Zeng Feiyang

In defense of Zeng Feiyang: a critique of the smear campaign

zeng feiyang

On Dec. 22, Chinese state media launched a smear campaign against Zeng, one of the seven labor rights activists criminally detained in a sweep of four worker-support organizations and at least 40 affiliated individuals since Deccember 3. The state has yet to confirm Zeng's whereabouts or criminal charges, but he may be charged with "inciting the subversion of state power," which could result in 15 years in prison.

Police raid worker-support organizations in Guangdong, criminally detaining leaders

Most thorough English article so far about the latest wave of repression against Chinese workers and their supporters, which began with the December 3 raids of four organization, in which 25 staff and workers were taken away for questioning, at least five being detained on criminal charges. This article provides more background about the prisoners, their organizations, and the context of this repression.

Zeng Feiyang: 14 years of pioneering service, and the making of a labour NGO

Biography of Zeng Feiyang, one of the 21 Chinese labour activists detained on December 3 - the latest wave in the criminalisation of labour actions, and general repression of social resistance in China since 2012.