Definição de composição de classe - Zerowork

Uma definição, hoje clássica, de "composição de classe".

From Zerowork #1 to Zerowork #2

Article about developments between publishing of the first and second issues of the Zerowork journal.

General introduction to Zerowork

A short introduction to the Zerowork journal by Harry Cleaver.

Genesis of Zerowork #1

An account of the background to an formation of the collective who produced the Zerowork journal in 1975.

Zerowork: the background

Articles giving background information on the development of the 1970s Zerowork collective. Some currently in the process of being written.

The German model: against mass autonomy - Karl Heinz Roth

Article originally published in Autonomie, winter 1978 and due to be published in Zerowork 3, about the re-consolidation of state power in West Germany in the wake of the repression of the urban guerrilla groups.

Class composition and US direct investments abroad - Ferruccio Gambino

Article originally written for Zerowork 3 in December 1974 about class composition and American investments abroad.

Beyond the select commission: immigrant wars update

Article prepared for Zerowork issue 3 on immigration.

Letter from Marty Glaberman to Zerowork

A critical letter from Martin Glaberman in 1977 to one of the Zerowork collective about the journal and its politics.

Next stop 1984: computers, identification cards and immigration control

Article written for Zerowork issue 3 about new technologies available to states to control migration and the working class.