Under the banner of Marxism - 1924, 1925

Pod znamenem marksizma 1925
cover of PZM issue no. 8-9 of 1925
Submitted by Noa Rodman on January 27, 2011


no. 1

5 V. Nevsky: Lenin
10 Abram Deborin: Lenin - militant materialist
29 V. Vaganian: The greatest of the masters of revolution
35 David Ryazanov: On A. Labriola's letters
41 Antonio Labriola: Letters to F. Engels
81 S. Gonikman: Hegel studies in 'modern times'
95 Grigory Bammel: On the question of the historical reality of the founders of ancient materialism
107 K. Kornilov: Dialectical method in psychology
114 Arnošt Kolman: Einstein and materialism
127 Arkady Timiryazev: Einstein, materialism and comrade Kolman, text
136 Ivan Orlov: Does an actual infinity exist?
148 Vladimir Friche: Most important currents in post-war Western literature
164 Mich. Pavlovich: V. Lenin and the national question
188 Boris Gorev: Nikolay K. Mikhaylovsky and materialism
205 Grigory Solomonovich Seidel (Zajdel): Théodore Dezamy
218 C. Fridljand: Two books on K. Marx and Fr. Engels
232 P. Mesjacev: Old errors in new light
240 V. Rumij (Vaganian): The Famusovs of our time
250 V. Rumij (Vaganian): On provincial journals
257 Nik. Karev: History professor in changing life
262 Ivan Luppol: 'A.G. Vulfius. Fundamental problems of the era of Enlightenment'
264 Stefan Krivtsov: 'Julian Borchardt. Introduction to scientific socialism'
265 Iegudilov: 'Problem of criminality, compiled works'
267 Aleksandr Maksimov: 'V. A. Steklov. Mathematics and its value for humanity'
273 Z. A. Cejtlin (Tseytlin/Tseitlin): 'O.D. Khvolson. Atomic structure and röntgen-rays.' 'D.A. Gol'dgammer. World invisible to the eye.'
276 V. Maksimovsky: Agrarian policy in Russia
283 L.V.: 'Hermann Wendel. A. Bebel'
285 V. Rumij (Vaganian): 'Mark Baskin. What a well-prepared marxist should know'
288 Letter to S.K.R.K.P.

no. 2

5 Abram Deborin: Lenin - militant materialist
24 V. Nevsky: Lenin as a materialist in his first works
47 Grigory Bammel: Lenin and the revolution's logic
63 Michail Pokrowski: Lenin as model of revolutionary leader
74 Yevgeni Preobrazhensky: Lenin, party, working class
83 Boris Gorev: Russian roots of Leninism
92 Archival information of V.I. Lenin Institute
93 V.I. Lenin: Iensky congress of the German social-democratic party
97 Vladimir Milyutin : Lenin and the problem of the driving force of social revolution
109 Stefan Krivtsov: Friend of the people and contemporaneity
117 V. Vaganian: V.I. Lenin and the art of armed uprising in light of the first Russian revolution
148 C. Fridljand: Lenin and the war of 1914-1918
173 Ivan Luppol: Lenin as theoretician of the proletarian state
196 M. Pavlovich: Lenin and the theory of post-imperialism
221 Arkady Timiryazev: Lenin and contemporary natural science
232 Valerian Polianskii: Lenin and literature
240 B.E. Bichovsky: Materialism and dialectics in the works of Lenin
256 V. Rumij (Vaganian): V.I. Lenin and his deal in the correspondence of Martov and Axelrod
275 Materialist: Apothecaries' balance and revolutionary practice . (About the revolutionary craftsmanship of V.I. Lenin)
278 Janis Stens: N. Lenin, On the party's foundation 20 years ago
280 S. Gonikman: N. Lenin. Tactics of Bolshevism
283 K.N.: N.N. Popov and Ya.A. Yakovlev. Lenin's life and Leninism
283 K.N.: Henri Guilbeaux. Lenin
284 V. S-L: Lenin, collected works
285 V. Sokol: Great builder, collected works
285 P.V.: K. Radek. On Lenin
285 S.V.: Bulletin V.I. Lenin Institute
286 N. Somov: Collection of articles about Lenin
287 V. Pepel (Vaganian): In the days of mourning

no. 3

5 V.I. Lenin: Passage from letter to M. Gorki
6 Abram Deborin: Marx and Hegel.
24 S. Gonikman: Hegel studies in 'modern times'
37 Vladimir Sergeyev: War on the ideological front from 500 years ago to our time
49 Ivan Orlov: Classical physics and relativism
77 Z. Cejtlin: A. Einstein's theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
111 P. Stuchka: Lenin and the agrarian question
126 Cholom Dvolaitski: V.I. Lenin as economist
154 David Ryazanov: Foreword to P. Lafargue's articles
157 Paul Lafargue: About slodujuscij don' after the revolution
165 Paul Lafargue: Socialism in France
188 G. Seidel: Théodore Dézamy
202 Ark. A-N: Elements of dialectical and economic materialism in the views of Charles Fourier
230 Valerian Polianskii: Writers on art and themselves
240 B.E. Bichovsky: On the epistemological excursus of prof. Sinicyn
247 N. Lenzner: On the literary legacy of R. Luxemburg
250 V. Struminsky: A few remarks on comrade Troitsky's review
255 A.Troitsky: Reply to V. Struminsky
260 Ivan Luppol: New books on the questions of law and state
268 I. L-L: P. Holbach. Good Sense
272 V. Ter (Vaganian): G. Zinoviev. History of the RCP (Bolsheviks)
278 V. Pepel (Vaganian): B. Astrov. Economists - forerunners of the Mensheviks
283 Viacheslav Volgin: V. Svjatlovsky. History of socialism
288 N. L-R: Yuri Steklov. Paul Lafargue.
291 Ivan Orlov: New ideas in physics (No. 10, Leningrad, 1924)
293 Vladimir Semenchenko: Classics of natural science, book IK
294 V. S-Ko: Walther Nernst. The universe in light of new research
296 S.V.: Alfred Wegener. Origin of the moon and its crators
298 Ivan Orlov: V. Stankevich. Mendeleev, A great Russian chemist (Prague, 1923)
299 Ivan Orlov: Maizel. Color and paint (Leningrad, 1923). W. Ostwald’s Die Farbenlehre (Bd. I–IV. Leipzig, 1910)
301 V. Nevsky and V. Vaganian: S. Vasilchenko. The quarry of underground workers./Career underground t II
305 Jakov Samoylovych Rozanov, second last on the list): Index of marxist bibliography
310 Archive of K. Marx and Fr. Engels

no. 4-5

5 A. Arosev: On Lenin
12 A.Troitsky: Philisophy in the service of revolution
20 August Thalheimer: Two centuries since the birth of Kant in Germany
37 Nik. Karev: On the 200th year of the birth day of I. Kant
50 V. Serezhnikov : Kant's teachings on space and time before the court of physiology
60 N. Vinogradskaja: Kant's ethics from the point of view of historical materialism
92 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos P. Hale's article
93 P. Hale: True meaning of the theory of relativity
108 Ivan Orlov: Chemical affinity and valence according to the latest research
115 Z. Cejtlin: A. Einstein's theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
138 Aleksandr Maksimov: On the question of dialectics in the history of natural science
160 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
201 Ark. A-N: Charles Fourier on the position of the woman, love and marriage
239 Nik. Karev: On the validity and invalidty of Hegel's thought
256 V. Astrov: On the social roots of opportunism
267 T.A.: Marxism and philosophy (on Karl Korsch's essay)
273 K.N.: On the book of Ju. Martov. World Bolshevism
283 V. Evgenij: 'Bolshevik', polit.-economical biweekly CK RKP
284 A.Troitsky: A. Deborin. Book about readings of the history of philosophy, t. I.
286 Ivan Luppol: History of philosophy in marxist light, compiled by B.G. Stolpner and P. S. Yushkevich
288 I. L-L: Reader on French materialism, .. II
290 A. T-Ij: Ivan Luppol. Denis Diderot
291 K.N.: L. Mecnikov: Civilization and great empires
293 Ivan Orlov: Henri Bergson. Duration and Simultaneity (Moscow, 1923)
294 K. Milonov: Dannemann. Die Naturwissenschaften in ihrer Entwicklung und ihrem Zusammenhänge
297 I. Vajnstein: A. Zalkind. Articles on the culture of revolutionary times
300 Sergey Mikhaylovich Monosov (1893-1931): Max Beer. History of socialism in Great-Britain
305 S. Monosov: Slosson. Tsarist movement and the cause of its collapse
306 Ch. Lur'e: N. Lukin. Latest history of Western Europe
309 N. Lenzner: E. Bernstein. In the years of my exile
312 I. Kapitonov: Boris Brutskus . Economy of agriculture

no. 6-7

5 Abram Deborin: Marxism, Lenin and contemporary culture
27 Ivan Luppol: Tragedy of Russian materialism in the 18th century
49 Abram Deborin: Lukacs and his critique of marxism, text
69 Ivan Orlov: Formal logic, the logic of natural science, and the dialectic
90 I. Vajnstein: Tectology and tactics
97 Aleksandr Maksimov: On the question of dialectics in the history of natural science
122 Z. Cejtlin: Method of demonstration of the laws of interconnected .. and electirical mass of Newton-Cavendish-Maxwell compared with the research method of K. Marx and Fr, Engels
157 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
171 Faddey Ilyich Michalevsky : Study on the theory of credit
196 Modest Iosifovich Rubenstein: Remaining capitalist attitude to proletarian dictatorship in the West
212 A. Troitsky: News from the legacy of Marx and Engels
217 M. Abramovich: Fr. Engels as war theoretician
234 Nik. Karev: Hilferding against socialism
247 Ark. A-N: Labor school of Charles Fourier
284 K. Milonov: 'Zebelev. Socrates'
287 G. Tymjansky: 'Krzivisky. Development of morality'
289 Aleksandr Zaitsev: 'N. Bukharin. Attack. Compilation of theoretical articles'
291 I. L-L: 'K. Kautsky. Marxist theory of the state in light of Cunow'
293 I. L-L: 'Sadinsky. Social life of people'
295 Ivan Orlov: 'Khvolson. Characteristics of the developments of physics in the last 50 years'
296 Ivan Orlov: 'Philosophy of science, c. I., part 2'
298 C.Z.: 'Henri Poincaré: Last thoughts'
300 C.Z.: 'New ideas in physics, coll. g'
304 I. K-V: 'I. Dashkovskij. Conspectus course political economy' and ' P. Michalevsky. Beginner's course political economy'
305 I. Kapitonov: 'S. Gozhansky: Essays on political economy'
310 I. Gorsenin: 'Naumov. Introduction to teachings of economic science'

no. 8-9

5 August Thalheimer: Lenin as philospher
32 N. Zvenigorodcev: Lenin and dialectics
51 Vladimir Jurinec: Freudism and marxism
93 Ivan Orlov: On the laws of random phenomena
115 N. Vinogradskaja: Denis Diderot
142 Arkady Timiryazev: Theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
157 D. Gul'be: Darwinism and the theory of mutation from the dialectical materialist point of view
167 Z. Cejtlin: Scholastic empiricism
210 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
224 B. Lifshitz: On positing the monetary problem
246 S. Wolfson: Contemporary critics of marxism, text (Spanish)
272 S. Monosov: Tyrant and the French revolution
283 Nik. Karev: Max Adler. Marx as thinker
285 Janis Stens: Stefan Rudnjansky. Conversation about marxist philosophy
289 G. Tymjansky: Harald Høffding. Textbook on the history of modern philosophy
291 S.P.: L.A. Cheskis (#1935). Thomas Hobbes
293 P.S. Sapozhnikov: Regular distortions of marxism
298 K. Milonov: Varjas. Marx als Mathematiker
302 I. L-L: Orest Vladimirovich Trachtenberg. Conversation with teachers of historical materialism
304 Ivan Luppol: Popov-Lensky: Antoine Barnave and the materialist understanding of history
306 S. Wolfson: Georges Plechanov. Anarchisme et socialisme. Force et violence
308 Aleksandr Maksimov: 'Iskra'
311 C.Z.: N.A. Belov: Physiological types
313 Ivan Orlov: A. E. Fersman. Chemical Problems of Industry (Chemical Research
Publications, Leningrad, 1924).
315 Ivan Orlov: A. L. Chizhevskiy. Physical Factors of the Historical Process (Kaluga,
316 S. Monosov: N.M. Lukin: Maximilien Robespierre
317 V. Petrova: Aleksandr Ivanovich Molok. Essays on the struggles and culture of the Paris Commune
319 M. Abramovich: Franz Mehring. Essays on the history of war and art of war

no. 10-11

5 Abram Deborin: Fichte and the Great French revolution
23 I. Vajnstein: Georg Lukacs and his theory of reification
48 G. Tymjansky: John Toland
56 Ivan Orlov: The scientific activity of William Thomson (Lord Kelvin)
62 Albert Einstein: On the 100th year of the birth of Lord Kelvin
65 William Thomson: On the vichreyevich of atoms
78 Z. Cejtlin: Vichreyevaja theory of matter, its interpretation and meaning
92 Arkady Timiryazev: Theory of relativity and dialectical materialism
115 Isaak Rubin: Production relations and material categories, text
133 V. N. Poznjakov: Capitalism and the external market
153 A. Bernstein: Basic thoughts of Ferdinand Lassalle
189 N. Rubenstein: M.N. Pokrowski: Plekhanov – Russian historian
211 Michail Pokrowski: A few remarks on comrade Rubenstein's article
213 S. Gonikman: Inspector
222 Nik. Karev: On 'the new era' in philosophical criticism
230 Nik. Karev: Review of the book about Leninism
234 Ivan Luppol: History of philosophy in marxist light, part II
235 G. Tymjansky: Ludwig Feuerbach. Composition, part III
238 P. Sapozhnikov: Leninst compilation, I
247 Ivan Luppol: D. Rachman. John Locke. His teachings on cognition, right and education, subjective and objective psychology, text
251 K.N.: Max Adler. Engels as thinker
253 Ivan Orlov: F. V. Aston. Isotopes. Contemporary Problems of Natural Science, No.
14 (Moscow, 1923). New Ideas in Chemistry, No. 9. Isotopes
255 C.Z.: V. Lebedinsky. William Thomson - Lord Kelvin
257 C.Z.: Ja. I. Frenkel. Theory of relativity
261 B. Zavadovsky: Ju. Ja. Filipchenko. Genetic variability and its meaning for evolution
264 Ch. Lure: Eduard Bernstein. Socialism and democracy in the great English revolution
268 V. Poznjakov: V. Grinevich. National economy of Germany

no. 12

5 August Thalheimer: Remarks on Lenin as a philosopher
18 Stefan Krivtsov: Party of the proletariat or of the petty-bourgeoisie (on the history of the draft programme of the RSDLP)
33 Abram Deborin: Fichte and the Great French revolution
50 Nik. Karev: On how and wherewith no trace links up with marxism
86 Ivan Orlov: Mathematics and Marxism.
100 Ivan Luppol: On the new textbooks about historical materialism
111 I. Vydra: Objective moment in thoughts
134 Judah Grossman-Roshchin : Personality, necessity, reality
143 Jacques Loeb: Chemical basis of generic and species characteristics, with a foreword by Boris Mikhailovich Zavadovskii
159 Z. Cejtlin: Reply to A.K. Timiryazev
168 Arkady Timiryazev: Reply to comrade Cejtlin's objection
174 V. Kirpotin: Cunow on the state
185 Semyon Vladimirovich Gingorn (1896-1937): Saint-Simonism
219 Ja. Miroschin: The 'law' of the ubyvajuscego fertility in the system of Marx's economic studies
231 F. Smidt: Dialectic of developments in art
250 Michail Pokrowski: On the benefits of critiques of absolutism, imperialism, peasant capitalism and other matters
260 A. Zalkind: Nervous marxism or pathological critique
275 I. Vajnstein: Marxist psychology or pathological marxism
283 A. Varjas: Reply comrade Milonov
290 Aleksandr Maksimov: Observation on the literature of the history of natural science and technology
302 S. Girchak: Militant materialism, coll. 1-j'
306 K.N.: Ja. Rozanov. Historical materialism
307 A. Visnevsky: I. Stepanov. Historical materialism and modern natural science
315 B. Zavadovsky: B.M. Kozo-Poljansky. New principle of biology. Article on the theory of symbiogenesis
317 Ivan Orlov: A Collection of Papers on the Problems of the Physico-mathematical
Sciences and their Teaching (Central Physico-Pedagogical Institute), ed. A. I. Baginskiy and A. A.
Maksimov, Vol. 1 (Moscow, 1924)
319 N. Rubenstein: M.N. Pokrowski. Essays on the history of the revolutionary movement
323 V. Poznjakov: Antonio Graziadei. Preis und Mehrpreis in der kapitalistischen


No. 1-2

3 Abram Deborin: Introductory remarks to N. Lenin's Conspectus of The Science of Logic
7 N. Lenin: Conspectus of Hegel’s The Science of Logic
34 I. Razumovskij: Theoretical analysis of Lenin
52 Ivan Orlov: Common sense and its ideologue
61 I. Vajnstejn: Thought and speech
74 August Thalheimer: On some main concepts of the theory of relativity from the point of view of dialectical materialism
103 Walter Cannon: Secretion of adrenaline in time of emotion. With a foreword by B.M. Zavadovsky
116 Z. Cejtlin: Hyptheses non fingo
137 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
157 I. Stepanov: What is political economy?
191 B. Lifshitz: Towards the elucidation of the theoretical fundamentals of ground-rent
210 C. Fridljand: Living corpse
226 K. Milonov: Reply to reply
237 G. Seidel: New books on the history of socialism
248 Ivan Luppol: G.V. Plekhanov. Works, volume XVII
250 Nik. Karev: B.I. Gorev. Essays on historical materialism
255 Z. Cejtlin: V.V. Savic. Foundation of human behavior
258 I. Kapitonov: Ja.A. Pileckij. Two theories of imperialism
266 Ja. Berztys: Nikolai Sukhanov. Ground-rent and the principle of land taxation

No. 3

5 Abram Deborin: Fichte and the Great French revolution
24 Grigory Bammel: Logistics and dialetics
61 Ivan Orlov: The logic of infinity and the theory of G. Cantor
75 Ivan Luppol: Russian Holbachians at the end of the 18th century
103 Z. Cejtlin: Hyptheses non fingo
128 F. Dushinsky: Darwinism and the theory of mutation
140 Nikolai Bukharin: Imperialism and the accumulation of capital
152 I. Gorsenin: Impenetrable revisionism
173 V. Kirpotin: Marx's formulation of the national question in light of Cunow
187 M. Rubenstein: Social bases of reformism
205 I. Stepanov: Dialectical understanding of nature – mechanical understanding
239 N. Vinogradskaja: A few corrections to A. Bernstein's article on Lassalle
247 N. Karev: V.F. Asmus. Dialectical materialism and logic
252 Vas. Slepkov: N.A. Gredeskul. Origin and the development of social life, volume I
256 Z. Cejtlin: A.K. Timiryazev. Physics, work I
260 B. Zavadovsky: B.M. Kozo-Poljansky. Dialectics in biology
262 K. Rozental: V. Mak Len and the league of 'Plebs'. Pocketbook of political economy
266 Editors: On the section of correspondence with readers
267 G. Bosse: Letter to editors
268 Conditions of enrolment to the Institute of Red Professors in the 1925-26 school year

No. 4

5 Abram Deborin: On Lassalle's article
11 F. Lassalle: Hegel's logic and Rosenkranz's logic and systematical bases of the Hegelian philosophy of history
38 I. Razumovskij: Philosophical-legal legacy of Lassale
69 Ivan Orlov: Logical calcalus and traditional logic
74 Z. Cejtlin: On the 'mystical' nature of light quantum
102 Vas. Slepkov: Heredity and selection in man (Apropos the theoretical presuppositions of eugenics)
123 Michail Pokrowski: On the question about the features of historical development of Russia
142 August Thalheimer: On Rosa Luxemburg's book 'Introduction to political economy'
166 I. Vajnstejn: Eclectic economics and dialectics
184 G. Seidel: Refutation of 'myth' or anarchist 'iconography'
200 M. Rubenstein: Church in modern workers' movement
215 I. Razumovskij: Letter to editors
220 Ivan Luppol: Enough acuity in every wise man (Apropos I. Razumovskij's letter to editors)
226 N. Karev: 'III Leninist compilation'
229 N. Sibirskij: 'Kerzenshev. Leninism'
230 Ivan Luppol: 'Descartes. Discours on the method'
232 C. Fridljand: 'Konrad Haenisch. Ferdinand Lassalle – person and politics'
236 Fedor Davidovich Kapeljus (1876-1945): New bourgeois and s.-d. literature on socialism
243 N. Mednikov: 'Political economy. 1. Subject and method. 2. Theory of value'
245 L. Eventov: 'A.M. Simons. Social forces in American history'

No. 5-6

5 Abram Deborin: Lenin on the essence of dialectics
14 N. Lenin: On the question of dialectics
19 On the tasks of marxism in our epoch
26 I. Razumovskij: Infantile and senile disorder in legal theory
44 B. Zavadovsky: Foreword to article on hunger
47 Walter Cannon: Nature of hunger
62 A. Karlson: Biological meaning of hunger
73 Z. Cejtlin: Hegel's physics
89 Michail Pokrowski: On the question about the features of historical development of Russia
110 B. Borilin: Lenin and the problem of imperialism
140 M. Rubenstein: Reformism and colonial politics
161 I. Fendel: Early prophet of 'organized' capitalism
198 G. Seidel: 'Neo-saint-simonism' and reformist syndicalism
215 I. Varjas: How not to write a critique
238 N. Karev: The road to calvary of philosophical criticism
265 Ja. Rozanov: Overview of literature on Saint-Simon
269 Ivan Orlov: 'F.W. Aston – J. Stark – W. Kossel. Nature of chemical forces of affinity'
271 B. Zavadovsky: The failure of the popularizer
284 F. Kapeljus: Political economy without the concept of value (Theory of Gustav Cassel)
289 N. Rubenstein: 'N. Rozhkov. Russian History in comparative-historical light'

No. 7

5 Abram Deborin: Revolution and culture
14 Grigory Bammel: Axiomatics and dialectics
31 I. Vajnstejn: Dialectics as revolutionary logic
46 K. Milonov: Do we need Hegel?
68 G. Tymjansky: J.C. Edelmann - 18th century German materialist
86 F. Dushinsky: A.K. Timiryazev as darwinist
98 Max Planck: Vom Relativen zum Absoluten. With a foreword by Z. Cejtlin
112 Jacques Loeb: Adaptation as agent and evolution. With a foreword by B. Zavadovsky
128 G. Smidt: Not out of the upper ten thousands, but out of the lower millions
134 Z. Cejtlin: Hegel's physics
152 R. Vydra: 'Riddles' of prehistoric thinking and their solution
164 V. Poznjakov: Necessary rehabilitation
198 A. Bernstein: Reply to corrections of P. Vinogradskaja
209 Ja. Rozanov: Kantianism and marxism
222 Ivan Luppol: 'N. Lenin. On the dialectical method'
226 Grigory Bammel: 'Ivan Borichesvky. Ancient and modern philosophy of science in its limiting understanding'
228 N. Karev: 'Lyster Jameson and the league of 'Plebs'. Essay on marxist psychology'
232 Ivan Orlov: 'V.K. Frederiks and A.V. Friedman. Fundamentals of the theory of relativity'
234 Vas. Slepkov: 'Morgan and Filipchenko. Whether acquired characteristics are hereditary'
237 N. Lenzner: 'N. Lukin-Anatov. Essays on the latest history of Germany'
241 G. Seidel: 'Fridljand and Slutsky. Reader on the history of Western Europe'

No. 8-9

5 N. Karev: Problem of philosophy in marxism
44 I. Stepanov: Engels and the mechanist concept of nature
73 G. Tymjansky: Spinozism in Germany and Friederich Wilhelm Stosch (Stossius)
92 B. Zavadovsky: Internal secretion and psyche
116 F. Dushinsky: Is darwinism tychogenesis?
126 S. Semkovskij: On the debate in marxism about the theory of relativity
170 Arkady Timiryazev: Reply to comrade Semkovskij
191 Experimental refutation of the principle of relativity. Foreword by A.Timiryazev.
L. Silberstein's letter 'The Relativity Theory and Ether Drift'.
Dayton Miller's article 'Ether-Drift Experiments at Mount Wilson', texts
199 Ivan Luppol: Another refutation of marxism
220 S. Monosov: Guild socialism
245 A. Visnevsky: Toward a defence of materialist dialectics
288 Ja. Rozanov: Bibliography on Hegel
302 Aleksandr Maksimov: 'A.K. Timiryazev. Natural history and dialectical materialism'
309 B. Zavadovsky: 'Heinrich Ernst Ziegler. Inner world of animals'
311 G. Seidel: 'A. Vis. Essays on the history of communism, vol. 2'
315 G. Seidel: 'V.A. Gorochov. Russian section of the First International'
317 N. Sibirskij: 'Lenin reader'

No. 10-11

5 Abram Deborin: Engels and the dialectical concept of nature
47 K. Milonov: Old wine in old bottles
64 A. Stolyarov: The failure of the popularizer
79 B. Zavadovsky: Darwinism and Lamarckism and the problem of the heredity of acquired characteristics
115 Vas. Slepkov: Human biology
143 F. Dushinsky: Neovitalist critique of biology
170 R. Vudra: On the new 'communist' revelation
183 G. Seidel: History and modernity
198 Ivan Orlov: Music and class struggle
238 N. Lukin-Anatov: Apropos one review
244 Ja. Rozanov: Bibliography on Hegel
261 N. Karev: New atheist pamphlet
263 Vas. Slepkov: 'V.L.Komarov. Lamarck. Biographic liberary'
266 S. Monosov: 'A.G. Prigogine. Gracchus Babeuf'
270 V. Poznjakov: 'Karl Menger. Grundsätze der Volkswirtschaftslejre. 2. Auflage'
274 To the editors
274 Letter to editors

No. 12

5 Michail Pokrowski: Two armed revolts (1825-1905)
17 Ivan Luppol: Material and documents from the history of materialism in Russia. Extract out of Holbach's 'The System of Nature'
36 G. Tymjansky: Anonymous 18th century materialist
56 Arkady Timiryazev: Apropos J. J. Thomson's article 'Structure of light'
57 J. J. Thomson. Structure of light
72 A. Bartenev: On the question of old and new directions in biology
89 László Rudas: Graziadei, political economist and communist of god's grace
119 A. Voznesenskij : On the question of the understanding of the category of abstract labour
143 V. Poznjakov: At the source of the labor theory of value
164 N. Tokin: On the question of the origin of religious beliefs
179 V. Sarabjanov: On a few controversial problems of dialectics
197 Ivan Luppol: 'V.I. Bosko. Essays on the development of legal thought (From Hammurabi to Lenin)'
199 F. Dushinsky: 'B.M. Kozo-Poljansky. Darwinism or the theory of natural selection. Outline'
202 V. Slepkov: 'Reginald Gates. Heredity and eugenics'
205 V. Nabatov: 'Alexander G. Goichbarg. Comparative family law'
207 S. Monosov: 'Albert Mathiez. The French Revolution, vol. I'
210 N. Sargin: 'Rosa Luxemburg. Introduction to political economy'


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Submitted by Noa Rodman on January 27, 2011

Updated all titles and finally added translation for the 1925 issues.

The German sister magazine of Под знаменем марксизма, Unter Dem Banner Der Marxismus (1925-1936), has it seems translated and republished some of these articles, but also many others interesting on their own. Available online for instance is Lapinski's Sozialstaat: Etappen und Tendenzen seiner Entwicklung, on which Wolfgang Müller und Christel Neusüß based alot of their critique.

edit; Wolfson's article from 1924, 8-9 is of course in Portuguese :oops:
That site has many other interesting articles, like Trotsky's 1900 article against Nietzsche.