No Future: the sinking of a country into oblivion

Wake up, rise up

Many of you might evoke riots and clashes with the police if one were to utter the word Argentina, as well as recuperated factories ran by workers, popular assemblies, demonstrations, and alternatives against the banking system and politicians.

That’s nice and well.

The untapped revolutionary potential of wayward youth and juvenile delinquents

A piece written shortly before the London riots, made far more relevant by them, and now with a small post-riot introduction.

2011 London Riots Introduction

Waiting for the barbarians - Jaime Semprun

In this essay written after the LA Riots of 1992, Jaime Semprun expresses a pessimistic view of the new "barbarians", the uncivilized youth who according to him have been economically marginalized by capitalism but also socially integrated by the spectacle of power and violence, and compares their social dislocation and nihilism with Hannah Arendt's characterization of the preconditions for the mass psychology of totalitarianism ("isolation and the absence of normal social relations").

Waiting for the Barbarians – Jaime Semprun

Ceylon: the JVP uprising of April 1971

Ceylon, 1971

Excellent pamphlet by Solidarity London about the uprising launched by the socialist youth organisation the JVP in Sri Lanka in April 1971.

In PDF format. Published as Solidarity London pamphlet 42.

The Schlurfs - youth against Nazism

A short account of the Schlurfs, working class Austrian youth who rejected the values of Nazism

Schlurfs, no, not little blue gnomes but young people in Austria who rejected what the Nazis had to “offer” – the whole package of militarism, the work ethic, authoritarianism and race hatred.

I blame the parents!


Popular media coverage often lays the blame for youth problems at the feet of parents. New report shows that contrary to received opinion, parents actually take greater interest in what their kids are up to now and monitor their activities more.

You know what it's like, you turn on a radio phone-in show or watch some soapbox commentator on TV talk about the rise of 'anti-social crime' or 'youths misbehaving' and you don't have to listen longer than two minutes before someone embarks on a hysterical rant with 'you gotta ask, where are the parents?' and starts whinging about the 'DeCl1Ne oF f@mILee VaLeWs!1!!!1!'.

The psyche of the proletarian child - Otto Rühle

Otto Rühle briefly looks at the focus on self-activity of various proletarian youth groups during the post-WWI revolutionary period in Germany.

Proletarian youth challenged the principle of authority for the first time in June 1919 when a number of young workers abandoned Free Socialist Youth in order not to oppose from within an authoritarian organization (which was an appendage of the parties) but to adopt a new position of their own.

Notes from Oaxaca

The following collection of articles on Oaxacan radical movements between January and September 2008 was translated from a number of different sources and posted to libcom's forums. They provide a number of useful insights into the situation in the volatile Mexican region.

The background:

In 2006 the Mexican state of Oaxaca was embroiled in a conflict that lasted more than seven months and resulted in at least eighteen deaths and the temporary occupation of the capital city of Oaxaca by the Popular Assembly of the Peoples of Oaxaca (APPO).

Open meeting to set up a London anarchist youth network - meeting minutes

The minutes of a meeting of the organisationalist/class struggle tendency within the London Anarchist Youth group attempting to resuscitate the group, along a tighter class struggle perspective, during the decline of the Anarchist Youth Network.

Though those present no longer agree with all of the meetings conclusions, they are reproduced here for reference.

London Anarchist Youth
Minutes of meeting: 26.02.04

Present: 10 people

Feedback on history and perceived failures of the previous incarnation of LAY

Aims of LAY decided:
they are..

Cape Town: Community condemns police arrests of shack dweller youths

The shack dwellers of Civic Road near Parkwood, Cape Town, are angered that youth from the shacks are being subjected to repeated police harassment and arrests by the Grassy Park SAPS.

The Civic Road residents have joined the Zille Rain Heights residents in opposing the city council’s bid to forcibly remove them to Happy Valley, 40 kms away.