1990s article surveying the then recently-acquired Ret Marut archive, now residing with the University of California. The documents confirm certain known facts of Marut's life and times, prior to his (now generally accepted) transformation into the reclusive anarchist novelist B. Traven. The collection also provides some further fuel for speculation on the life and identity of the enigma that remains B. Traven.

Jay Leno - scab

Unfunny talk-show host Jay Leno scabbed on the WGA writers strike of 2007-8.

Franz Kafka and libertarian socialism

Michael Löwy explores the links between the seminal writer and the anarchist/libertarian socialist movement.

Art - reading guide

libcom.org's guide to further reading around the subject of art, film, music and literature.

Federn, Marietta aka Etta 1883- 1951

Etta Federn

A short biography of Etta Federn, Austrian litterateur, anarchist and educationalist.

Finster, Ramon, 1944-1996

Ramon Finster

A founding member of the French ORA, anarchist militant, artist, writer, animator of cultural and artistic events.

USA: Striking writers threaten disruption at Golden Globes

Striking members of the Writers Guild of America plan to picket the Golden Globes awards ceremony scheduled for January 13, the guild announced Wednesday.

Camus, Albert and the anarchists

Albert Camus

Organise! magazine looks at the life and work of the great thinker and writer, Albert Camus, and his close relationship with the French and Spanish anarchist movements.

Ba Jin obituary, 1904-2005

Obituary in the Guardian of Chinese author and anarchist Ba Jin, on Tuesday October 18, 2005 by John Gittings

Traven, B. – An Anti-Biography

The faces of Traven(?); Feige, Marut, Torsvan, Croves/Traven...

A short biography of the writer and anarchist, B Traven, also known as Feige, Ret Marut, Torsvan, Croves...