The Zapatistas: An ecological revolution? John Ross

John Ross writes for Processed World on the environmental views of the Zapatistas.

Marcos in the Library

A letter from Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos to a national Mexican magazine.

The Faceless Face of the New Mexican Revolution

Chris Carlsson analyses the EZLN and the role of their leader, Marcos, for Processed World magazine.

The Role of Anarchism in Contemporary Anti-Systemic Social Movements

A reflection, from Morgan Rodgers Gibson, on the anarchist aspects in the praxis of two movements that have never called themselves anarchist.

Mexico is not only Chiapas nor is the rebellion in Chiapas merely a Mexican affair

TPTG's detailed analysis and critical look at the Zapatista revolt, and the social and economic conditions of peasants and workers in Mexico which gave rise to it.

Behind the balaclavas of south-east Mexico - Ab Irato

French group Ab Irato attempt to look beyond the Zapatista legend, at the historical origins and material reality of the Chiapas rebellion.

The Sixth Declaration, the Zapatistas, nationalism and the state

A short examination of the Zapatistas and nationalism written in late 2007 as a discussion document by a then-member of a local UK Zapatista solidarity group.

A critique of the Zapatista "Other Campaign" - Grupo Socialista Libertario

A critique by the Mexican "Libertarian Socialist Group" of recent EZLN "Zapatista" policies centred on the "Other Campaign", including the political campaigning and cult of celebrity of Marcos; and analysis of their political programme as left-capitalist constitutional reformism, i.e., only a defence of Mexican domestic capital and state - "bourgeois protectionism" - against the encroachments of international neo-liberalism.

State terror and dirty war: a year of state recuperation in Mexico

State violence and police terror, this picture from Cuidad de Oaxaca

An in-depth look at the contemporary situation in Mexico in the aftermath of recent state offensives against movements in Chiapas, Oaxaca and San Salvador Atenco.

Javier Zanetti - Zapatista supporter

Javier Zanetti - right back and left winger

Inter Milan captain Javier Zanetti was instrumental in building links between his club and the Zapatistas.