Stewart Home

Review of "What is Situationism: A Reader"

A short book review from Black Flag #207.

The book itself is available on Libcom here.

What is situationism?: a reader

This anthology gathers together a broad range of critical material about the Situationist International.

Anarchist integralism: art, politics and the apres-garde - Stewart Home

Bad article on nationalist, elitist and racist currents in anarchist thought, past and present. It makes important points, but is guilty of over-generalisation, sectarianism, and excursions deep into wind-up territory. We do not agree with much of the contents but reproduce it here for reference.

NOT a review of "Guy Debord Is Really Dead"

A free leaflet distributed in London in the mid-1990s as a critique of the Luther Blissett pamphlet and its publishers.