Under the banner of Marxism - 1926, 1927

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No. 1-2

5 P. Stuchka: Leninism and the agrarian question
31 I. Razumovskij: On Lenin's views on the state and law
54 Abram Deborin: Engels and dialectics in biology
90 Nik. Karev: Tectology or dialectics (towards a critique of A. Bogdanov's 'Tectology')
115 A.K. Stolyarov: Subjectivism and marxism
137 Grigory Bammel: Axiomatics and dialectics
168 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos V. Bjerknes' article
168 Vilhelm Bjerknes: The power that supports the aeroplan
179 B. Zavadovsky: Foreword to J. Loeb's articles
180 Jacques Loeb: On comparative physiology of the central nervous system
187 Jacques Loeb: Adaptation of colour of fish and tessellated eyesight
189 Aleksandr Maksimov: On the origins and results of oversimplification in natural science
213 László Rudas: Graziadei, political economist and communist of god's grace
245 V. Poznjakov: Hilferding or Marx? (towards a critique of Hilferding's theory of money)
268 Nik. Karev: IV Leninist anthology
270 Ivan Luppol: L. Feuerbach, coll., t.II
272 N.K.: Abram Deborin. Book about reading-matter on the history of philosophy, t.II
273 Vas. Slepkov: M. Bublikov. Struggle for survival and the public. Marxism and Darwinism.
276 V. Poznjakov: I.I. Rubin. Physiocracy
280 Conditions of enrolment to the Institute of Red Professors in the 1926-27 school year
287 Conditions of enrolment to the Institute of Red Professors' preparatory department in the 1926-27 school year

No. 3

5 Abram Deborin: Engels and dialectics in biology
29 Nik. Karev: Tectology or dialectics
53 Valentin Asmus (works online): Advocate of philosophical intuition (Bergson and his critique of intellectualism)
85 I. Vajnstein: Spinoza and materialism
98 Aleksandr Sergeyevich Serebrovsky : Theory of heredity of Morgan and Mendel and marxists
118 Israel Iosifovich Agol: Metaphysics and dialectics in biology
151 Ja. Vilenkin: De Leon and his actions
193 Ivan Orlov: Music and natural science
207 V. Struminsky: Marxism in contemporary psychology
234 Ja.S. Rozanov: Bibliography for L. Feuerbach
247 Vladimir Ivanovich Cucmarev: G.V. Plekhanov. Fundamental problems of marxism
254 Ivan Luppol: I. Voronisyn. Claude Adrien Helvétius
256 Grigory Bammel: On O.M. Tanchilevich. Epicurus and Epicureanism
262 C.Z.: Arnold Sommerfeld. Model of atom and spectra

No. 4-5

5 Abram Deborin: Francis Bacon (for the 300th year of his death)
16 Nik. Karev: Tectology or dialectics
45 C.Z.: Foreword to E. Wiechert's artcle
45 Emil Wiechert: Theory of relativity and relativism
61 Alexander Filippovich Samojlov : Dialectics of nature and natural science
82 K.N.: A few remarks apropos prof. Samojlov's article
88 Ivan Luppol: Fall of socialism from science to utopia
112 F.E. Teleznikov: On one bourgeois sociological trend in France (sociological teachings of Durkheim)
129 Alexander Luria: Principle questions of contemporary psychology
184 V. Struminsky: Marxism in contemporary psychology
185 K. Kornilov: Mechanistic materialism in contemporary psychology (reply to V. Struminsky)
213 A. Udaltsov: On annotations to the foreword (reply to comrade Stepanov)
220 Z. Cejtlin: S. Ju. Semkovsky: Dialectical materialism and the principle of relativity
228 C.Z.: A.K. Timiryazev. Physics, part II
230 Grigory Vasilevich Ladocha : N.N. Popov. Essays on the history of RKP(b)
236 G. Seidel: Polina Semenovna Vinogradskaja. Ferdinand Lassalle
242 N. Sargin: P. Maslov. Fundamentals of economic politics
246 S.N.: Abram Lazarevich Reuel'. Subject and method of political economy
250 V.E. Kolokolkin: A.N. Kolesnikov. Soviet construction
255 On the Russian association of scientific-analysis of the Institute of public science (RANION)

No. 6

5 C. Fridljand: M. Bakunin on the Commune of the year 1871 (For the 50th year of the day of his death)
37 Ju. V. Frankfurt: G.V. Plekhanov on psychophysical problems
61 Vl. Sarabjanov: How some comrades perform revisionism (forced reply to comrade Stolyarov)
76 A. Stolyarov: Philosophy of 'quality' and the quality of the philosophy of some mechanists
108 V. Egorsin: Natural science and class struggle
137 Z. Cejtlin: Development of views on the natural world
153 Arnošt Kolman: On the question of randomness
158 V. Kirpotin: Class and methodological basics of Gabriel Tarde's sociology
179 V. Borzenko: Peasants as a class in the work of Marx and Engels
196 I. Dashkovskij: Abstract labour and Marx's economic categories
220 Ja. Rozanov: Literature on the French materialists of the 18th century
235 Gr. B.: Dialectics in nature
241 N. Sargin: Undialectical analysis of soviet economy

No. 7-8

5 I. Razumovskij: Philosophical revision and questions of right
24 A. Stolyarov: Philosophy of 'quality' and the quality of the philosophy of some mechanists
47 Grigory Bammel: Max Scheler, catholicism and the workers' movement
69 V. Bechterev and d-r Dubrovsky: Dialectical materialism and reflexology
95 F. Dushinsky: Darwinism, Lamarckism and neodarwinism
123 V. Egorsin: On the question of marxist politics in the area of natural science
135 A. Bolotnikov: Sociological doctrine of Gumplowicz
163 V. Borzenko: Peasants as a class in the work of Marx and Engels
182 Ark. A-N: On the question of the social and class roots of the teachings and propaganda of Robert Owen and his followers
206 Valentin Asmus: Controversial questions of the history of philosophy
225 Nik. Karev: 5-j Leninist anthology
227 M. Levin: William Henry Bragg. Concerning the nature of things
235 Maximilian Filippovich Ioelson (executed in 36): Joseph Freeman and Scott Nearing. Dollar Diplomacy. A study in American imperialism
237 F. Dushinsky: B.M. Zavadovsky. Darwinism and marxism

No. 9-10

5 Abram Deborin: Engels and dialectics in nature
26 G. Dimitriev: The philosophy of Spinoza and dialectical materialism
43 Valentin Asmus: Contradictions of specialisation in bourgeois knowledge (from the history of ideology)
76 F. Dushinsky: Paul Kammerer (necrology)
89 Vas. Slepkov: Vitalism, mechanism and dialectics
108 I. Kurazov: Teachings on dominants in dialectical materialism's estimation
139 G. Seidel: About the great French revolution
153 F. D. Kapeljus: The new 'corrections' to historical materialism
178 B.E. Bichovsky: Genomic views of Freud
195 Ivan Orlov: The theory of randomness and dialectics (in regard to an article of E. Kolman)
202 Ja. Rozanov: K. Marx and M. Bakunin (bibliography)
210 Nik. Karev: The Emancipation of Labour Group
214 Ivan Luppol: A. Varjas. History of new philosophy
220 P. Ionov: Remarks on Thomas Hobbes' work
229 I. Bugaev: G.V. Gurev. Darwinism and marxism
234 V. Kolokolkin: Evgeny Pashukanis. The general theory of law and marxism
241 V. Poznjakov: Julian Borchardt. The accumulation of capital

No. 11

5 Abram Deborin: Essay on the theory of materialist dialectics
24 Nik. Karev: On our (natural) scientists, 'travels into dialectics'
59 I.D. Sapir: Freudism and marxism
88 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos Dayton Miller's article, text
91 Dayton Miller: Significance of the ether-drift experiments of 1925 at Mount Wilson, text
110 B. Vyropaev: More on empiricism and contemporary science
142 E. Rivlin: Running struggles in German social-democracy during the first years after the lifting of the exclusionary law (1890-1895 years)
172 E. Lejkin: Kautskyism on the theory of imperialism (Upon the theoretical evolution of the social democracy centre)
202 Liya Yakovleva Zivelcinskaja : Is a marxist aesthetics necessary and how to construct it
214 Z. Cejtlin: K. Marx on Spinozism and the sources of French materialism in the 18th century
221 Ivan Luppol: On the tomtit that didn't lit up the sea (Order of priority response to comrade Z. Cejtlin)
234 Ja. Rozanov: Literature on Spinoza
244 P. Vinogradskaja: Memories of Lassalle
250 F. Dushinsky: Preformation or epigenesis? coll. works
253 L. Zivelcinskaja: Vladimir M. Friche. Sociology of art

No. 12

5 Abram Deborin: On the fifth year of the journal 'Pod Znamenem Marksizma'
16 Nik. Karev: Instead of an article on the fifth year of the journal
28 Grigory Bammel: Max Scheler, catholicism and the workers' movement
50 I. Razumovskij: Philosophy and legal theory
72 Ivan Orlov: On the rationalization of mental labor
94 Z. Cejtlin: Positing the problems of the substantiation of Euclidean geometry, text
117 Ivan Luppol: New Middle Ages (on the characteristics of modern feudal socialism)
144 E. Lejkin: Kautskyism on the theory of imperialism
185 G. Seidel: Organisational principles of the II International
215 Ivan Luppol: B.G. Stolpner and P. S. Yushkevich. History of materialism
218 V. Poznjakov: I.I. Rubin. History of economic thought
221 L. Zivelcinskaja: Vladimir Friche. 20th century Western European literature and its most important representatives
223 Z.L.: I. Masa. Art in contemporary Europe
224 C.Z.: O.D. Khvolson. Physics course. A.A. Eichenwald. Theoretical physics
228 I. A-L: Paul Kammerer. Riddle of heridity
230 Contents of the journal Pod Znamenem Marksizma in the year 1926
236 Revolution Society of Militant Materialists on the present-day social task


No. 1

5 Abram Deborin: On the history of 'Materialism and empirio-criticism'
19 Ivan Luppol: 'Materialism and empirio-criticism' in assessment met by its criticism
39 G. Tymjansky: Two ideologist of the early bourgeoisie (The materialist Theodor Ludwig Lau and the utopist Johann Joachim Becher)
63 V. Kirpotin: Dimitri Pisarev's materialism
86 I. Dashkovskij: On the theory of the development of the world market and world economy
118 Editors: Foreword to G. Mie's article
118 Gustav Mie: The problem of matter, text
134 Boris Hessen and V. Egorsin: On the congress of Russian physics, text
142 A. Varjas: Monistic view on the history of philosophy and its vexed questions
165 Valentin Asmus: On the vexed questions of the history of philosophy (Reply to A. Varjas)
195 M. Dynnik: Foreign philosophical periodical press (year 1926)
208 G. Seidel: Publications of the Marx and Engels Institute
214 Z.G.: K. Marx and F. Engels in the period of the German revolution (1848-1850)
215 G. Dmitriev: I. Luppol. Lenin and philosophy
I – XLVII Ja. Rozanov: Collated index of the journal 'Pod Znamenem Marksizma' for the first five years (1922-1926)

No. 2-3

5 Abram Deborin: Benedict Spinoza (1632-1677), text (German)
22 Valentin Asmus: Dialectics of necessity and freedom in Spinoza's ethics
56 Vladimir Konstantinovic Bruslinskij: Spinozan substance and ultimate existence
65 I. Razumovoskij: Spinoza and the state
Upon the history of the polemic around 'The accumulation of capital' of Rosa Luxemburg
76 Editors: Foreword
79 Franz Mehring
89 Ju. Karskij
95 A. Aikhenvald and Boris Borilin: On the irregular economic developments in capitalism
119 K. Rozental: Absolute rent and nationalization of land
145 Nikolay Gredeskul: From monkey to man (thesis on the question of natural science in marxism)
178 Arkady Timiryazev: Regarding the discussion about the experiments of Dayton Miller at the Vth Congress of Russian physicists, text
188 Boris Hessen and V. Egorsin: On comrade Timiryazev's treatment of contemporary science, text
200 D.M.: IV international philosophy congress
211 Boris Hessen and V. Egorsin: Dialectics in nature
226 M. Dynnik: Foreign philosophical periodical press (year 1926)
250 Grigory Bammel: Aristotle. Poetics
254 Ivan Orlov: A.S. Irisov. Sound and music
256 Ivan I. Skvortsov-Stepanov: Letter to Society of Militant Materialists
259 Prime conditions of the Institute of Red Professors in the 1927/28 school year

No. 4

5 Aleksandr Maksimov: Newton and philosophy (on the 200th year of Newton's day of death), text
48 Ferdinand Lassalle: F. Lassalle's letter on the publication of 'Heraklitus'
54 S. Krasnyj: Foreword
54 Auguste Blanqui: Fatal, fatalism, fatality...
97 V. Poznjakov: The theory of rent in a 'new' light (Critical remarks apropos prof. Ljubimov's book)
131 I. Dashkovskij: International exchange and the law of value
152 G.B.: Foreword to the articles of A. Einstein and J. J. Thomson, text
166 Albert Einstein: Newton's mechanics and its influence on the development of theoretical physics, text
175 Joseph John Thomson: Newton's work in the area of physics, text
182 Horace Lamb: Newton's work in the domain of mechanics, text
186 Arkady Timiryazev: Past and current distortions of the physics of Newton, text
203 I. Kablukov: Newton as chemist
208 Congress of the Society of Militant Materialists on 10 March 1927 (Speeches of Karev, Vaganian, Razumovskij, Fridljand and others)
228 M.: On the celebration of the 250th year of B. Spinoza's day of death (Communist Academy)
230 B.G.: A.O. Makovelskij . Democritus
231 A. Arutjunjanc: S. Vasilev. Philosophy and its problems
234 A.A.: Vladimir Cucmarev. Spinoza's materialism
236 G. Seidel: Leonid Grigorevich Rajskij. Social views petrasevcev'
239 Z.G.: Maurice Dommanget. Communard Eugène Varlin (1839-1871)
240 Z.G.: K. Marx. The civil war in France
242 I. Bugaev: Vladimir I. Vernadsky. The Biosphere
245 V. Egorsin: New foundations of quantum mechanics
248 E.V.: V.N. Kondratiev, N.N. Semenov and Ju. B. Chariton. Electron's chemistry
250 E.V.: J.J. Thomson. Electron in chemistry
252 Nik. Karev: Letter to editors
253 Vas. Slepkov: Reprimand to comrade I.I. Skvortsov's letter
255 Presidium of the Society of Militant Materialists. Reply to comrade I.I. Skvortsov-Stepanov

No. 5

5 F. Engels: From Paris to Berne, text (German)
24 Ju. Steklov: Philosophical views of N.G. Chernyshevsky
59 I. Dashkovskij: International exchange and the law of value
92 A. Sivogrivov: Problem of economy with the theory of land rent (Critique of comrade Ja.G. Berztys)
119 Valerian Polianskii: Literary criticism and marxism
132 L. Zivelcinskaja: Positivism and eclecticism in aesthetics
140 Wilhelm Wien: Past, present and future physics (Speech at the jubilee celebration of the Munich University June 19, 1926), text
151 B. Vyropaev: Mechanical period in chemistry
180 Ja. Satunovsky: First mathematics congress
186 Ja. Rozanov: Kiev's scientific-research platform of marxism-leninism at the All-Ukrainian Science Academy
190 Valentin T. Ditjakin: Scientific-research work on marxism in Kazan. Study on marxism's teachings at VPI
193 M. Dynnik: Foreign philosophical periodical press (year 1926)
206 F. Kapeljus: Review of foreign economic literature (Debate on concepts of world economy)
220 D.I.: John Hobson. Imperialism
227 V. Egorsin: Max Planck. Introduction in general mechanics
230 Prime conditions for aspirants to the scientific-research institute (RANION) for the 1927-28 academic year

No. 6

5 Editors: Upon the new publication of F. Engels' manuscripts
12 F. Engels: Passage (beginning) from article on Stirner
16 F. Engels: Letter to Max Hildebrand
18 Nicholas Marr: Seperation of languages and peoples and the question of the origin of the Turkish languages
61 Valentin Ditjakin: Antonio Labriola (Bio-bibliographical essay)
88 I. Rubin: Abstract labour and value in Marx's system, text
120 Zakharii Veniaminovich Atlas: New psychologism in political economy (Robert Liefmann's theory)
160 A. Molok: War tribunal of the Paris Commune
174 F. Dushinsky: Hybridisation as a factor of evolution
191 M. Dynnik: Benedict Spinoza and the commentaries for his jubilee (1677-1927)
203 M. Dynnik: 'Kant-Studien'
213 Ja. Rozanov: Marx and natural science
228 D.I.: V. Repke. Conjuncture
234 I. Bugaev: Classics of (natural) science
238 I. Borozdin: M.P. Pavlovich (Veltman) (1871-1927)
242 Report from Vladivostok

No. 7-8

5 F. Schiller: Foreword
13 K. Marx and F. Engels: German socialism in verse and prose, text
53 Valentin Asmus: The alogism of William James
85 C.E.: Foreword
87 F. Engels: Marx's 'Capital' (first exposition of 'Capital' for workers)
94 S. Bessonov: Marx's Capital in light of contemporary economic problems
109 N. Rubenstein: Theory of revolution of the Austrian 'left' social-democrats
159 Vladimir Maksimovich Borovskij: Metaphyics in comparison with psychology
192 Nikolay Gredeskul: Notions of evolution (Mechanical, creative and dialectical evolution)
217 F. Dushinsky: Recent critique of darwinism
249 G. Marenko: I.P. Razumovskij. Course on the theory of historical materialism
262 G. Dmitriev: A few remarks apropos V.G. Fridman's book 'Is motion possible' on the svjazi from Zeno's aporia 'Achilles and the Tortoise'
269 Vas. Slepkov: Walter Bradford Cannon. Physiology of emotions
272 I. Bugaev: N.A. Bobrinskij. Zoography and evolution
274 I. Bugaev: P. Novikov. Theory of epigenesis in biology
278 F. Dushinsky: To the editors of journal 'Pod Znamenem Marksizma'

No. 9

5 Abram Deborin: Revisionism under the mask of orthodoxy
48 M. Dynnik: On the sources of French fideism (Teachings of Émile Boutroux on chance and necessity)
77 V. Poznjakov: On primitive accumulation (On the question of the methodological formulation of the problem of primitive socialist accumulation)
95 V. Pogokin: On the theory of land rent
113 A. Neusychin: Max Weber's 'Empirical sociology' and the logic of historical sciences
144 G.B.: Marian Smoluchowski (tenth year of his day of death)
149 Marian Smoluchowski: On the concepts of accidentality and on the origin of the laws of probability in physics
163 V. Egorsin: Scientific and bourgeois philosophy
202 D.M.: Socialism and the philosophizing of the reformists
214 V. Borovskij: Comparative psychology and Freudism
222 Z. Atlas: F. Bogdanov, B. Raskin and V. Lavrentiev. Theory of credit
229 K. Pecak: A. Leontiev and E. Chmelnickaja. Essays on the transition period
233 Semion Grigorevich Tomsinsky: N.N. Firsov. Peasant's revolution in Russia in the 17th century
237 E.V.: Propaganda of marxism among scientists
238 Programme of the seminar course 'Introduction to the history and philosophy of science' for the students in the IV course fizmata I MGU in the school year 1927-28

No. 10-11

5 Abram Deborin: Dictatorship of the proletariat and the theory of marxism
46 Grigory Bammel: On our philosophical developments after 10 years of revolution
89 Nik. Karev: Octobre revolution and historical materialism (Remarks for the 10th jubilee)
98 I. Razumovskij: Octobre revolution and methodology of right (A few upshots on the 10-year anniversary)
118 K. Milonov: Octobre and marxism
132 Ja. Berztys: Essay on the theory of soviet economy. Two developmental tendencies in the world economy)
150 O. Tanchilevich: Peasants as a a social-economic category (In the work of Marx and Engels)
173 Valerian Polianskii: Current state of methodology in literary criticism
182 A. Michajlov: Marxist science of art after the years of the revolution (1919-1927)
195 K. Kornilov: Current state of psychology in the USSR
218 Aleksandr Maksimov: Current state of science and Lenin's 'Materialism and empirio-criticism'
249 Vas. Slepkov: Dialectical materialism and biology (A few upshots and perspectives)
263 Stefan Krivtsov: Communist Academy
269 G.B. And F. Schiller: K. Marx and F. Engels Institute

No. 12

5 Abram Deborin: Revisionism under the mask of orthodoxy (continuation)
34 Grigory Bammel: On our philosophical developments after 10 years of revolution
58 A. Sagackij: The scene of production as relation of production (Critique of I.I. Rubin's methodology)
83 L. Ljubimov: Fruit of quick sciences
111 A. Neusychin: Max Weber's 'Empirical sociology' and the logic of historical sciences
138 A. Andruzskij: Methodological problems of marxist science of art
175 N. Perlin: Frontier object of biological and sociological science (discretionary method)
231 F. Kapeljus: Archive of world economy
236 I. Dashkovskij: Ignatiy Naumovich Granat (pic.). Classes and masses in England in their attitude to foreign trade
243 Z. Atlas: Problem of world money circulation
250 S. Tomsinsky: Peasant movement in the year 1917